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I have to say this perfume is absolutely luscious!!! For the past few months I have been experimenting with gourmand scents and realize I love them. This fragrance is sexy, fresh and clean. I will wear this for all seasons as it is not overbearing but you know it's there. Have received numerous compliments from both men and women as well. Another plus is it hasn't bothered my allergies which is a huge compliment from me. Also, I love doing business with lucky scent as the products are always fresh, shipping is very fast and customer service is excellent. I strongly urge you to try Awake, you will love it!!!
By   - Retired from Reno on 7/18/2021
I immediately fell in love with this random sample. The way it starts reminds me of maple syrup rather than coffee... hmm maybe because I live in Canada and I'm used to it :)) Then comes coca-cola, I believe it's a combination of vetiver, cardamom and lemon. Not too sweet, not masculine at all as I was initially afraid. Perfectly balanced gourmand scent, FB worthy for me.
By   - Software Developer from Toronto on 6/16/2021
If you’re looking for a coffee scent and don’t mind sweet, get this! It’s a lovely coffee perfume. Straight up coffee with some condensed milk. Reminds me of the time I went travelling in Vietnam. It was a blind buy, but I definitely don’t regret it!
By   - Consultant from Tokyo on 3/22/2021
Very sweet, think Vietnamese coffee (with the condensed milk!) Longevity is quite impressive for an EDP and even outperforms some of the Extraits I own. I see people comparing this to SM Cafe but in my opinion it is not comparable they’re both very different. This fragrance is mostly coffee, whilst SM cafe’s coffee note is barely noticeable (at least on my skin).
By   - Consultant from Tokyo on 1/23/2021
I didn't think I could go for coffee and lemon TOGETHER--both are my jam if taken alone but they sounded awfully odd in tandem.. But, I enjoyed this a lot. I'd like to have more of it.
By   - writer from Chicago on 7/31/2020
The most gorgeous gourmand I own. Top notes are this RICH and very sugary cardamom and Turkish coffee. Later, it drys down to a lovely vanilla latte with just a small hint of lemon. I LOVE this perfume. Very dramatic upswing from the creator's standard Sephora-type designer fragrances. 10/10
By   - Sales from Dallas, Texas on 5/30/2020
Absolutely amazing scent. I got the sample pack and admittedly I was more interested in some of the other scents but of course having them all I was going to give them a go. This was the first I tried because my guy loves coffee and both he and I love it. Smells like a sweet turkish coffee with the cardamom and the coffee note does linger throughout the scent. I could even see this becoming my signature scent as it's sweet but not cloying and so very unique. If you're a coffee lover do yourself a favour and try this one out.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/12/2019
Great scent. Starts coffee/chocolate heavy then begins to change into black licorice and a cafe mocha had a baby. On the sweet side. Best for cooler weather.
By   - Correction Officer  from Yorktown Heights on 8/21/2019
I was very impressed with this scent as it gives off a very nice coffee and espresso scent which holds its ground as well as its longevity. I will say that it stays on the skin very well! Very nice job Akro.
By   - Relationship Expert from Minneapolis on 8/14/2019
The notes are correct - it's very coffee/caramel/toasted nut. The green cardamom comes across but to me, it felt fleeting and was hard to place at the moment. I applied it as a sample so it was perhaps more than would have been used as a spray, but it lingered until the next morning. There was a cocoa butter air the next morning as well, which seems to be the dry down of the coffee/nut notes.
By   - Aromachologist from Nashville on 5/23/2019
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