Juliette Has a Gun

Pear Inc.

Eau de Parfum

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Is this some kind of practical joke? Cause I'm not laughing! Put 2 good sprays on the back of my hand, and could smell NOTHING! Putting my nose directly against the applied area, I get the merest hint of chemicals that kind of smell like pear, but nothing else. I should ask for my money back for this sample-- If I would have bought a full bottle, I would have been livid.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 4/8/2021
boring, chemical-esque. was a blind buy (description sounds great!) but very disappointed.
By   - do-gooder from bay area on 4/7/2021
I have always loved the scent of a pear. I have also always loved Juliette Has a Gun. The pear is so supernatural and juicy in this that it might have gone over as immature. But it didn't. It is so bright and joyous and deeply fruity but they layered in those cool, chemical-ly modern scents that it is as grown up as you need it to be but it will never be tired. There is about an hour of the vibrant juicy period then everything kind comes together into a mod complexity: cool, fresh, unexpectedly modern.
By   - Jeweler  from San Francisco on 4/6/2021
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