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Monoscent G

Eau de Parfum

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A sample of this arrived in my latest Lucky Scent shipment as a freebie add-on with my Fragrance Fitting suggestions (so happy with the fitting scents). A friend and I tested it — both of us were able to smell it on ourselves and each other — unfortunately, we both found it very similar to "Love's Baby Soft" from the '70s.
By   - Designer from St. John's on 2/24/2020
Hey I totally adore monoscent G yet I’m a bit devastated you no longer have E in stock or at all (?) available. I’ve hooked up several people got them addicted to these two. Really hope you start selling it again. Please please.
By   - Reg. Nurse  from Stockholm on 10/11/2019
I love Monscent G but I am so upset that Monoscent E is not available. I have hooked about 25 people to Monoscent G & E and we are all so bummed about it. I hope you bring it back!
By   - Producer from Los Angeles on 9/5/2019
Really liking this scent a lot. The packaging is really cool as it looks like something right out of a lab or apothecary. The scent itself is difficult to explain...when I first smelled it, I got a quick whiff of something that was clean and animal at the same time when usually those representations of musk are generally dichotomous. It's definitely a personal scent-a skin scent, but the trick is, I have found, to spray it on your body and neck(spray pumps a lot of juice) and let it sit for several hours...last night I put it on before going to the city and when I woke up this morning, my shirt and bed had a very musky scent and I can still smell it wafting off me. I would say that it immediately reminds me of Cabot Lab Musk oil or kiehls on the dry down(after all the hairspray notes). One final thing: my dad who is an old school guy who hates most of the stuff I like(he like traditional barbershop stuff like bay rum, lime, pinaud, old spice) told me he really liked what we I had on...pretty cool
By   - Sales from New orleans on 8/9/2015
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