Fruity & Beachy

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Sarah Horowitz Parfums
Perfect Coconut Milk
Creamy coconut accented by almond, a sheer floral middle note of orange blossom and gardenia, and a luscious base of musky tonka.
Coqui Coqui
Coco Coco
A delightfully green but still creamy natural coconut scent perfect for summer.
Juliette Has a Gun
Vanilla Vibes
A salt-kissed vanilla that feels playful and fresh, yet deeply satisfying for vanilla lovers of all types.
$100 - $135
Parle Moi de Parfum
Mile High
Sweet immortelle, smoky pineapple, and a seductive tonka-patchouli base- sexy, fun, and oh so wearable.
$145 - $235
D.S. and Durga
Italian Citrus
A fizzy, refreshingly unsweet citrus with surprising depth in the gently smoky balsamic base.
Monyette Paris
Monyette Paris
Creamy and luscious, this bewitching scent combines voluptuous gardenia and island vanilla orchid, a sweet earthy vanilla all in an entrancing oil blend that melts into your skin and lasts for hours.
Une Nuit Nomade
Jardins de Misfah
A clean, fruity floral musk with gently gourman vanilla-almond in the drydown- lovely and versatile.
Cruz Del Sur II
A tropical delight of creamy, sweet mango, juicy pineapple, and a touch of earthy vetiver.
Hilde Soliani
Una Tira l'Altra
A mouthwatering Luxardo cherry liqueur- sweet, tart, and boozy.
The Different Company
Sel de Vetiver
A smokey-fresh vetiver with hints of patchouli and ylang ylang- refreshing and sexy.
Vilhelm Parfumerie
Mango Skin
Sweet, mouthwateringly juicy mango with just enough spicy complexity.
$150 - $245
Imaginary Authors
Falling Into The Sea
Bitter, juicy citrus peel, gently sweet jasmine, and a briny ocean water make this a unique sea scent.
$38 - $95
The driest desert on Earth provides unique inspiration for this dry, salty, herbaceous floral.
Goldfield & Banks
Blue Cypress
A fresh fusion of spicy cypress wood and juicy aquatic makes this dynamic and sexy.
Profumi del Forte
Vittoria Apuana
Sensuous and delicate, coconut and vanilla in a concert of freshness.
Fig Tea
Lush and sweet floral fig with smooth tea- gorgeous!
$52 - $157
Los Angeles
Airy, aromatic floral with sharp pineapple and a spa-like herbal zing of eucalyptus.
A faint aroma of mandarin and cassis with whispering violet and magnolia and a mossy, musky base.
Keiko Mecheri
Peau de Peche
An elegant peach, wrapped in a mist of soft sandalwood and powdery orris.
Roasted Green Tea
The ultimate refreshment for green tea lovers- mouthwatering, fresh, and nutty just like the real thing.
Parfums de Marly
Sweet, plum-kissed frangipani and mimosa with a tonka and vanilla base.
A different take on the salty aquatic, Squid drags you into the cold, inky depths of the Pacific with spice, salt, black ink, and resin for a dynamic but still very wearable scent.
Parfum d'Empire
Acqua di Scandola
A classic aquatic with the herbs and wild green notes of the Southern Italian coast.
Comptoir Sud Pacifique
Vanille Banane
Picture the most delicious combination possible in a fragrance named Vanille Banane. That's this.
$42 - $85
Parfums de Marly
A fresh and fruity combination of citrus, apple, amber, and cashmere wood.
$210 - $299
A light, sweet, very pretty almond musk- one of Profumum's classics.
$93 - $275
Shay & Blue
Juicy-sweet watermelon candy with honeysuckle and green tea.
$50 - $90
Juliette Has a Gun
Pear Inc.
Bright, mouthwatering pear with shimmering clean musk.
$28 - $135
Orto Parisi
An intense and spicy saltwater scent for the bold.
Xerjoff - Casamorati
Warm, creamy almond, spice, vanilla, and toffee- a stunning gourmand.
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