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Iris 39

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Here's what other people are saying about Iris 39...
I cannot overstate how powerfully lovely this scent it. Yet, note I use the word "powerfully". This iris will last you the entire day through lunch and dinner martinis. At the end of the day, everyone will come to know you by this gorgeous perfume. This isn't a light mist up getting off an elevator. This is a morning, full makeup, hair done, I'm ready for the universe, and the universe will take notice!
By   - Community Relations from Janesville on 4/8/2017
Great scent, natural Iris with a clean, earthy feel, more rooty which makes it perfect for a man to wear. A new classic for me. I just discovered due to it being labeled Femme upon being released. Much better than Dior Homme.
By   - fume fanatic. from brooklyn on 12/22/2016
Iris 39 was a difficult scent to warm up to. I adore SL Iris Silver Mist and the coldness of that earthy iris composition, while being forewarned by other comments that Iris 39 was a warmer Iris. Simply hated the top notes of Iris 39 that to me, smelled of rotted vegetation (Iris flowers) that sat in water in a vase that were way past their prime. The middle notes didn't fare much better. Ugh. However, lo & behold, the dry down is just divine! Go figure. For myself, getting to the pretty side of the scent takes far too long and just too much to endure to get there! No fb for me!
By   - from Earth on 9/10/2013
A full-bodied yet youthful iris pefume. Sillage is excellent - I think this enters the room a good five minutes before you will! Initially extremely potent, it eventually dries down to a powerful concoction of very floral iris balanced by the musk and citrus notes.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 3/28/2011
I am on my second bottle of this fragrance. Every time I wear it I get compliments and it lasts all day . It is warm, creamy and pleasant . I get a distinct bready, yeasty note from it alongside some grass and flowers. As someone else has noted ...it is a keeper .
By   - from Wallingford on 3/25/2011
At first it smells like Clinque's Aromatics (eh), then into Estee Lauder's Youth Dew (yuck). A few hours later it's tolerable.
By   - from central New York on 2/25/2010
When I first put some of the sample on my hand I was put off by a very strong paint thinner kind of smell. I dismissed this perfume right away. A few hours later it started to develop into a very sexy dirty scent, and I thought wow, this is good. The next day I put some more on my body and some on a sweater. I was waiting eagerly for the sexiness of the drydown, but the 4 + hours of eager waiting caused a terrible migraine, not to mention a feeling like I was going to faint from the strong scent. Well the drydown eventually arrived and I was enjoying it quite a lot. 18 hours later I went to smell the sweater which I put some of the sample on. Whoa, none of that sexy smoky skin smell. It smells as strong as I first put it on, and it also very much smells like poopy barn chickens (if you ever had an opportunity to experience such smell) moist hay, cow and chicken manure - all the barn stuff. My conclusion is to wear this only on the skin, and put it on hours in advance before going out. I ride the public bus and I would not feel comfortable wearing this in public until the later phases.
By   - fit-model from New York on 2/17/2010
I'm bummed that this has hit the market outside of NYC, but it's a keeper. It's still my husband's favorite after 3 years of marriage and trying new scents.
By   - self employed on 6/3/2009
Classy, sophisticated (but completely youthful), glamorous, & gorgeous! Though it tends more toward the feminine (floral with a touch of that makeup smell that I adore so much in iris frags), I think a young guy could easily wear this. I just beam every time I even think of this frag because I’ve been on the search for the perfect iris, and this is it. It’s so “perfumey”, which has become rare in the industry lately. Now frags either smell like nothing or smell like odd things that should never be worn as a perfume. Anyway, this is perfumey in that it’s like walking into the first-floor cosmetics and perfume section of Neiman Marcus. Only a little is needed, it’s long lasting, and the iris note is not only present but also prominent throughout the entire accord—something rare in most iris frags. Additionally, I noticed that the composition includes civet, which is traditionally animal-derived. However, when I email the co-owner of the company, he personally emailed me back and said that not only was he vegan, but so were all of the Le Labo perfumes. In other words, traditionally animal-derived ingredients are synthesized at Le Labo. That sealed the deal for me, and all from a company that until a month ago, I hadn’t even heard of.
By   - Teacher from Northern California on 5/30/2009
Wow, this is my absolute fav from this line. I've been getting compliments all day and I can't stop sniffing my wrists. This is iris without a touch of dank or cold to it. For those who aren't usually fans of florals, this may work for you, as it isn't too sweet and has only the slightest touch of powder (difficult to pull off with both iris and violet in the composition).
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver, CO on 4/24/2009
One of the best, most skin-friendly and easy-to-wear, irises out there! You can wear this one anywhere, any time, to the office or on the weekend . I love it!
By   - from los angeles on 4/7/2009
Concurrence with Luckyscent's description. This and Tauer's Orris have pwned 'warm iris'. Nothing like these.
By   - dweeb from cambridge on 4/1/2009
Goes on iris with a medicinal note that is just nasty, probably the ginger. That note fades off and eventually this is a lovely dusty, creamy Iris. Very pretty after that sharp note leaves.
By   - from Chesapeake VA on 4/1/2009
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