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The apple, peach, mandarin, green notes, and cassis are the first things I smelt upon first spray in a bright fruit mixture. It took about 5-10 minutes for the top notes to quiet down and the flowers to take over, but the heavier cassis sticks around just enough for the jasmine and magnolia to not become too over-powering. About 30 minutes after that is when the water lily, musk, and cedar settled in. Koiame sits rather close to my skin but still lasts for serveral hours. Personally I feel I need a refresh once, during the mid-afternoon mark. It's a well-balanced, lighter, flower musk I'd reccommend.
By   - Hobbiest from Canada on 1/22/2021
I like this scent very much. A beautiful floral that was so familiar. Then I realized, on me, it's Lauren. I compared them side by side. Lauren, in the red cube, less $ and a bit thinner than my gorgeous 2000 version. That's why 3 stars.
By   - BHT from Tucson on 2/7/2020
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