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Incredible Scent.
By   - CEO from Minneapolis on 11/9/2020
I like it, but on initial spray it smells almost like a newly cleaned exam room in a doctors office. Think of the smell of alcohol wipes before a flu shot. Later on it gets a bit more fruity musky and sensual. Very light but intoxicating. For the price and versatility I might prefer molecule 2, but this might grow on me too... I’m a sucker for ambroxan.
By   - Psychiatrist  from Nyc on 5/24/2020
Not a fan. I love musky skin scents and was really hoping to fall in love with this but it is really masculine and smoky---2 hours after dabbing it on, I still spell like a Catholic church at holiday season. Earthy, woody, incensy and in-your-face. Nothing subtle or skin about it---at least not on me.
By   - Market Research Consultant from WASHINGTON on 8/1/2019
Other reviewers are certainly correct about this fragrance - at first I thought it okay but not amazing. I was applying it as I was sitting in a dry, overly warm room. I decided to apply it fresh out of the shower. The apple, fresh musk, and green notes blended wonderfully. It wasn't too strong or too light. For a few moments I felt like I was on the central coast of California on a cool and breezy day. This is when I knew I loved AnOther 13. It's not really aquatic, but more like the vegetation on a cold coastline. Be sure to test at least three times in different environments/temperatures to give this unique scent a test of it's potential.
By   - Cat Herder from Norcal on 2/15/2019
I am so glad that you dont have to travel to Paris to get this now. It smells light and airy. A skin like scent with a kiss of something metal. I have gotten so many compliments from strangers and friends alike while wearing this. Not just "oh hey I love your perfume" but they actually want to know what it is and where to get it. I've never worn a fragrance that had such a reaction. My old go to scents were Byredo Gypsy Water and Bal d'Afrique.
By   - Student from Syracuse on 2/24/2018
I just wanted to ammend my review below because Another 13 has totally grown on me and became one of my favorites! Now I can't seem to get enough of that metallic milky musk. Le Labo AnOther 13 is like the breath of a baby robot animal after drinking gum-flavored milk.. It is now perhaps my go-to comfort scent! (Much to the chagrin of my partner, who still hates it. I read that smokers tend to be hyper-sensitive to one of the synthetic musks in it, so that might explain his aversion.)
By   - architect from Philadelphia, PA on 2/11/2011
I got this as a blind buy, seduced by the marketing hype around it—something I should know better than to do by now! At first I was tremendously disappointed; it felt cheap and synthetic, as my partner (who hated it) described it. You can safely dismiss LuckyScent’s listed notes for this; there’s nothing remotely fruity about it. (A more honest set of notes for this are those listed on Basenotes for it: Ambrox, Salycilate, Muscenone delta, Helvetolide, Ambretteeolide, Cetalox.) Not that there's anything wrong with synthetics: most perfumes are these days (and Comme des Garcons have shown the great potential of synthetics). And frankly it's not even groundbreaking: Escentric Molecules, whose Escentric 02 is also a composition around Ambroxan, has done it a couple of years ago, and done it better, I think. Frankly this one feels more like the base of a perfume rather than a full perfume, perhaps closest to the “subliminal musk” of Les Nez’s Antimatiere… And probably because of that I find myself reaching for it often (far more often than my partner would like me to!). I find it very easy to wear and strangely addictive (especially when you don’t feel like wearing something “perfume-y”). But I still can't seem to make up my mind about this perfume; it’s a definite try before you buy… and you be the judge of whether it’s worth it or not.
By   - architect from Philadelphia, PA on 11/1/2010
Synthetic ambergris which is used as a substitute for the real thing which serves as a fixative in many fragrances. Or use to anyway. Oddly, it's very similar in progression & longevity to TRUE ambergris tincture from a prominent Italian perfumer. Worthy of a purchase ? It was to me but you gotta know what you're getting into.
By   - from Southern US on 10/30/2010
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