Cruz Del Sur II

Eau de Parfum

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Of course of all the samples I pick up I love the most expensive **LISTEN, worth every penny, too.** What absolute artwork. This is mango, full on fullllllll on, tart with something silky and lovely to accompany the tartness, and something green and fresh enough to keep me (as a mostly unsweetened fragrance-lover) in its thrall. I'm just glad perfume like this exists because it proves me wrong about what I imagine I like — what do I even know, anyway? Alchemy.
By   - Bookseller/Marketing Partner from Los Angeles, CA on 7/13/2021
This is absolutely beautiful! It almost brings tears to my eyes when I smell this fragrance. It has the most realistic beautiful Mango and Pineapple opening ever, along with this cold creamy milky note. This fragrance will make you smile when you smell it. This with out a doubt is a "natural" gourmand mango smoothie. The longevity is amazing, lasting 8+ hours on my skin. A true masterpiece and I need it in my collection ASAP.
By   - N/A from Canada on 10/11/2019
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