Hundred Silent Ways

Extrait de Parfum

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I was dying to try this scent based on what I had read online. I had just received a few samples from LS and this was one of them. So, I tried this one first by putting a tiny amount on top of my hand, bottom of my thumb. Beautiful! I could totally smell the caramelly vanilla making it I guess a little gourmand, but then it quickly changed to being more floral. There was also a hint of 'something' which completely smelled like passing a street shop in Morocco. I did only put a dab on; just enough to get an 'experience' and so it did fade rather quickly. At the very first... I love it, but then I applied Fragrance du Bois - Oud Jaune Intense, and omg ...Hundred Silent Ways was all but forgotten..
By   - jewelry artist from homewood on 4/22/2020
HSW Is a beautiful scent it’s soft but strong with lasting power. It’s pretty but sexy at the same time. I seen a couple reviewers elsewhere try to compare to BO and I smell the vague quickly fleeting similarity but HSW is def. on another level and lasting. This really is a beautiful scent
By   - Tech from Emerald on 12/7/2019
Only florals and gourmands are allowed to be this dense, and lo, Hundred Silent Ways sits firmly in both categories. The top notes are a nice balance between mandarin and peach, but in a heavy vanilla-and-cream frame, festooned with roses. The drydown is actually quite dry and pleasant in, again, a heavy-gourmand way. Sillage is good-sized, but this one works best very near the skin.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/17/2017
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