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I never thought I'd say this, but this exquisite juice is what Phaedon Tabac Rouge/Turkish Blend [which I love] is trying to be and not quite getting there. It's got more presence -- "stronger" doesn't quite describe this quiet weight, because it's not strident -- It's more balanced. It smells more expensive. Plus, it's sweet enough to feel completely unisex, AND it lacks the cloyingly sweet opening [dabbing avoids this, but spraying it gets industrial sugar everywhere] of Guillaume's fragrance. Wow. As far as longevity, I don't know. It's in the 90s here, and everything is just burning off my skin pretty quickly.
By   - Fragrance newbie from Frankfort, Kentucky on 7/9/2020
It was love at first sniff with Herod. I do believe it is completely unisex and women should not be fearful of wearing this in the winter months! A luxurious pipe tobacco wafting around a bakery with its doors open. Simply a masterpiece!
By   - Teacher  from Providence on 8/4/2019
This is my #1 scent for the winter season and a very close #2 in autumn behind Frank No.2. Herod is very cozy and warm with just the right amount of sweetness which is fine by me seeing as I prefer masculine scents. The projection is about 3ft, it lasts about 6-8 hours on my skin and I get lots of while compliments wearing it. Herod reminds me of being in a log cabin with the fire going while it's snowing outside. As far as it's standing in the house of Creed, its my 2nd favorite behind Layton.
By   - Engineer from Clearfield, UT on 4/21/2019
O M G. This is TF Tobacco Vanille but better. Lighter on the tobacco and heavier on the cinnamon and vanilla. Lasts all day. The giant bottle is a great value, too.
By   - small business owner from Florida on 3/20/2019
I kept wishing that there was more cedar, less vanilla but then I adore cedar and it is so very delicious with the rich fruity sweetness of the tobacco. A gorgeous scent nonetheless.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 11/27/2018
I sampled Herod hoping to find a tobacco-forward scent for the autumn and winter seasons, but the tobacco is buried under the sweet notes of vanilla and cinnamon, leaving the wearer smelling like a bakery of Christmas cookies.
By   - Educator  from Dallas on 10/15/2018
I bought a full bottle of this for my husband for Christmas after trying a sample and finding myself unable to keep my hands off him. Let's just say, this cologne does not disappoint. Herod perfectly blends gourmand (delicious spiced vanilla), smoky tobacco, incense, and rich woods to create a true masterpiece. This is a cologne best worn naked. In front of a fire. With a winter storm raging outside and nowhere to go.
By   - Writer from Greensboro on 5/22/2018
A super-indulgence. Smells divine, lingers close, lasts forever. Everything about it feels luxurious, to me -- beautifully blended (surely of expensive ingredients) but never overpowering. Smooooooth. Exceedingly tasteful luxury, quietly unique. For special occasions, and appropriate for anyone.
By   - creative from Philadelphia on 5/16/2017
A bold-but-not-brash tobacco-vanilla? Hey, why not: Herod leavens a tobacco note that could *stop* a racehorse with a delightful gourmand vanilla-spice note that threads in and out of the foreground in a wonderful way. What the brief says is cinnamon and pepperwood read to me as cherry (!), which works just fine as we all move in a fluid fashion toward the promised cedar, patchouli, and vetiver. Read another way, this is a great option for anyone seeking a non-cloying vanilla with lots of presence.
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/20/2016
I stayed at the Excalibur in Las Vegas a couple months ago, and this cologne smells like the Excalibur. I have a sneaking suspicion they pump scents into their ventilation system, and that scent smells just like Herod. It sounds crazy but that's exactly what this cologne smells like. I love this smell. It's calming, regal, and unique. I have a sample of this and tobacco vanille. They are often compared, but they smell nothing alike. This cologne shares elements but Herod is sweeter.
By   - Nurse from Fort wayne on 4/21/2016
Opens sweet pipe tobacco, slightly peppery, then to a light vanilla traveling over a very faint osmanthus (peach) and patchouli. As with others of this line that I am sampling, the sillage is not great, but the fragrance is exceptionally nice. Dries down beautifully. Very "cozy" scent but beautifully complex and rich, not at all one-dimensional. Smells expensive.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 3/11/2016
Got a sample of this and was pleasantly surprised - didn't get cinnamon as much as frankincense with cedar/woody a and a hint of vetiver - sweet in a good way with a very nice dry down. This one is a winner. Hours later is still smells great and the notes all combine in a harmonious way.
By   - consultant from weybridge on 12/30/2015
When I first smelled this, it came on as sweet, very sweet. But I decided to keep wearing the sample and it has grown on me. After the dry down and multiple dabs, I have grown to love it. I wore it to work and everyone has said it smells really good. It smells really cozy, almost clean. When I smell it I think of sitting near a chimney fire with my dog at my feet reading a good book and a tobacco pipe in my mouth. yes this is one you should sample and give it time for it to mature on your skin.
By   - Certified Nursing Assistant from Salt Lake City Utah on 12/26/2015
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