Monyette Paris

Fragrance Oil

by Monyette Paris

Monyette Paris Sizes Available:
1/8 oz $45
0.5ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Monyette Paris...
My only complaint about this favorire perfume oil, is that they changed the wonderfully beautiful packaging of the sweet little bird perched on the floral limb... This scent is so hard to put in words... It is never overpowering, always so appealing and just beautifully richly sexy. No other fragrance comes close to matching its notes. It will always have a place on my vanity. Sincerely, J. Scott
By   - Retired Nurse  from Bulverde on 3/17/2019
This fragrance is what summer should smell like....tropical,heady,sexy and undeniably intoxicating. The fragrance is a stunning mix of floral and gourmand (gardenia by the garden full,followed by a vanilla and slight coconut undercurrent) which is a joy to wear.The fact that this is an oil makes for an ultra long - lasting wear time,not to mention the lack of alcohol means a truer version of the included notes in here. If you love Kai,if Child is your spirit animal,if anything that has ever evoked a tropical memory for you,then this would have to be a "must get" for you (i know,at around 60AUD for the tiny size this comes in,not to mention the shipping,it is a splurge,but it is seriously worth it as a once a year gift to self)
By   - Nurse from Sydney,Australia on 1/12/2019
I have an old sample I just revisited. Initially it was just a bit of sugary-fruity fluff, friendly and uncomplicated. About an hour later the gardenia came out like a young Brigitte Bardot making an entrance. Rich, velvety, sweetly floral, with an unexpected wood note. Eventually it turns into MB's Black Gardenia's little sister. I usually prefer incense or chypre scents, so I was surprised to find myself liking this so much. Maybe it's because it's January and cold, and this is very lighthearted and beachy, but I can understand why it's so popular. (Wondering if some people are anosmic to some of the notes that give this complexity, or it's been reformulated since I got my sample. I recommend sampling before buying.)
By   - Student from NYC on 1/31/2017
Found this to be a little too sweet and ultra tropicana feminine for me.
By   - Environmental scientist from Vancouver BC on 10/7/2015
The first word that comes to mind is CREAMY and DELICIOUS! I absolutely in love with this perfume. I will be ordering a perfume for sure. It is very concentrated and little goes a long way. It is a fabulous discovery for me after checking out the line for so long on the website!!!
By   - from Saint Louis on 3/22/2013
If you like Kai Kai, you'll love this. A beautiful, sophisticated floral.
By   - from Seattle on 1/30/2012
I am a man. If only the law had banned this sugared sun lotion perfume.
By  on 2/22/2011
Just got a full size bottle. Moynette is the "fast" little sister of fresh, sophisticated, green Kai. She acts wildly inappropriate sometimes but she's sure a heck of a lot of fun.
By  on 2/21/2011
On me this smells like pure lilac - the real flower, like when it's spring and you walk past a bush and that lilac smell. Not overpowering, just really pretty
By   - from Chicago on 12/31/2010
Sticky, hard, artificial fragrance. As an excessive amount of car air fresheners.
By  on 12/19/2010
It's like a more sophisticated version of a Hawaiian Vacation! The best version of gardenia.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 11/24/2010
A gorgeous scent, not intially so -- only in the drydown. When it's first applied, its gardenia top note is a bit heady. The lasting note is a creamy, dark floral-vanilla scent that's lush and very sexy. (Incidentally, my fella loves it, too.)
By   - Humanities Professor from Tampa area on 11/4/2010
Please do not fall on the ad! This is the ugliest perfume that I tried in my life. Luscious, thick smell of the sugar-cream. Literally stinks! And what is the worst - smell lasts and lasts. Suntan lotion smells more sophisticated than this filth. It leaves the impression of cheapness. In my opinion, this perfume is not dropping even for any little girl who experiment with mummy's make-up and mask herself. I have never felt worse stench from this. This deserves a minus star - at least if this option existed! This should not be sold as "perfume". It is even questionable whether it would be allowed to sell as a softener for laundry. Luscious and leaves the impression of cheapness. If you want to smell like cheap .... No, better not finish that sentence. Fortunately, there are testers, and see for yourself.
By   - Artist from NYC on 9/15/2010
This is bliss...vacation in a bottle. It's a fabulous summer fragrance. Not suitable for work or business, unless you're entertaining clients over dinner in the tropics.
By  on 9/12/2010
Smells sweet, but artificial and harsh on my skin. I think with a different chemistry I would have really liked this one, but for me it's a scrubber.
By   - nurse from Chicagoish on 6/25/2010
This fragrance was way over the top for me...overdone by being too too sweet..Not the worst, but certainly not the best either.
By   - therapist from NYC on 5/13/2010
I found this scent has too much nag champa...made it too cloying, sweet and heavy.
By  on 2/2/2010
Delicious gardenia, creamy white with the green leaves after drying. Seductive and innocent melt together, like a glance over your shoulder.
By   - from Denver on 1/15/2010
Disappointing . Not gardenia, artificially white floral, headache inducing , saccharine sweet .No incense. Like a previous reviewer- SL Datura Noir, Fleur D'Oranger , Fleur De Citronnier - miles better. Not worth the hype.
By   - from CA on 8/26/2009
Nag champa and at times, black tea with very little floral. No plans to repurchase
By   - teacher and artist from Portland on 8/9/2009
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