D.S. and Durga

Italian Citrus

Eau de Parfum

Italian Citrus Sizes Available:
50ml $155
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Italian Citrus...
A modern refreshing take on classic eau-de-cologne, this "safe" beauty from DSD combines notes of citrus, orange, lemon, mandarin, ambrette and musk to create a light airy and masculine beauty that pleasantly freshens without overwhelming. Moderate in sillage and long lasting this is a really inoffensive and clean smelling scent that can be worn actually by either genders in almost any setting. A real classic offering from this eclectic line, a must for citrus musk lovers, and beautifully blended.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 3/27/2019
I love this scent! My new summer perfume is perfect. Light yet lingering.
By   - R/E Agent from Raleigh, NC on 6/3/2018
The breeze is definitively there, however it only serves to thin out what little you get. If you enjoy fresh fragrances than my recommendation is to sample, or just wear a lot of the juice.
By   - paper pusher from sacramento on 5/20/2018
Every bit as described, this beauty satisfies the craving for languorous afternoon air refreshed by a beautiful citrus breeze that transports you to Mediterranean shores. Long lasting. A great addition to any serious niche collection.
By   - Retired attorney from Riverside on 5/6/2017
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