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As a big M-A Corticchiato fan, I had really built this up in my head during the long wait for state-side release. After a few wearings, I think it's okay. Surely a marine aquatic, much closer to Sel Marin than something like Nautica ______ [insert whatever Nautica release there]. Better materials, up a few levels of creativity, but after 10 minutes, it smells a lot like Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day hand soap, the Rain Water scent (blue bottle) to me. I get zero immortelle and only the ghost of a moss accord. Smells decent but nowhere near as interesting as Azemour, Corsica Furiosa, or any of his other fresher stuff. I'm not super keen on aquatics in general, so take the above w/a grain of sea salt.
By   - I GIS for a living from île de Conanicut on 1/15/2020
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