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Vanilla Vibes

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Vanilla Vibes...
Vanilla vibes opens with a promising allusion to great retro beach genres like cologne du 68. Unfortunately after the opening dissipates, all the wearer is left with is the vibes of a low fat musk and a side of something pleasantly starchy mixed with calone. It hums dutifully along like the sound of a reliable copy machine, and there's nothing offensive or off-putting about the experience to upset the office feng shui. It's not great or remarkable or even memorable, but it might be just the right gift for someone you don't know very well, or for those days you just want to smell clean and pleasant while you blend into the wall.
By   - window cleaner for the Mars rover from Sebastopol on 11/26/2020
Absolutely love it. Smells nothing like vanilla, which is the best part.
By   - Designer from Lisman on 10/25/2020
This feels like a nice summertime perfume. It's light and airy but the musk helps keep it grounded, and the sandalwood lasts and lasts. Perfect for warm days.
By   - Publishing  from Boulder on 6/30/2020
Almost a plain Jane generic pleasing to everyone type of perfume. Neutral vanilla opening, white florals and sea salt, ending of wood and light musk. Nothing spectacular but nothing offensive or bad either. Good non-offensive office scent or perfume for someone who wants to play it safe, or perhaps a gift for a teen or young adult. I can definitely see the appeal and market for this type of perfume. Longevity, especially the musk and deeper vanilla notes are pretty rock solid. Vanilla Vibes becomes more of an ambience or close skin scent after a good 4 hours.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
What a surprise! Not usually a vanilla fan - but this is really impressive.
By   - Facility Management  from Washington DC on 8/11/2019
Maybe Vanilla is your favorite scent, then this will amaze you. If you don't like vanilla,then this fragrance will make you fall in love with vanilla. Gorgeous , lovely beautiful summer scent.
By   - Dentist from Philadelphia on 7/18/2019
This is magnificent! It goes on very smooth and stays soft for awhile, then turning warm and inviting. It reminds me of a beach. I love it and going to get it for my BFF! Enjoy, you won't be sorry
By   - Imstructor from San mateo on 5/20/2019
I don't typically go for vanilla or sweet/food scents but I'm enjoying this. The vanilla does not dominate after the initial application, and it is not overly sweet, so there you go. I sprayed just the tiniest amount and 5 hours later it's still going strong. My first impression wasn't great: it seemed very young and fruity. I changed my mind after a bit when it settled into a cool, salty musk. It reminds me Le Labo Musc 25, (which is a good thing, but like Musc 25 I think this could be overpowering and cling to clothes if not judiciously-applied). It's still probably not for me (no big bottle) but I'll use up my sample rather than passing it along. Very nice, light on the vanilla, balanced, with good longevity.
By   - bureaucrat from berkeley on 5/17/2019
Gorgeous summer scent. Vanilla with a twist of salt. It reminds me of summers spent on the beach as a kid....sunshine and the ocean, but not the sunscreen kind of memory. It’s soft and warm, a skin scent. Ordered a full bottle that will probably have to be replenished before summer is over!
By   - Clerk from Lynnfield MA on 5/14/2019
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