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Terroni Sizes Available:
50ml $195
0.7ml sample $5
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If this fragrance was recreated with more of organic materials, it would have been in my top 10. Unfortunately, the synthetic notes, which seem to be all there is here, make me run in the opposite direction. Yes it is earthy, smoky, it performs, projects, lasts, but I can't stand what it's made out of. And why does it cost so much?? Mea culpa. That's how it should be called. I'm stuck with a full bottle minus a few spritzes - I thought the sample was quite nice and different, and I can't explain myself now, when the full bottle arrived... ...you live, you learn...
By   - Designer from Australia on 2/13/2019
Orthogonal to everything else you own (trust me), this marvelous thing builds a bold, earthy, spicy scent on a base of...cocoa, or at least cocoa’s powdery-smoky aspect. And yet it’s not a gourmand, even with the sturdy spice cohort also present; what could be mouthwatering in a different context is bigger and more elemental here. The composition puts me in mind of sea breezes moving over volcanic rock and rich humus soil. Beautiful, specific, and unusual.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/8/2017
A masterpiece
By   - Paper Pusher  from Sacramento on 10/3/2017
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