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Oud 27 Perfume Oil

Perfume oil

Oud 27 Perfume Oil Sizes Available:
30ml $152
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I can't believe nobody has written a review for this luscious perfume oil! It's truly tantalizing and lovely. I've worn it for years and it's definitely my go-to scent. It's time to replenish my supply. Just one drop of perfume oil on my left wrist is gently rubbed onto my right wrist, then I lightly touch my wrists to my temples, my throat, back of my neck, one light touch from the applicator along my cleavage, and I have a lovely light scent to carry me through the day. This perfume is my scent and I've loved it from the first moment I smelled it. Sensual, erotic, and intriguing... it reminds me of great mysteries from other times and places.
By   - technical writer from Vancouver, BC Canada on 1/3/2020
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