The Noir 29

Eau de Parfum

by Le Labo

The Noir 29 Sizes Available:
50ml $189
100ml $275
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Here's what other people are saying about The Noir 29...
I have a modest collection of niche brands, all of which I swoon over, but none that anyone ever remarks upon (with the exception of my spouse who cannot get enough of Indult's Tihota, but I owe that to his love of cookies) with the exception of The Noir 29. It doesn't take much, but the warmed tea without too much sweetness- the fig is extremely subtle- is perfection. Long-lasting and even better dried down, at the end of the day I can't stop sniffing my own wrists.
By   - nonprofit from Cleveland, OH on 2/12/2018
I could never wear this in warm weather, but come fall this is my NO 1.
By   - Frag Sniffer from Brooklyn on 8/31/2017
I absolutely love this scent. I got a sample in today when I got home, as soon as I put it on I loved it. As it dries down, I love it more. It truly is addictive. My five year old crawled into my lap and just sat sniffing me. I got an, "Mmmm momma you smell lovely." I'm on the search for something special for my wedding; I'm not sure this is as feminine as I want. That said, I will definitely be purchasing this one in the near future.
By   - Banker from Montgomery on 3/28/2016
Black tea and bergamot (equals Earl Grey!), with note variation between fig and that nice bay-leaf-and-musk situation. Extremely subtle for a gourmand and very wearable in any case.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/22/2016
This is so good. The black tea, bergamot, and fig stands out. I can pick up on every note listed. This fragrance smells very natural and mysterious. I got a compliment within an hour of wearing this.
By   - Underwater Firefighter from Boston on 12/14/2015
My favorite Le Labo fragrance so far. I initially smell tobacco, which is perfect for cold autumn and winter mornings. Over the day, the scent transforms into a beautiful black tea and bergamot fragrance. It's smooth and comforting without being overly "warm."
By   - Librarian from St. Louis, MO on 11/20/2015
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