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I am crazy about anything coconut so the sales gal at Scent Bar suggested this. I got a sample and at first was rather unimpressed. Then one night I applied a few dabs on my wrist after a shower and after 15 minutes I was blown away. It really mixes well with my skin after a shower. This is not your traditional coconut sunscreen concoction, nor is it a gourmand, teeny-bopper coconut. It is a lovely and balanced blend of rich nut milk and heady tropical flowers. There is no leader in this band though, nobody competing for top billing. This is a masterfully blended fragrance, truly unique and special. I love it.
By   - Enologist from Fresno on 7/31/2021
Not sure about perfect, but this is definitely a delight -- and one that manages to evoke coconut without dragging us into suntan-oil territory, so that’s nice. The opening coconut-almond flourish is just delicious, segueing into an airy orange-blossom floral followed closely by a happy waxy gardenia. After that, the production moves fairly quickly into vanilla-tonka territory and rests there through drydown, with musk adding a touch of extra skin warmth. I caught an intermittent coppery note in drydown that threw me off slightly, but that could well be individual skin chemistry. On the whole, though, a joy.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/11/2020
I got this as a sample- My initial thought was that this one smells like play-doh, My boss asked me if I had a waxy candle burning. There is something about this perfume... that is annoying but I love it at the same time. Very true coconut smell. I am purchasing this one for sure because for some reason I just can't get enough of it. It didn't wear the entire day, started to fade on me after about 5 hours of wear.
By   - Paralegal from Fort Myers on 1/14/2016
This is a well made and pleasant scent. It is as described above. My problem is that what I expected might happen did happen. The coconut is so realistic that it's "foody". I don't want that in a perfume.
By   - managerial from manchester on 12/28/2015
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