Hilde Soliani

Una Tira l'Altra

Eau de Parfum

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One of my favorites by Hilde Soliani. Spicy, fun, reminds me of a compote.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
By itself this is a little too almondy and a little fake; it keeps that candied cherry scent even after an hour or more has passed. However, when I layer it with a nice rose, like Caterina de Medici, it's BEAUTIFUL. I love this combo. Just discovered it this morning when I became disenchanted with Una Tira by itself. Will probably save it for summer, because it's light and fun, but it's great. I'll try it with my other rose fragrances later.
By   - Artist from Seattle Eastside on 11/14/2019
A gorgeous yet understated solinote cherry. On first application it reads as juicy maraschino cherry, with an almost boozy or pleasantly medicinal quality. Something intelligently, transparently musky/metallic prevents the juiciness from blooming into fully rounded candy-sweetness, and thus keeps the cherry sophisticated. It quickly dries down to an airy, powdery quality, with the breath of maraschino quality discreetly peering through. I love the way the cherry is NOT enhanced with tonka, vanilla or almond... No, it's all about the cherry from beginning to end. A slight, not-quite-floral perfuminess makes TIRA lean slightly femme. Love it, and want a full flacon!
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 11/8/2018
I want to take a bath in this stuff. I do wish it was longer lasting, but since I keep getting slight hints of it I think maybe I'm the only one that can't smell it. It isn't terribly strong, but Oh Man! is it ever CHERRY!! I have searched on and off for something like this for years, and this is the first time I would be willing to actually buy. There is a ton of heliotrope, something to tart that up, and something vaguely woody for interest. The notes only list cherry, so I have no real idea what's in there, but I. Am. In. Love.
By   - AV Tech from Los Angeles on 10/22/2018
from my Fragrantica review: A solifruit fragrance of straight-forward, realistic tart cherry. Lovely on its own or could be layered. No one does gourmand like Hilde Soliani, this is beautiful.
By   - slaving over a hot computer everyday from Upper Midwest on 2/6/2018
Totally Cherry and lovely to layer with chocolate scents!
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 2/5/2018
This cocktail cherry when you first spray ( I actually hate the taste of those fake cocktail cherries) but very pleasant nonetheless ....and then the magic happens,..it slowly turns into creamy goodness.
By   - Therapist from Brooklyn on 2/8/2017
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! This is wonderful. My husband drinks a tea called Black Cherry. When he brews that tea the aroma fills the room with an enchanting fragrance. I would say to him "I wish I could bottle that fragrance". Well, here it is! To me this is Black Cherry tea. It's both refreshing and feminine at the same time. It is Cherry without the almond powder effect that I enjoy in other scent...and very different than anything that I own. I believe that I will enjoy this year round.
By   - Artist from Phila on 12/25/2016
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