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Mile High

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Pineapple upside down cake and patchouli without being a true gourmand. Absolutely amazing scent. Unique--no one else will smell like you. Go light on the spray count--it projects well and lasts.
By   - Wage Slave from Cincinnati on 4/21/2021
A very unique fragrance, and the first one I'd comfortably wear for warmer weather. I have a tendency to fall for warm, cozy scents that are better suited for winter, so I've had a difficult time finding one for the summer months as the vast majority are floral, aquatic, or fresh, all of which feel a bit emptier than their cold-weather friends. This one straddles a fine line. The pineapple takes center stage, and my wife and I both swear there's mango in this as well. It's a very deep, mature pineapple, which satisfies my normal inclinations, but also recalls tropical vacations and makes this perfect for warmer weather. Love it!
By   - Designer from Boston on 3/1/2021
I do not normally enjoy fruity scents, but this just works. It's absolutely fantastic.
By   - demolition from seattle on 5/10/2020
What a fantastic fragrance! This smells like delicious sweet pineapple on a warm sunny day, though the sweetness isn't overpowering and is quite welcoming. The immortelle blends extremely well and adds some depth while the tonka adds a slightly creamy and smokey/tobacco-y accord. No, this doesn't smell anything like Creed Aventus, this is a completely different kind of pineapple . This was an *instant* full bottle purchase after sampling for me. Projection and longevity are both great on my skin and this is easily my favorite pineapple fragrance on the market.
By   - Business Analyst  from Indiana on 3/4/2020
I wanted to update my earlier review of Mile High with a more experienced opinion, having worn it several times now. I enjoy the fluffy radiating warmth and the cotton candy musk that appears in the dry down of this scent. The longer it wears the more the various elements come together in a warm fuzzy enjoyment. 4 of 5 stars!
By   - everything from Oklahoma City on 1/14/2020
Mile High is soft, fuzzy, coconut and slightly reclusive pineapple - this combo definitely puts my head up there floating with little puffy clouds. Might be a good summer and ocean scent. I have not really warmed up to this one - not my favorite from Parle Moi (Papyrus Oud). There is an air of frivolity about Mile High that just doesn't my intention for wearing a fragrance. Not offensive though, so give it a try!
By   - dilletente from Oklahoma City on 1/14/2020
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