Roasted Green Tea

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At first when I opened this sample up I was appalled at the peanut smell. Then, dutifully, I put it on and now it has opened up in completely unexpected ways. It has a distinct iris note, and then vanilla. There is a touch of herbal w jasmine, mint, clover... and coconut. It's a sweetish, warmish, highly unusual smell that must be given time to unveil and delight.
By   - Writer from Los Angeles on 4/26/2021
It smells like Matcha cookies. Besides the green tea smell, it is also sweet and creamy
By   - Social Worker  from San Jose on 11/13/2020
WOW! I get probably a dozen samples a month from Luckyscent and choose one or two to buy a month and let me just say this J Scent fragrance really stood out among anything I've ever experienced. Sometimes when you know, you know. I was so excited at first whiff. I never knew you could bottle "roast: but J Scent seems to have done it here. There's a warmth about this perfume, probably from the peanut note, that is just so so comforting. It has great sillage and lasting power. I haven't decided yet what season this works best in but I think all seasons because after the initial peanut warmth, you have the green tea lightness coming through that helps make this scent so multi-facetted.
By   - Entrepreneur & Perfume Enthusiast from Philadelphia, PA on 10/10/2020
In love with this scent from first spray. It’s reminds me of sweetened roasted tea from my time in Thailand, which brings back fond memories. Not too sweet, mildly earthy, definitely tea, with light coconut and mint too. Like a delicious hug. 5/5 for me because it’s exactly what I’m looking for - good for daytime, office, probably all year. But it’s not very a complex or intriguing scent so ranked a 4/5.
By   - MD from Nyc on 5/14/2020
I like this scent. This is not an overpowering formula for which I am grateful. For me the initial dose is a cedar blast that dries down quickly and then things get interesting. Changes occur as this wears on. I have gotten compliments and an un-knowing co-worker mentioned they smelled mint. I pick up more of an almond scent. By the end of the day there is a faint trace of “fresh air” smell which since I raise fragrant orchids, attribute to the vanilla scent. Thank you Scent Bar for the video review and making this available.
By   - Sales from Kansas City on 12/27/2019
This is an amusing oddity. Don't find many perfumes with a peanut note! Mr. Peanut roars out swinging, but after he settles down, you get the "roasted" and, I think, clover, and then an "almost" tea. Never smelled either minty or floral in the least, to my nose. Weirdly, kind of a "comfort food" (or drink) vibe, although, for ones I never actually had. Very little projection, and low to moderate longevity. Quite an unusual scent though, and enjoyable. Wish it were stronger. Unisex rating is correct. Anyone can wear this one.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 5/17/2019
The mint is strong, as is the powdery iris. Somehow this didn't evoke tea at all, just a rather cold, sweet and minty musky perfume. Could be good in summer, otherwise to icy. On me it induces a slight headache.
By   - Student from Atlanta on 4/11/2019
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