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I'm always on the hunt for smokey, earthy fragrances in the L'air du Desert Marocain genre. And I've experienced the smell of rain in the desert on trips to Taos - petrichor on steroids. Went FB on this one - too impatient to wait for a sample. Was ambivalent at first as this isn't quite the same smell as above mentioned, but I DIG it - no pun intended. Great longevity and presence. Not many opportunities to share it what with masks and lockdowns, but I've loved treating myself with it, and enjoyed picking up the scent on clothes and scarves. If you're into these niche fragrances — earthy nature scents, you'll probably like it.
By   - Content Strategist from Boulder on 7/2/2020
This one is a tough one to rate. I think I'll have to try it again (my small bottle leaked when I put it in my dresser). It's definitely a fresh, different smell. Think the freshness of rain and the smell of wet pavement. It's not a unpleasant smell, but I think I'd prefer to smell this around me, instead of on me, It made me think of damp dirt and sidewalk.
By   - teacher from Kingston on 12/29/2019
This perfume definitely leans more masculine than feminine........its a VERY strong FRESH SCENT that reminded me of cold fresh water and mint or Balsam( the juniper perhaps?) with a hint of something medicinal( tiger balm?) I can see this working for a man who wants a VERY fresh scent that smells like 4 AM on the ski slops but not for women:(
By   - nutritionist from Vancouver on 11/1/2019
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