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I trust my nose! This is not the same Invasion Barbare of 2010! Yes, it has been reformulated, and to pay $250.00 for 2.5 ounces and not last 4-6 hours? What has modern perfumery come to? To work hard for my money and the longevity only lasts 3-5 hours? I don't blame Luckyscent, because I buy from here, but from here on out, every perfume I am thinking about purchasing, I will do a in depth search to be sure I don't buy a reformulated men's fragrance! Don't buy. It's not worth the money! How I miss the original best men's perfumes of all time in Invasion Barbare!
By   - Administrator from Memphis on 3/27/2021
This is a very impressive fougere fragrance that comes across as formal, sophisticated, and confident. One of the best samples I’ve received from Lucky scent. Considering a full bottle for sure.
By   - Hobbyist  from Columbus on 12/29/2020
As a guy with a LOTS of frags, few get used very often. INVASION BARBARE quietly became one of my favorite and most worn scents. Just purchased my second bottle. It is a "barbershop" kind of scent, but that's a pretty modern barbershop. It is basically considered a fougere- but it's nothing like BRUT or CLUBMAN. I would think of this as a fougere for younger guys. Though lavender is a main note, I get very little of that myself (and I love lavender); lots of cardamom, violet leaf, musk and other notes show up in a very well blended easy-to-wear piquant scent. It's a nice manly wear with pretty good longevity and decent sillage. One of my favorite all time work scents- masculine, clean, suave and not loud. Sample wear first.
By   - Retired Show Biz from Los Angeles on 5/24/2020
I purchased this at the recently opened NYC location. At the store it was love at first sniff. But you gotta love thyme because that note dominates on my skin. I imagine if I worked at an Italian restaurant, I would simply smell good, but just shredded the thyme. It's a little strong note for me, to be honest, but the surrounding perfume is worth it: fresh citrus, soft woods, and, one of my favorite smells of all time, plenty of cardamom.
By   - Technical Writer from NYC on 11/21/2019
Best barbershop style fragrance...for me it is a cross between YSL Rive Gauche for men and Penhaligons Sartorial. 10/10
By   - Frangrance hobbyist from Montréal, Québec, Canada. on 8/24/2019
reformulated now. bought back in 2009 the original was regal beautifull full and boastfull. now its just "woody" almost an generic run of the mill perfume. like an old old pet on the way out. limp and timid. dont fall in love with any perfume. companies betray the customers all the time. they want a cult following with first releases that have the best ingridients best formula best percentage of ingridients and then they tweak things to the worst. companies fall into the ostriche effect. they think nobody notices them while they put their head in the sand. LOL
By   - none from nonecity on 1/31/2019
I'll repeat "review" from my son, who was 10 years old when I asked him what he thought of this one - "smells like a kind man who has lots of friends, who takes them to an expensive restaurant, and says 'the dinner's on me!'". In adult terms, self assured, charismatic, rich, generous. This is how wearing it makes me feel, too. While it lasts, because it's gone fairly quickly, and it's a very quiet gentleman, too.
By   - Designer from Australia on 1/23/2019
The violet leaf is really nice and keeps it fresh all the way through the drydown when the deeper notes come out. It is distinctly masculine, though I can see a woman with this.
By   - nurse from lost in NJ on 7/8/2017
While I am new to the niche perfume world, I have tried almost 100 fragrances. This one stands alone. It is everything a confident masculine man would want in a personal scent. This alone is the one perfume I cannot resist smelling on my wrist the entire day. I wish I could soak and bathe in it. Stéphanie Bakouche, you are amazing. I am so grateful to you for this incredible experience. To those on the fence about buying this, don't walk, run to your computer and purchase today! The clouds have parted and thru them floated this indescribable perfume of the gods.
By   - Government employee from Centreville on 3/22/2017
I love this fragrance! It takes me back to child hood of going to the barber with my grandfather!
By   - Indie perfumer from Altoona PA on 2/4/2017
I really thought this one was special at first, but now finding out that it's violet leaf power is giving me headaches. Proceed with caution, this fragrance is super strong! It is complex and very well made, just not for me.
By   - Recreation from Cincinnati on 9/7/2016
This scent has a very old timey feel to it keeps its strength throughout the day and came with more than one compliments.
By   - Student from Carlisle on 4/24/2016
This smells like Indian tea masala, heavy on cardamom, cinnamon, white pepper and spices. If you have ever ordered a Chai latte or proper Indian Masala tea this is exactly what this smells like.
By   - Journalist from London on 3/19/2016
A masculine of what feels like an earlier era (the barbershop reference others have made is accurate). The opening citrus, lavender, and violet-leaf notes reconfigure themselves nicely into a salty cedar, with the bonus of a growly earthier-than-expected musk and nice thyme flourishes around the perimeter. I'm normally inclined to push most good scents toward the unisex space, but this one strikes me as genuinely masculine in the best of ways.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/4/2016
This fragrance is SPECIAL. I underestimated the depth and balance of this fragrance by basing my judgments on reviews and description which speaks to what so many others, including luckyscent, preach on in this community. You need to smell it and wear it to understand it. 5 f****ing stars.(Included in Essentials 13 sample pack: Masculine)
By   - Retail from Bay Area on 12/3/2015
Solid scent and really does remind you of an old time barber shop. I think it is well suited for a man aged 50-70.
By   - Photographer from Salt Lake City on 11/6/2015
Wow! This is one of those rare creations where all the notes sing in harmony to make that one beautiful accord. Another reviewer is right in that it is not for dress down. Not everyone will be able to pull this off. It has a level of depth and sophistication that one might say demands a certain je ne sais quoi.
By   - from Phoenix on 2/11/2015
My friend, who is very much into niche perfumes, gave me about 40 different samples from Lucky Scent. This was one of the first that I tried. This is an absolutely intoxicating scent. The first time I wore it, I had to stand in line for a concert outside in 85 degree heat. I was very quickly drenched with sweat. Somehow, it made me smell even better! The citrus opening gave way to cardamom and a slight rubber note, which might just have been me. The heat, however, really brought out the base notes during the dry down, and it was magnificent. On my skin, this incredibly heady mixture of vanilla, musk, patchouli, and lavender had outstanding projection and longevity. I couldn't stop smelling myself. Today, a month later, I have decided to wear it again, and while it's no longer hot enough to intensify those base notes, my first impression was correct. Someday soon, I'll own a full bottle.
By   - from Washington, DC on 10/7/2014
I like it. It's not a full bottle worthy scent on my skin, but it's well crafted juice. It's very bright, fresh and clean smelling. The initial layer is very soapy & squeaky clean. It smells like a bar soap you would find in a fabulous hotel and enjoy in the bath over the course of a weekend. It's the scent you'd take pleasure in being reminded of, maybe you find a candle or a room spritz that smells similar and say "OH! It's like that wonderful soap from ____!" But it's not my everyday scent. It's not the hypnotic, arm sniffing smell I've been craving. After settling on my skin it's turned a little bitter, a hint of powder, some sweetness. I definitely find it to be pleasant, but really in the way of potpourri. I am certain this scent works beautifully on an elegant man with a shaved face and ironed shirt. Alas, that's just not the scent I was hoping to find!
By   - from Savannah, GA on 7/9/2013
Barber shop scent. Powerful, somewhat unique, and very quality. I don't love it, but I respect it.
By   - from Tucson AZ on 5/31/2013
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