Monyette Paris

Fragrance Oil

by Monyette Paris

Monyette Paris Sizes Available:
1/8 oz $45
0.5ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Monyette Paris...
This fragrance is what summer should smell like....tropical,heady,sexy and undeniably intoxicating.The fragrance is a stunning mix of floral and gourmand (gardenia by the garden full,followed by a vanilla and slight coconut undercurrent) which is a joy to wear.The fact that this is an oil makes for an ultra long - lasting wear time,not to mention the lack of alcohol means a truer version of the included notes in here.If you love Kai,if Child is your spirit animal,if anything that has ever evoked a tropical memory for you,then this would have to be a "must get" for you (i know,at around 60AUD for the tiny size this comes in,not to mention the shipping,it is a splurge,but it is seriously worth it as a once a year gift to self)
By   - Nurse from Sydney,Australia on 1/12/2019
I have an old sample I just revisited. Initially it was just a bit of sugary-fruity fluff, friendly and uncomplicated. About an hour later the gardenia came out like a young Brigitte Bardot making an entrance. Rich, velvety, sweetly floral, with an unexpected wood note. Eventually it turns into MB''s Black Gardenia''s little sister. I usually prefer incense or chypre scents, so I was surprised to find myself liking this so much. Maybe it''s because it''s January and cold, and this is very lighthearted and beachy, but I can understand why it''s so popular. (Wondering if some people are anosmic to some of the notes that give this complexity, or it''s been reformulated since I got my sample. I recommend sampling before buying.)
By   - Student from NYC on 1/31/2017
Found this to be a little too sweet and ultra tropicana feminine for me.
By   - Environmental scientist from Vancouver BC on 10/7/2015
The first word that comes to mind is CREAMY and DELICIOUS! I absolutely in love with this perfume. I will be ordering a perfume for sure. It is very concentrated and little goes a long way. It is a fabulous discovery for me after checking out the line for so long on the website!!!
By   - from Saint Louis on 3/22/2013
If you like Kai Kai, you''ll love this. A beautiful, sophisticated floral.
By   - from Seattle on 1/30/2012
I am a man. If only the law had banned this sugared sun lotion perfume.
By  on 2/22/2011
Just got a full size bottle. Moynette is the "fast" little sister of fresh, sophisticated, green Kai. She acts wildly inappropriate sometimes but she''s sure a heck of a lot of fun.
By  on 2/21/2011
On me this smells like pure lilac - the real flower, like when it''s spring and you walk past a bush and that lilac smell. Not overpowering, just really pretty
By   - from Chicago on 12/31/2010
Sticky, hard, artificial fragrance. As an excessive amount of car air fresheners.
By  on 12/19/2010
It''s like a more sophisticated version of a Hawaiian Vacation! The best version of gardenia.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 11/24/2010
A gorgeous scent, not intially so -- only in the drydown. When it''s first applied, its gardenia top note is a bit heady. The lasting note is a creamy, dark floral-vanilla scent that''s lush and very sexy. (Incidentally, my fella loves it, too.)
By   - Humanities Professor from Tampa area on 11/4/2010
Please do not fall on the ad! This is the ugliest perfume that I tried in my life. Luscious, thick smell of the sugar-cream. Literally stinks! And what is the worst - smell lasts and lasts. Suntan lotion smells more sophisticated than this filth. It leaves the impression of cheapness. In my opinion, this perfume is not dropping even for any little girl who experiment with mummy''s make-up and mask herself. I have never felt worse stench from this. This deserves a minus star - at least if this option existed!This should not be sold as "perfume". It is even questionable whether it would be allowed to sell as a softener for laundry. Luscious and leaves the impression of cheapness. If you want to smell like cheap .... No, better not finish that sentence. Fortunately, there are testers, and see for yourself.
By   - Artist from NYC on 9/15/2010
This is bliss...vacation in a bottle. It''s a fabulous summer fragrance. Not suitable for work or business, unless you''re entertaining clients over dinner in the tropics.
By  on 9/12/2010
Smells sweet, but artificial and harsh on my skin. I think with a different chemistry I would have really liked this one, but for me it''s a scrubber.
By   - nurse from Chicagoish on 6/25/2010
This fragrance was way over the top for me...overdone by being too too sweet..Not the worst, but certainly not the best either.
By   - therapist from NYC on 5/13/2010
I found this scent has too much nag champa...made it too cloying, sweet and heavy.
By  on 2/2/2010
Delicious gardenia, creamy white with the green leaves after drying. Seductive and innocent melt together, like a glance over your shoulder.
By   - from Denver on 1/15/2010
Disappointing . Not gardenia, artificially white floral, headache inducing , saccharine sweet .No incense. Like a previous reviewer- SL Datura Noir, Fleur D''Oranger , Fleur De Citronnier - miles better. Not worth the hype.
By   - from CA on 8/26/2009
Nag champa and at times, black tea with very little floral. No plans to repurchase
By   - teacher and artist from Portland on 8/9/2009
I should hate this - not a gardenia fan, don''t care for tropical scents. Yet this smells divine thanks to the incense in the base. Smells even better in the winter, to remind one of summer.
By   - from midwest us on 6/10/2009
generic, overpriced headshoppy floral-incense-pass.
By   - artist from nyc on 4/20/2009
I am pretty dissapointed in this fragrance. The staying power is just not there, and the way the oil is, I''m not even sure if mine came filled. It rolls on feeling dry. I am just confused, and I think I wasted $45. But on a side note, Lucky Scent sent me some great samples including Black Gardenia, which I fell in love with!!!
By   - Interior Designer from Pennsylvania on 4/12/2009
I''m glad I got a sample of this, making my conclusion is simple: Why buy this when you can have Datura Noir from Serge Lutens? It''s the same thing (just about) and a little better.
By   - grade school teacher from Pacific Northwest on 3/8/2009
By  on 2/2/2009
Way too sweet for me. Also kind of flat and teenage-y on my skin.
By   - from Sydney, Australia on 11/2/2008
Oh, how I love Monyette Paris! It''s the most perfect creation ever warm, intoxicating, earthy and utterly feminine. This will be a keeper of mine and I''ll continue buying it for as long as it''s available.
By   - Student from Landskrona, Sweden on 9/24/2008
I just don''t get all the hype about this one at all! BUT it could be just that chemistry "no likey". Sticky sweet and pure vanilla came out on my skin and I''m a vanilla freak. Soooo gonna pass on this one!
By   - gypsy ;) from Miami on 8/21/2008
This smells like Elizabeth Arden''s Sunflower, gone stale. Dog shampoo and suntan oil are a previous poster''s description, and that''s pretty accurate for the opening notes. Dries down to an odd combo of powder and something that (at least on me) is musky and skunky.
By   - from Boston on 8/3/2008
I initially love the scent, but after an hour I get a tremendous headache from it. (But I still wear it anyway!)
By   - from NJ on 7/5/2008
Does this even need any reviews anymore? TOO PEFECT TO SAY ANYMORE!
By   - Vet Assistant/receptionist from New Cumberland, Pa on 6/22/2008
Light, innocent, sweet, powdery, unsophisticated. Simple and complex at the same time, a mixture of Johnson''s Baby Powder and sexy florals a little allergy-provoking, but not nearly as much as Coquette, nor as thick and heavy.
By   - from tampa on 6/9/2008
I love it!
By  on 5/22/2008
Im on the fence with this one.
By   - hair dresser from new york on 5/1/2008
Strong gardenia scent at first, with a sweet, candy-like and creamy dry down. Similar to Kai, but with less lasting power. Kai is also a more mature scent, I think.
By   - Nurse from Montreal on 4/15/2008
Way too sweet and cloying. Headache inducing too. I prefer Kai which is cleaner and greener but still a simple white floral.
By  on 4/8/2008
Great lasting power, subtle, stayed close to skin, but drydown smelled just like baby lotion on me.
By   - from Raleigh, NC on 4/5/2008
This is the most beautiful smell I have ever smelled and I have smelled everything! This is also the only floral I have ever liked. Some comments below said that they smell suntan oil, old lady, or that it''s too strong--that has to be only because they didnt wait for it to dry into their skin. It dries down to a very soft beautiful smell. Give it time! I think the dry oil is even more perfect than the perfume oil. If you think the oil is too strong then the dry oil is perfect for you. It''s a softer version of the perfume oil.
By   - stay home mom 28 from dewey, ok (bartlesville) on 2/17/2008
I am in love with this fragrance! I cannot stop smelling my wrists when I''m wearing it, and I have found that men loooove it!
By   - from Orange County, CA on 1/24/2008
I was dieing for this perfume and it reminds me of a cross between dog shampoo and tanning oil. I''m SO disappointed. Always sample before you buy. I''m glad I did. ... (oh and the comment about it smelling like a wiccan shop is on the mark.) very inscense like.
By   - from Beverly Hills on 1/24/2008
Very sensual and seductive. Cannot stop smelling my wrist. I will certainly be purchasing this in the (very) near future.
By   - from Alexandria, VA on 1/9/2008
My all time favourite perfume. Creamy, lush, sexy - simply perfect. There are not enough superlatives for Monyette - if this scent were an item of clothing it''d be cashmere knickers. LOVE.
By   - Student from Montreal on 12/22/2007
I want this to be everywhere -- I want to bathe in it, want it to completely surround me. This is the lovliest, creamiest, sexiest floralgardenia . . . ever. It is overblown and not even a little bit subtle and I *need* it. The gardenia is a wee bit fresher than most other gardenia frags and the vanilla steps in to fill it out. Very, very lush.
By   - Student from Savannah on 12/11/2007
I LOVE this scent! It is lying on a towel at the beach in the hot summer sun after going for a swim in a bottle. It is the perfect tropicalfloral scent without being fruity or boozy (most tropical scents smell like umbrella drinks to me). OK I admit it is a bit akin to Hawaiian tropic sunscreen - but more complex, lush and lasting. Definitely a summer scent...although I find myself applying in the winter to warm the soul a bit...
By   - from San Diego on 12/9/2007
I really loved this on first sniff. It''s creamy and floral and intoxicating.But after about an hour, it just became cloyingly sweet and started to make me feel nauseated. I don''t think I will be waring this again.
By   - graphic designer from austin on 12/2/2007
I was really curious about Monyette - and really disappointed when I received the sample. It is completely overloaded and still tickles my nose unpleasantly after two hours. I love Gardenia - but the just cut fresh, clean scent . Monyette does not like my skin at all. I cannot even figure out what I do not like - I think it is just too much at the same time and there is no story line in the development of the scent. Just a really heavy overdose. And what about the sexiness of the scent? Well - my boyfriend said: "Oh that really screams headache." Hmmm not good.... Definitely stick with my beloved Perfect Veil.
By  on 11/2/2007
Amazingly full, gorgeous and creamy at first dab, but turns rather quickly into a hippie-fest on my skin. Such a nose tease. I had high high hopes for this, but about 20 minutes in I feel like I''m in an incense shop buying Wiccan novelties. I get a little whiff of black tea in there, too. It''s not an offensive fragrance, mind you, but it''s definitely not for me.
By  on 10/24/2007
Nancy, all your favorites are my favorites. I think it''s safe to try it.
By  on 9/13/2007
I love this scent so much that I have everything except the candle (which is on my wish list!)...I wear it to bed because it''s so soothing and I''m sure it helps me to dream of being back on Bora Bora...deep sigh. I love Kai, Child & Sage Machado Pearl but I think this may be my favorite of them all!
By   - Writer, dog walker from San Francisco on 8/8/2007
This is just...beautiful. A sweet, slightly powdery floral. This fragrance is all about heat there is not one "cool" note in the bunch. If you like crisp, green scents, you may not enjoy this. Be sure to use a light touch I was too heavy-handed at first and could smell nothing but powder.
By  on 7/30/2007
The gardenia is sweet and the vanilla is nice, but I’m glad I ordered a sample first because aside from the fact that it didn’t last too long, it’s way too “powdery” for my taste.
By   - from San Diego on 7/9/2007
I wanted so much to like this, but it is WAY too tropicalfloralsweet for my taste. Gardenia overload! YUCK.
By   - Secretary from Jersey Shore on 7/2/2007
this fragrancehas some staying power close to the skin power! i think kai is more outdoorsish like grassy gardenia. this is lush just as well.
By  on 6/19/2007
I love this scent so much that I''ve worn it out! I received it as a sample and at first I couldn''t stand it- I am not a floral person and I thought it was way too strong and seemed to give me a headache at first. After the dry down, it softened into an addictive bouquet of creamy gardenia and I was somehow hooked. Although I rarely spend money on perfume, this one got me. For those with an initial aversion, check it out after the dry down. It''s very sexy.
By   - yoga instructor from Seattle on 6/14/2007
iown this fragrance and wear it sometimes when it is on ilike it every time i wear this i always think could this be a joke on the public possibly an out of work well connected actor trying to make a buck on a cleaver combination of cleaning products could we all be fools as this person sits behind closed doors counting his money and laughing joyously at our expense i honestly think this every time i put this fragrance on MAYBE
By   - publisher from beverly hills ca on 5/8/2007
iown this fragrance and wear it sometimes when it is on ilike it every time i wear this i always think could this be a joke on the public possibly an out of work well connected actor trying to make a buck on a cleaver combination of cleaning products could we all be fools as this person sits behind closed doors counting his money and laughing joyously at our expense i honestly think this every time i put this fragrance on MAYBE
By  on 5/8/2007
I LOVE LOVE this scent. I wasn''t sure I would but I truly do. It dries down so sweet and it lasts a long time on me. My husband usually doesn''t like florals but this isn''t just your everyday run of the mill floral. He really likes that it''s sweet and yummy. I recommend this highly to anyone looking for a floral that''s anything but.
By   - In home care giver from Hac Hts on 4/13/2007
Great for summer! I prefer spicy fall and winter scents, but this combination of gardenia, French muget, and vanilla orchid works for me--a non-floralnon-fruity perfume girl.
By   - Editor from Bethesda on 4/8/2007
I was hoping I''d like this. The initial notes are fabulous, kind of coconut & beach-y. But it fades into a very unpleasant and off sweet stink, kind of like public bathroom liquid soap. PASS!
By  on 3/19/2007
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet and sexy.
By   - Finance from New York on 3/3/2007
Adding to my previous comments - warning - simply addicting. I just can''t get enough of it and now when I''m feeling stressed at work I re-apply and it''s like an instant vacation....gets everyone laughing but no one ever complains about the scent. Marvelous!
By   - sales from rochester, ny on 2/14/2007
Very nice! I''m not usually into florals but this is soft, warm and inviting...yum!
By   - sales from rochester, ny on 1/19/2007
I didn''t want to like another fragrance but love and I couldn''t pass it up! So worthy all of it''s praise.
By   - Fashion Stylist from Malibu on 1/12/2007
amazing!!! i''m glad that i didn''t listen to some negative comments and i tried it for myself.i''ll definetly repurchase this again and again!
By   - dental hygienist from east coast on 1/10/2007
Absolutely wonderful! Just what I imagined it would be!
By  on 12/19/2006
I love this! It lasts ALL day! I can still smell it at night after applying it early in the morning.
By  on 11/30/2006
I LOVE this scent! It is amazing. People ask me what I am wearing all the time. I do have to use quite a bit as it fades quickly, but it''s such a lovely fragrance. I like Kai, but this is a better Kai. I just bought the body lotion too. I would like them to create a spray version of Monyette Paris. LOVE this and can''t get enough!
By   - pr from new york on 11/29/2006
Hi all
By   - Unknown from Unknown on 11/11/2006
Two typically "grandma" scents, gardenia and muguet, get sexed up with vanilla orchid and nag champa. The result is an unexpectedly fun and flirty fragrance. I didn''t think I would like it, but it''s now my go-to fragrance for an instant mood booster.
By   - from Arlington, VA on 11/9/2006
Yankee Candle Plumeria.
By  on 10/31/2006
Monyette Paris could easily be mistaken as Grandmas Perfume.Staying power was non-existent which was perfectly fine in this case. For a sweet scent that is not so predictable, Ebba Miss Marisa has stolen my heart.
By   - from Morgan Hill, Ca on 10/14/2006
i dont get the "smells cheap" comment. this is a very feminine fragrance. it is girlie but still complex with the creamy gardenia and incense mixed with patchouli. i just love the depth of this one as i dont really go for florals. this is part of my daily mix. i blend this one with two other musk and incense perfumes. divine.
By   - painter from minneapolis on 10/13/2006
Yes, this is sexy. A tiny bit "cheap" sexy, but nonetheless, sexy. I like it.
By  on 9/28/2006
I didn''t know I was a gardenia fan until I tried this! I agree with the comment it is addictive - I now own the body wash too!
By   - researcher from Nashville on 9/8/2006
I don''t know why, but this smells like a jolly rancher candy on me. I think it''s cute.. just not my favorite!
By  on 8/1/2006
Not bad, but not great. Similar to Kai, but a tad hippy-dippy. Brought the rest of my test vial to work, and a co-worder adored it and she immediately bought the oil and the lotion. To each her own. Nice, but not a knock-out.
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
The best perfume-oil ever!
By  on 7/27/2006
I didn''t think I liked gardenia scents until I tried this. It is beautiful from the time you apply it and continues to be so throughout the day. Soft, sexy, creamy drydown. It lasts all day! I haven''t been able to stop smelling my wrists! I can see why Monyette has so many fans!
By  on 7/15/2006
What is in this stuff?!? It is almost addictive which is driving me crazy because I''m not fond of florals! I didn''t like it at first...thought it was too strong...but a light touch is perfect. It''s the drydown I can''t get enough of...a warm slightly spicy vanilla with just a hint of creamy gardenia! Egad...another bottle I must have!!
By   - from APO on 7/6/2006
Its true. Its sexy and just beautiful. Everyone will ask you what you`re wearing.
By  on 6/29/2006
Sooo good! Puts me in a great mood the second I put it on. One of my absolute favorite fragrances.
By  on 6/26/2006
Nice fragrance, but absolutely no lasting power. Even when freshly applied, I could barely smell it on my skin. Kai is infinitely better!
By   - student from melbourne, australia on 6/22/2006
This one never wowed me. Kai has the wow factor, but after a while there''s something rubbery. Now I get Monoi de Tahiti Oil Tiare on Ebay-16 oz $20. It''s WOW, it lasts & it''s almost free!
By   - from boston on 6/21/2006
This is sex in a bottle. Nuff said
By   - Finance from Chester on 6/15/2006
Ok this is the best perfume ever! Just received a sample today and vow!!! Beautiful!!! I am defenently ordering one! This could be my new signature perfume!
By   - Norway on 6/15/2006
Smells like Mr. Bubble bubblebath from the 70''s. I rather like it though!::singing::... Mr. bubble in the tubble will get you squeaky clean....
By   - artist from AUSTIN on 5/31/2006
I had to chuckle when I read anonymous from D.C.''s comment - She''s right - it DOES smell like the plastic barbie dolls! She hit the nail on the head.
By   - from atlanta on 5/22/2006
Monyette Paris is not sweet or coconut at least not on my skin. It is a warm creamy gardenia. It is the only roll onoil perfume that several strangers have actually complemented me on. One woman asked me twice what it was, so I know she was running out to buy it ASAP. Strong enough to entice others, but doesn''t ever seem overpowering to me or give me a headache (which does happen to me with several other scents)
By   - Student from Hershey, PA on 5/1/2006
I just got a sample and LOVE this scent. It is so soft, luscious and feminine. Floral, delicious, perfectly balanced. There is no hint of coconut or suntan lotion on me when I wear it. I would highly recommend this fragrance, but, based on some negative reviews below, perhaps it is best to buy a sample first to make sure it works with your body chemistry.
By   - from NY on 4/24/2006
I usually like sultry, sexy scents, not sweet and floral but I LOVE this one. I don''t understand the coconut and suntan oil comments. To me it is an exotic, rich scent, very elegant and sophisticated. It is just the opposite of what I would normally chose. It smells nothing of Nag Champa. Perhaps, it smells very different on different people. It seems like folks love or hate it. Try the sample.
By   - Railroad Asset Manager from Omaha on 4/15/2006
I just got the sample because someone mentioned to do so first. I love this fragrance so much. I think I want to get the Monyette Shower Cream too. It sounds divine. I spoke with someone at Luckyscent (franco maybe?) who said it was so gentle you could use it to wash your hair in a!
By   - Hair Stylist from Tulsa on 4/6/2006
This is truly what I consider a sophisticated white floral. Creamy and smooth it makes me feel luscious, sexy and warm. I have used (and loved) this frangrance for 3 years now and still get stopped in the street. I find some of the comments below rather unsophisticated and, in my opinion, a bit uncouth. Aaah well....
By   - Entertainment Lawyer from Los Angeles on 4/6/2006
I am sure this smells different on everyone, because on me it truly reminded me of when an old lady passes by me in the store and has on perfume from 1972 that is so putrid I actually find myself gagging. It smelled very powerful and sickly stale sweet on me, and gardenias are usually a good pick for a floral. I wish I had the body chemistry to make it work, I just don''t. If florals are hit or miss for you, PLEASE sample FIRST!
By   - from Ohio on 4/4/2006
This smells like cheap potpourri that you''d receive from a co-worker that barely knows you as a Xmas gift.
By   - from Gainesville on 3/29/2006
Beautiful, feminine, and sultry. Like a steamy night in Savannah.
By   - from Atlanta on 3/29/2006
After reading all the rave reviews, I knew I just HAD to try this.....and it didn''t disappoint. It is a very pretty, sweet gardenia that has more depth than your usual gardenia scent. It faintly reminded me of Comptoir Sud Pacifique''s Tiare which I already own, but Monyette is not as powdery. Drydown was lovely, a creamy sweet floral and my male co-worker said it smelled "Yummy!" I love that it''s an oil too, bc I love that nice glowy sheen that oils leave behind :)
By   - Account Executive from Santa Ana on 3/17/2006
LOVE. THIS. At first I was a bit worried as it seemed rather strong and sweet, but it dried down into a creamy, buttery gardenia, very soft and beautiful. The dry down (and I am talking 3+ hours later) is so worth it. This is a very feminine scent, I love it.
By   - Student from Vancouver on 2/9/2006
I have posted about this perfume before,I really like it and it lasts all day on me. I just wanted to let everyone know yankee candle has a candle out,a new scent called queen annes lace that smells exactly like this perfume,it is wonderful,I lit it and the whole house smells like monyette paris,everone else agreed with me also.
By   - from Detroit on 2/9/2006
Gak! Too sweet for my liking.
By   - from Louisiana on 12/30/2005
Creamy and warm - reminds me a lot of Banana Boat suntan lotion, but more floral than coconut based. Lasting power is very weak on me however, and I have to reapply this a million times a day to have any fragrance lingering for more than two minutes. Completely disappears into my skin, which almost never happens with fragrance oils. I would have loved this more if it stuck around longer.
By   - from South San Francisco on 12/27/2005
Nothing like Kai. Monyette is creamy, Kai is just plain, boring, gardenia.
By  on 12/9/2005
Love the scent, just wish it would last STRONGER on the skin, it does last but it fades out.
By   - from New Jersey on 11/30/2005
When I first put this on, it smells like the perfect creamy gardenia I have been looking for. Unfortunately, that phase does not last very long at all, and on me it quickly turns to a coconut suntan lotion smell - very sweet. Which I like alright, but if I wanted that I''d dab Coppertone behind my ears - much cheaper! Good staying power.
By  on 11/26/2005
Monyette ParisKai same difference. The MP is not as irritating on the throat a bit softer than Kai but they smell almost exactly alike. I think I actually like the MP better though due to it being a bit more of a creamy gardenia. It didn''t cause me to clear my throat.
By   - IHSS from Hac Hts on 11/23/2005
it is a Really strong flower a dirty, dusty gardenia I guess. I can tolerate some gardenia-based scents, but defnitely not this one. It''s not what I expected at all. :(
By   - from Iowa City on 11/17/2005
Sexy, warm, embracing... This is likely to become a favorite, it''s always evolving, at first fresh and floral (the muguet) then it simmers to a warm gardenia full mouth kiss mixed with the slightly smokey hues of a cozy fireplace or beach bonfire. I don''t care what anyone writes, for those who''s chemistry it mixes with--Beware, this is addicting and people will constantly stop you on the streets and tell you how great you smell. For those who gave this a negative write up, it''s unfortunate it didn''t work with your chemistry, I think Monyette picks and chooses who can handle it''s irristible nature. The suitors are all stand out women who are not afraid to have people smile and bask in their wake. I LOVE MONYETTE!!!!
By   - mother from Los Angeles, London on 11/14/2005
I love the smell of nag champa and thought this would be a favorite of mine. But the flowery, cocoanutty top note quickly degenerates into something unpleasantly "dirty" on my skin. (Strange, because I wear other extravagant floralorientals without that problem.) It may be the natural oils, which break down nastily on some people -- so beware.
By   - Editor from Providence on 11/10/2005
If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in th rain, this is for you! Its sweet and buttery. Lasted much longer than Black Gardenia on me. I''ll be buying this one!
By   - from phoenix on 10/7/2005
I love Monyette Paris, yes very sexy. Thanks, Wish you had ShowerBath Gel.
By   - from McLean, Virginia on 9/21/2005
I don''t really like this alone, too coconut musk, but layered with Pink Manhattan...WOW!
By  on 8/26/2005
I much prefer Jade by Sage ,as far as oils go. If you are looking for a beach resort vacation smell then you''ll love Montale Intense Tiare. Intense Tiare lasts much longer than Monyette and smells better.
By  on 8/17/2005
I really, really wanted to like this scent, as I had heard it deemed a "tropical"--and I am desperate to recreate that smell of your skin after a day at the beach. However, this seriously smelled terrible on me. Not creamy, not luscious...more like sweat. And not the good after a day at the beach kind of sweat. :(
By   - college english teacher from pittsburgh on 7/19/2005
I like this scent, the bottle is adorable. It''s definately not one of my faves, though. I like Kai better, this is a touch too sweet.
By   - RN from Boston on 7/11/2005
This reminds me of Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil. I didn''t care for it.
By   - HEALTHCARE from CHICAGO on 7/11/2005
When I first applied it, I was bombarded with the smell of coconuts. It reminded me of being drinking pina coladas on the beach. If your into that type of smell, you will love this one! After awhile. it got kinda annoyingly sweet. It does have good staying power though.
By   - Sales from Ft Lauderdale on 7/5/2005
this scent is amazing. it is utterly femminine, and delicious. my boyfriend calls it his favorite scent of all time. it''s a winner!
By   - student from san fransisco on 7/1/2005
I like this one,don''t love it,but I do like it. one thing that is very nice is that it does last all day and is not overwhelming
By   - from Detroit on 5/4/2005
I just read the following reviews, yes, PLASTICY is a good term for this one.
By  on 4/30/2005
this did nothing for me. I guess i do not like "buttery" scents. It was overwhelming. I could not imagine wearing this at all, esp in the heat.
By  on 4/30/2005
I received a sample of Monyette because I was curious of all the comparisons between Kai and Monyette. There is no comparison. Kai is wonderfully floral, full of gardenia as well as pretty, clean and fresh. I can''t detect any gardenia or anything else for that matter in the Monyette. I also think it smells like Bain de Solei orange suntan gelee. Not one of my favorites and so thankful that I only ordered the sample.
By   - Homemaker from Roxboro on 4/16/2005
I don''t normally love florals, and this is about as floral as they come. Having said that, this is a beautiful, heady oil. Something about it just works for me, and I don''t believe I''ll ever find an oil I like quite as much.
By   - from new haven on 3/25/2005
This one is okay. To me it smells like I''ve been at the beach all day...more of a sun tan oil smell than a fresh scent. Not terrible though, just not for me.
By   - Teacher from Pleasanton, CA on 3/12/2005
Okay, those of you who hated this maybe didn''t give it a chance. It''s a pure oil, a little goews a looooong way, put a dab on and watch it metamorphis on your skin, like layers of a fresh bloom. It''s clean, it''s sexy, it''s fresh, it''s soft, it''s warm and most of mysterious. I ALWAYS get stopped and people ask what I am wearing (both men and women!). My boyfriend juts proposed, he said one of the things he loved most about me was that I smelled like heaven on earth!
By   - model from Austin on 3/11/2005
This is an interesting one. My wrist (where I actually applied it) smells lovely. Kind of a soft, powdery vanilla-ish scent (and yes, a little bit reminiscent of dolls). However, when I''m not directly smelling my skin, all I get is a slightly grandma-ish heavy floral. Very long lasting, though. I put it on at 7:30 am, and I can still smell it hanging around me.
By   - from DC on 3/9/2005
I just figured out what this smell reminds me of. It smells like barbie dolls - the plastic of the barbie dolls smells like this. needless to say, I don''t like it.
By   - Lawyer from Washington, DC on 3/7/2005
I love gardenia and the gardenia is prominent in this scent, but the vanilla makes it just too sweet for me. It does have staying power, but it''s so, so girly. And––not that this is all that matters--I can''t imagine that men would love this scent. It would remind them of going shopping with you in really cute little boutiques with scented candles & etc. Cute, maybe, but not sexy.
By   - from NYC on 2/26/2005
Oh yeah...definitely suntan lotion, but with a kick. I really like this a lot, but I can''t justify the price.
By   - from California on 2/25/2005
Too sticky, too sweet and cloying. Too bad, because the limited edition bottle is so beautiful.
By   - mystic from Tucson on 2/6/2005
I''ve heard a lot of arguments over this not being a true Gardenia scent, that Kai is closer. Kai is closer to a real white floral. But I grew up with two gardenia bushes in my front yard, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert on how a gardenia actually smells. And this stuff smells crazily like a gardenia. I don''t get the suntan lotion thing, and the nag champa might as well be nonexistent. This smells like an overly sweet gardenia, big waxy white petals and all. Maybe even with the petals slightly browning on the edges. But I''m from the south, and to me, gardenias just aren''t sexy. Pretty, sure, great for Billie Holiday, yes, but "reel him in" sexy? No. If you like florals, especially sweet ones, however, give it a try. I need a little spice, myself. Makes me think of front lawns, barbecues, porches, fried chicken, old fifties outfits, peaches, and lots of barefoot children running around. Nostalgic for me. Just not sexy.
By   - History and Political Science Major from Chapel Hill on 1/27/2005
Gardenia never did much for me until it met nag champa! I dont know where people are getting the "suntan oil" scent - when I wear it I feel and smell like a big beautiful flower in bloom. Still somehow not too much for daytime, while sexy enough for night. My favorite facet is a spicyness which peeks through at times. Best of all, NOTHING lasts on me all day - except Monyette!
By   - Educator from Atlanta on 1/10/2005
I love this scent!! It reminds me of a warm summer day at the beach. I get a lot of compliments on it and have turned a lot of my friends on to it.
By   - from Boston on 12/31/2004
This is a fantastic perfume oil. Thoroughly recommended.
By   - Editor from Cambridge on 12/14/2004
This is horrible,I thought I would love it based on the reviews I have read,I ordered a sample and was so dissapointed,it smells like suntan oil,but stronger.
By   - from detroit on 12/8/2004
I really wanted to like this, especially after reading all of the rave reviews announcing this as the new IT perfume, but I just don''t get it. This smelled like nothing more and nothing less than suntan lotion on me. It doesn''t smell bad, it''s just nothing special in my opinion.
By   - management from Alpharetta,GA on 11/5/2004
Oops. Sorry for that below...anyway, this fragrance was made for me. It melts into my skin and becomes part of me (if that makes any sense) I LOVE it! If it weren''t so expensive for such a small size, I''d wear it every day.
By   - Business Analyst from Las Vegas on 11/5/2004
By   - b on 11/5/2004
Unfortunately, this perfume oil did not live up to it''s reputation on me. I would not have minded vanilla being a predominant note nor nag champa. But instead I ended up smelling like a scented candle...nice in a room but not on me.
By   - from Monte Sereno on 10/28/2004
it''s nice, but nothing special. I was really excited about the nag champa, but in this scent, it smells plasticky and the smokiness of the nag champa drowns out the other notes. On a humid day, I can imagine this would be cloying or sickly sweet. Definitely not for me
By   - student from Iowa City on 10/25/2004
gardenia! i have been looking for a great gardenia scent for so long! while nothing compares to a hand full of real, fresh picked gardenias - this is close. while still wet on my wrist, there is an artful co-mingling of the muget & gardenia. I don''t get the nag champa at all, though. On dry down it is still just pure unadulterated muget & gardenia~
By   - designer from Toronto on 10/23/2004
I wish Monyette Paris offers larger size of this because I go through one bottle in three months.
By   - from philadelphia on 10/16/2004
The vanilla does not come out at all on me. It''s gardenia with a creamy afterthought. That being said, I wear it when I want to feel mature, sophisticated, and mysterious.
By   - Research Tech from Seattle on 10/13/2004
I adore this!!!!!! I wish there was a body lotion to match, this is exquisite I don''t really get a vanilla, per se, but I do smell the spicy creaminess under the gardenia so I guess that is what the other posters are talking about a must have, I bought 2 bottles at once! :)
By   - nursing student from Portland,OR on 10/13/2004
I bought a sample of this because of all the fabulous comments. It is pleasant - smells like suntan lotion. But why buy perfume if you could be wearing suntan lotion?
By   - from Washington DC on 9/28/2004
This fragrance is nice. It has a very clean fresh smell with a hint of vanilla, it''s like a creamy gardenia. The staying power is awesome!!
By   - from Florida on 9/23/2004
I like this scent. It''s a bit reminiscent of Friday night afterhours bars (Nag Champa) and attraction oils from Panpipes or Eye of the Cat. You CA people know what I mean..Very sexy.
By   - from Irvine, CA on 9/13/2004
Nothing close to Kai on my skin, blends completely different. I didnt like Kai, but Monyette is... ahhh.I love it. People stop me to tell me I smell good, both men and women. Not just sexy, ''''reel him in'''' sexy, agree...
By   - from NY on 9/10/2004
I *LOVE* this fragrance! It has been a very long time since I have found a scent that did not grow louder on me as I wore it, make me smell as if I marinated in it, then make me sick with a migraine. This is the FIRST fragrance I have purchased in 13 years. It works for me. My family and friends love it, and I LOVE it! It is strong enough to last nearly all day, but not too strong that it becomes a "marinade." It dries down to a warm, sweeter version of Nag Champa on me. I highly recommend it!
By   - Systems Analyst from Georgia on 9/4/2004
I loved the Gardenia element and at first really liked the addition of sweet vanilla, but it turned very "incensey" on me in the end. I confess to preferring Child which stays with you and stays consistant for hours.
By   - from L.A. on 8/28/2004
Adore this scent! It reminds me of Jones Beach and the Ban de Soliel (sp.?) orange gelly that we used to lather on us when we were kids. It is absolutely amazing on dewy tan skin.
By   - from New York City on 8/26/2004
When I first applied this fragrance I did not like it. It smelled like something my grandma would wear. But after a few minutes it smelled lovely. I couldn''t stop smelling my wrists. I can smell both the gardenias and the vanilla. Although the vanilla scent is more pronounced after it settles.
By   - from West Los Angeles, CA on 8/16/2004
By  on 8/11/2004
I found this to be really cloying. It reminded me of the old "White Shoulders" scent. If you like gardenias, try "Kai," it''s much fresher.
By   - writer from san francisco on 8/8/2004
It''s like nothing else (Kai is a cleaner gardenia scent)--Monyette smells like sex, put simply.
By   - from Los Angeles on 7/30/2004
I, too, am on the fence about this one. The first rush of scent reminded me not of gardenia, but of a strong ylang-ylang. My sister-in-law sniffed the air around me and declared, "Did someone just spray insecticide?" I was mortified. The thing is, Monyette''s drydown is incredibly yummy, and I love that part. So it''s a tough call.
By   - Journalist from Manila on 7/23/2004
This is a very lush scent. I was on the fence with this one. It is very heady at first, but the drydown is so good. My husband really loves this one on me. He loves vanilla scents also. Very sexy lush scent. Try before you buy though. This one may be to much for some.
By   - Student from N. LA on 6/19/2004
I''m on compliment overload!I''ve never had so many men tell me I smell so good. Every time I wear it, people stop to ask what I''m wearing.
By   - from portland on 6/14/2004
Everyone is different and I loved this - it''s like a creamy sexy floral vanilla scent. Not too much vanilla, actually. The gardenia comes through on my skin more than anything, but it''s not too much on me. I love it on me!
By  on 6/5/2004
I liked the gardenia top note, but it quickly faded leaving behind only a warm candle smell...not exactly that of Nag Champa. A nice fragrance for a room but not for a perfume.
By   - from SF Bay Area on 6/4/2004
This SOUNDED like something that i would love. Unfortunatly, it was VERY foody on my skin. Way to sweet and strong, like a butter cookie. Sample first !
By   - from usa on 6/1/2004
Great smell, If you like Child and Kai this is for you.. Stays on all day
By   - from New York on 5/26/2004
I just received Monyette Paris today, and I absolutely love it!! At first, the scent is a strong gardenia, but give it about 20 minutes, and it starts to dry down into a beautiful vanilla-like scent that is extremely sensual and I can''t stop sniffing my wrist now! This is my new favorite fragrance--I just wish it came in a bigger bottle, and it wasn''t so expensive, but it is well worth the price.
By   - retail from Great Barrington on 5/18/2004
This one was not for me. It was a bit overwhelming. Maybe you will have better luck with it, I suggest getting a sample first.
By   - from Brownsville on 5/4/2004
Very few perfumes work on me, they all "turn" horribly on my skin (including Perfect Gardenia). To my surprise, Monyette didn''t. Instead, it blossomed, to become lush, dramatic, and sinful and innocent at the same time (I think it''s the mixture of incense and vanilla). There are some floral notes in it, too, but mostly it''s this deep, lush, sweet aura.
By   - Writer from New York on 4/29/2004
It''s the first floral I''ve liked since I annexed my grandmother''s bottle of Fracas. Best of all my patients tell me the scent makes them feel content.
By   - psychotherapist from Boston MA on 4/26/2004
i just ADORE this perfume. every time i put it on i feel like i stepped into a tropical garden. i cant stop smelling my wrist. i dont know how anyone can compare it to kai, which just smells like a watered down version of child, but worse. these are such different scents. it''s much more luxurious and has such depth to the all the separate notes. i can''t recommend it enough!
By   - photographer from encino on 4/22/2004
I love Monyette Paris. It''s lush and tropical without being overwhelming or headache-inducing. It has amazing lasting power, too. A vacation in a bottle!
By   - student from NC on 3/29/2004
An absolutely decadent floral that''s sultry and smoky. YES, you will get compliments a-plenty when wearing it.
By   - from Orlando on 3/12/2004
beautiful and uplifting, sexy and bewitching.
By   - from philadelphia on 3/10/2004
It''s lovely, but I prefer Creative Scentualization''s Perfect Gardenia for the ultimate gardenia experience.
By  on 2/27/2004
I have to admit that I''m somewhat of a fragrance addict always searching for the "perfect one"...while I like this one, I find it very heady and somewhat cloying compared to Child or Kai. I do not think this resembles either, but it is in the same family. I prefer Kai''s purer notes and adore Child''s blend.
By   - from maui on 2/23/2004
This one is way too strong for me!!!! It smells like vacation on a tropical beach!! If I were in the market to go out and snag a man, or a rock star this is what I would wear!!!
By   - acupuncturist from miami on 2/21/2004
Love it! On the same level as Kai, but different. Smells like suntan lotion on me, but in a fantastic way. Creamy~
By  on 2/20/2004
The bluebell rings out in this one. Very sweet. I get the appeal but for a straight gardenia fix go will Perfect Perfumes or Kai.
By   - Writer from New York on 2/10/2004
I loved it when I first put it on, but when it dried, all I could smell was the gardenia. I can see why people love it, but too floral for me.
By   - student from Toronto on 1/31/2004
I hate!! vanilla fragrances! But this one is amazing! I Love it with the gardenia! It warmes it . Nothing like Kai witch I also love!Smells so good I want to take a bath in it!
By   - nail tec from philadelphia on 1/25/2004
This is nice, but not something that I would consider a classic. It''s lingering sexy, oozes sex appeal. It''s a toss-up and smells similiar to To Twirl a Girly....
By   - from San Mateo, CA on 1/17/2004
A little heady on the gardenia, but light enough to wear without feeling overwhelmed in a floral scent.
By   - from Orlando on 12/6/2003
This scent is beautiful, unfortunatly it gave me a rash (no perfumeoil has ever done that to me). Better luck to you!
By  on 11/27/2003
I am also loving this! I normally go for sweeter vanilla scents (Lea'' by St. Barths is one of my favorites) but wanted to try something different, I''m glad I did. This is the only floral I''ll ever wear! Its perfect.
By  on 11/20/2003
I am loving this! I think it is so sexy, so warm, so lush & just yummy! Reminds me of a hot sticky night on an island, when the air smells like flowers & love.. My little girl loves when I wear it too.. She gives me a hug and says " Mmmm Mommie" A must have!!
By   - med student/ mom from Chicago on 11/16/2003
It smells great - but similar to Kai!
By  on 11/10/2003
I had been told by a friend that Monyette was "too strong"...that''s a matter of opinion for a woman who typically wears florals only! This is an evening fragrance for me --heady and deep, and lasts a long, long time. And very, very sexy. This isn''t your "wear to the office" fragrance, though. There are tons of others out there that will work for daytime wear, but I wouldn''t wear this.
By   - from New York on 10/21/2003
Very feminine and sexy.
By  on 10/10/2003
I have never been a floral girl, but this is amazing! It is completely decadent and sexy and creamy and smoky and almost too much. I wear this when i want to feel mysterious.
By   - from Cambridge on 9/22/2003
if you want to smell like a floral arrangement this is the on.
By  on 9/4/2003
It starts off really pretty with the heady gardenia, then turns sexy with the Nag Champa and vanilla notes. This is very subtle and seems to be lasting.The only thing I would have liked better is if the gardenia hadn''t disappeared so quickly. The Nag champa is the dominant note on me, which isn''t a bad thing, but a bit more Gardenia power would have made me vote 5stars. Still, this is very nice.
By   - from San Francisco on 8/29/2003
This is one of my favourite scents! It is soft and warm, yet fresh and clean. Monyette has terrific staying power and smells as good at the end of the day as it did when you first put it on.
By   - from West Glacier, MT on 8/8/2003
Lush, creamy tropical...gorgeous stuff, and unusual in that at first, it''s tropical gardenia within minutes, it warms up with the nag champa (which you can''t really smell on its own in Monyette) and starts exuding this gorgeous, buttery tropical feel. NOTHING like Kai (which has that "clean" aspect to it) or Child, which is just pikake. Monyette is rich, decadent and alluring...
By   - from Juno on 7/22/2003
So lush and sexy! I don''t think it smells much like Kai at all. I''m not much of a Kai fan. This is creamy, mellow, sensual. Just gorgeous! And it has great staying power. I love that it comes in the perfect little roll on size now too!
By   - retail from Boca Raton on 7/9/2003
Wow! This is certainly my new scent for summer. Monyette is creamy and soft without being heavy. It lasts and lasts and I''ve gotten several compliments every time I wear it. I love this perfume and I love this site!
By   - Marketing from Atlanta on 6/26/2003
Actually, quite different from Kai. Not so much as a floral blast, but Monyette is darker, warmer, with hints of Muguet (vanilla) and has no Pikake or Tuberorse dry-down like Kai!I just adore it.
By   - from Tucson, AZ on 6/4/2003
I ordered Kai and Moneytte the same time. They smell absolutely the same. I''ve had a sample of Kai before and that''s why I ordered it. You can definetely buy either if you are the gardenia lover which I was not before. It is kind of nice to have all this diffrent scents. I think that Caitline and Ciello are the best Luckyscent has so far.
By   - Finance from New York on 5/30/2003
Lush does not even bgin to describe this, it is a posh tropical paradise bottled to fit perfetly in my jean pocket.Big Kiss!!!!!
By   - Publicist from West Hollywood on 5/20/2003
SEDUCTIVE!!!! Newly single I have had hoardes of en stop me to ask what I''m wearing!!! I can''t stop smiling....
By   - Designer from NYC on 4/22/2003
I''ve got Kai and Monyette, and definately would recommend Kai followers to this scent...almost a luxurious version, even sexier and more feminine.
By   - from nyc on 4/15/2003
so cute! can''t wait till the body lotion version comes out!!
By  on 4/15/2003
probably the best gardenia i''ve experience in recent memory. what a seductive oil!
By   - from portland,or on 4/15/2003
i think it''s great in the roll on, I can take it with me--this scent just gets better and better on me.
By   - from south beach, fl on 4/15/2003
Sexy, warm, fresh and now convenient!!!!!!! I love this cute size!
By   - Actress from Los Angeles on 4/8/2003
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