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I used to be the BIGGEST fan of Hacivat back in 2020 when I bought a sample. It was love at first sniff(right when I opened the package up). It was an oakmoss bomb. It used to last 7+ days on clothes, literally(& almost 24 hrs in skin) But the full bottle I bought in 2021 doesn't last that long enough, does NOT smell the same. This one just smells fruity/freshy/citrusy, that's it. The lady who's reviewed below, she would marry a guy who had this, is ABSOLUTELY correct (BUT only if he has the older 2020's release).I guess Nishane is registered to IFRA too and got rid of oakmoss notes which I freakin HATE.
By   - Cyber Security from Dallas, TX on 7/8/2021
This grapefruit is overwhelming. My favorite oils are Bergamot, sandwood oil, patchouli, and cedar so I thought it would be a go. its a no for me. I am not saying I do not like the smell I just do not like it on me. I know I would get sick of this smell in a day. I have only opened it just to smell the vial and the smell is still on me. SO if you like it!! then good for you its strong. IT WILL LAST. Overall the smell, It makes me think, white old lady.... but that white wealthy woman that has a good sense of modern fashion. My mother would smell good with this
By   - Material Handler from Lewisville on 6/9/2021
I am 27. I have a picky taste, nothing too sweet nor spicy. I like fresh sweet citrusy smells. Earthy but nothing too strong. I love patchouli, cedar, sandwood and Bergamot oils XD But this I do not like, It is too old lady for me and the grapefruit is too over whelming. I am not saying I do not like the smell but I would love the smell for someone else. I can imagine a rich old white lady who has a nice style wearing this. I would not mind smelling this on my mother.
By   - Material Handler from Lewisville on 6/9/2021
I researched a lot & found so many cheaper retailers like Venba fragrances, Olfactoryfactoryllc (worst experiences in these two), Aura fragrances, Maxaroma. Bought one from Venba fragrances for $199.It was a knockoff, it didn't smell/perform as Luckyscent's Hacivat. My roomie tried at one of Aura fragrances' physical location in Houston and by the time she was in Dallas there was no hints of Hacivat, lol. Long story short, this is 100% AUTHENTIC. Smells exactly like sample and the performance is on BEAST MODE. I LOVE musk and oakmoss. This is an oakmoss bomb(& a lot more). Something in here is really addictive/attractive. If you spray on clothes, you can even smell it on 7th day.On skin, it lasts one whole day. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.
By   - Cyber Security  from Dallas, TX on 5/17/2021
I just received my FB of this delicious fragrance and I already have been wearing it several times a week. This can definitely be worn by men and women, and it does give me vibes of Aventus - but is just SO much better. The pineapple is very prominent in the beginning phases and satisfies my craving for somewhat fruity fragrances. Love the pineapple here. But there is a complex base that adds the power and sophistication. I put on a few sprays and have been stopped on the street and in restaurants asking for the name. This is one of the most beast mode fragrances that I have and at the end of the day this fragrance is still present. Love it .
By   - Attorney from Augusta on 5/2/2021
This is neither better nor very similar to Aventus. It's a powerhouse of a fragrance but I am not fond of personally. Also there is a base note that is very sour especially in the dry down. It is a beast though if you want to get noticed
By   - Business from Edmonton on 11/23/2020
aventus no its really better and more complex and rich i live in riyadh saudi arabia and here in the summer is vary hot about 46-53 C and i really looking for long lasting perfume and this one is a beast its very classy and got me a good number of compliments i will buy again for sure as soon i finish this bottle
By   - medical intern  from Riyadh on 5/21/2020
Am I crazy? Does this smell quite like the original Angel?? I am sniffing and sniffing here and it’s... well, ANGEL. Though the fruit note is juicier and sweeter at the top. This is initially smelling much better from 6 inches away then with my nose buried into my wrist as well. As it settles there’s something drier piping up, and certainly it smells lovely, but I am not in the market for anything so much like Angel (worn seemingly everywhere). Perhaps it’s my lady skin and pheromones, but this is a pass for me. And a win for my wallet! :)
By   - Sample Sniffer from Louisville on 10/4/2019
Wooow ridiculously beast mode, the smell is divine and pure. and perfect for summer 5 stars all the way.
By   - Nursing  from AURORA on 9/2/2019
Was excited about trying this one. I cannot tell if I like this fragrance or not. It smell good and then the dry down turns old , dry, and musky.
By   - medical from Dallas on 8/29/2019
The pineapple here is magical. So sophisticated fragrance , projects like a beast and last for so long. Plane and simple, among all the niche fragrances that I bought, this is the most luxurious fragrance I've ever have.
By   - Dentist from Philadelphia on 7/18/2019
This is unbelievable! Got as a sample along with a few others for gift idea. If I ever meet a guy that's wearing this, and hes around my age and single, I WILL MARRY HIM. Nothing else has to be said about this one.. absolutely hot.
By   - Bartender from PEABODY on 5/6/2019
This is a very fruity oak moss woody fragrance. Very masculine. Performance is through the roof. Lasts and projects. I will we buying a back up bottle. 10 out of 10
By   - Sales  from Phoenix on 4/24/2019
Absolutely fantastic! Last long and fragrant!! Smooth operator Projects 2 ft+ Masculine and appealing to the ladies. Need to buy a backup bottle
By   - Info Technology from NY on 4/25/2018
I would try it if i were you. very good. Seems that everything good gets discountinued, "what a coincidence" as if there is something someone out ready to eliminate everything anything, good from humanity, so as such i have reserved my words and let "them" guess
By   - Nun from Your city on 4/14/2018
I would try it if i were you. very good. Seems that everything good gets discountinued, "what a coincidence" as if there is something someone out ready to eliminate everything anything, good from humanity, so as such i have reserved my words and let "them" guess
By   - Nun from Your city on 4/14/2018
Every tone is spot on. Amazingly fresh, with the deeper scent sneaking in behind the initial whiff.
By   - Nurse from Los Angeles on 4/10/2018
Before the pineapple note, it’s Cary Grant looking serious in a still photo. When the pineapple arrives, the movie starts and Cary Grant smiles. A gorgeous, elegant masculine (with perfect sillage) either way, but...Cary Grant, smiling!
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/3/2017
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