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Coffee? No. This one was all about rose for me. Just tone that down a little and let the coffee out! A disappointment. However, if you’re looking for rose, it’s fine.
By   - Exec Assistant from Seattle on 6/17/2020
Starts with a blast of roses and ends up creamy and chocolatey on me. This is a winner for me.
By   - Server from Sunrise on 3/15/2020
I should have known better. Too. Much. Rose. Ack.
By   - writer from Chicago on 12/30/2019
Gorgeous! Lots of coffee on me with perfect blend of rose and vanilla. I usually do not like sweet fragrances, and this one is not too sweet...just beautiful. Bought a full bottle right away!
By   - Business  from New York on 4/25/2019
This fragrance is simply magnificent. It began with a hint of luxurious coffee that actually does remind one of a visit to a french cafe. It then settled into a lovely "mocha-ish" scent with a wisp of vanilla embedded in roses. Then IT happened......every once in a while I would get a wisp of the most sublime scent that was reminiscent of walking through a rose garden while drinking an exotic cup of coffee originating from Ethiopia. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. I am totally hooked on this fragrance. I immediately ordered a full bottle, I selected the 100ml so that I could also enjoy the lovely container that is so worthy of such a beautiful fragrance. I estimate the sillage as 8/10.
By   - UCPCEO from Calumet City on 4/25/2019
This is very similar to Roses Vanille. The only difference is the top note of coffee and cream. I find it delightful and delicious (but I can see why it is not to everyone's taste).
By   - self employed from NYC on 3/15/2019
Really pretty rose fragrance. The coffee note was in your face and really nice but fleeting at best. Blink twice and its gone. The rose is very nice and a good combo with the vanilla that ultimately makes an appearance.
By   - Attorney from New Orleans on 8/1/2018
This is an adult gourmand that cannot be passed up! It's roses. It's wine. It's chocolate. It's coffee. It's delicious! I've come to like this scent so much that it's transitioned into almost a signature scent for me. With 8+ hours of longevity, it lasts the entire day and night which you cannot beat. I recently wore this to a black tie affair and was literally asked all evening what I was wearing. I cannot remember that ever happening before to me before. This is a stunner and not for the faint of heart. As with most Montale's, this is a bold fragrance so I spray with caution so as not to overpower others. Sample if you can, you will not be disappointed!
By   - Realtor from Miami on 4/19/2018
to me this is a pretty fresh rose. i don't smell the coffee at all. i feel like wearing the samples the scent sticks closer to skin then when i use a atomizer. i am tempted to purchase a whole bottle. it reminds me a lot of keiko mecheri's attar de roses. also, a very jammy rose. now that it is fall i think this perfume will be perfect for chilly weather. its def. not a summer fragrance.
By   - mother from LA on 10/20/2017
I get neither coffee or rose but that peculiar artificial very sweet grapey smell that sometimes happens to (I think) synthetically composed rose notes. That's pretty much it, I cannot detect anything else. It isn't unpleasant but I expected coffee and roses, not artificial grape. This is my second try of a Montale perfume, I don't think this brand and I are meant to be.
By   - nurse from lost in NJ on 7/28/2017
This is the perfume I've been needing my entire adult life. It makes no difference to me that it doesn't smell like coffee. It is glorious, the perfect perfume. It lasts nearly all day and has just enough sillage for my taste. When I first apply Intense Cafe, it smells like roses, red wine, and kind of sweaty suede, but just a touch of that. It is mostly fresh, juicy rose petals. After an hour or so, it deepens into amber, but there is more. I have no way to explain it. Intense Cafe is gourmand without being cloying, and it's sexy without being gauche. It has this quiet awesomeness. This perfume makes me feel completely at ease, incredibly confident, and perfectly content. It's like after decades I have found my place in the universe.
By   - professor from Lake Charles on 7/24/2017
This is a gorgeous, heady, yet not overly aggressive scent. I love it. At first, it smells like roses, but not in a cloying, flowery way. These are roses mixed with Jim Morrison's leather pants. That sounds gross, but it's really wonderful. This is an earthy, deep, dark scent, but sweet too. Then, about a half hour in, it shifts into my favorite territory, the land of amber, suede, and smoke. Yet, somehow, it is not too heavy. For me, Intense Cafe is feminine without being too floral. It's sexy yet subtle. It's missing the coffee smell on me, but I don't mind at all. I'll be buying a full bottle of this masterpiece.
By   - professor from Lake Charles, LA on 6/20/2017
No coffee on me. this is rose room spray with a touch of bug spray. Sadly, every Montale fragrance I have tried has a bug spray undertone. I don't know which ingredient causes this with my skin chemistry but I've given up sampling Montale, the result is always the same.
By   - IT from tx on 3/15/2017
This is about 80% sweet dense jammy rose on my skin. The rest is a split between coffee, vanilla, and amber. The notes play well together and create a dark and decadent gourmand, but it smells very simple, so there's not much more to say. If you want to smell like bold rose jam with a side of sweet coffee, this is perfect. For me, it is too sweet, simple, and linear.
By   - Editorial from NY State on 1/16/2017
I found this scent a tad too sweet. It seemed sugary and a bit floral. Not a bad fragrance if that's what you're after but I would have liked something a bit different mixed in to offset the sweet.
By   - Customer Service from Bakersfield, CA on 11/22/2016
I love this fragrance. In one word: delicious. On me there's no coffee, it's just like sitting in a deliciously warm cafe, nose buried in my delightfully warm and soft cashmere scarf, smelling vanilla and cookies in the air. There's a bit of fresh, wet rose when I put my nose to my skin, but the sillage is all warm vanilla sweetness. My boyfriend loves this on me, hence my FB purchase. It is a total winner for cool days as it makes me feel superheated from within. It's a gourmand for grownups: not candy, not so sweet that it makes your teeth ache, just the perfect amount of friendly vanilla and spice to make you say YUM! Great longevity. Lasts all day.
By   - Photographer from San Francisco on 11/15/2016
Too sweet. I was hoping for more depth from the coffee, but on my skin the only notes that come through are rose (nice) and the musk (too overwhelming). Not for me.
By   - fashion from NYC on 11/3/2016
Picked this one for my husband, he smells delicious, I melt. I don't get a lot of rose but instead, caramel, light coffee and very subtle tobacco. Long lasting. His natural masculine scent balances this so beautifully. Signature scent worthy.
By   - Art dealer from Saratoga on 8/1/2016
I bought this hoping for COFFEE! scent but instead was treated to a rather lovely creamy rose. Not an in your face floral, but rose with a latte next to it perhaps? Long lasting and comforting, beautiful scent.
By   - Musician from Milwaukee on 5/17/2016
I wanted to love this so much. I get very little coffee (or anything warm). All that comes through on me is astringency.
By   - n/a from Seattle on 1/17/2016
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