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One of the sexiest scents with a deep aroma of smoke! Just a breathtaking scent.
By   - CEO from Minneapolis on 11/9/2020
I was sure I would hate this because I hate patchouli....but this is not your 60s dirty hippie patchouli. This is a patchouli in an identity crisis...it believes itself to be a burning birch tree on a bed of vanilla beans. Instead of paying for a therapist for this fragrance, I paid for a full bottle.
By   - MD from Louisville on 5/6/2018
Wow! This is not something I could wear everyday or even very often, but there is an element here that is captivating. I generally like dark, dry, smokey fragrances and this really has that quality. To me, it reminds me of a fine peated whiskey.....like a Lagavullin or Laphroaig! After the smokiness subsides, you get a warm dry hint of vanilla with subtle burnt woods. It's really nice, but it's different!
By   - Education from Fort Lauderdale on 10/3/2017
Love it like an old favorite coat or book it is my go to scent I get asked what is that :} all the time
By   - self from Tucson AZ on 8/27/2016
This is a unique take for a patchouli fragrance, as the patchouli really doesn’t seem to surface until later in the wearing. This is smokey and birch tarry at the beginning, but within an hour settles into a very pleasing woody, patchouli and vanilla skin scent. Very nice! Thumbs up!
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 11/27/2015
This is a unique take for a patchouli fragrance, as the patchouli really doesn’t seem to surface until later in the wearing. This is smokey and birch tarry at the beginning, but within an hour settles into a very pleasing woody, patchouli and vanilla skin scent. Very nice! Thumbs up!
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 11/25/2015
Unusual, smoky, the leather jacket comprison is apt. It's been a now and then scent for me, but my partner LOVES it, asks me to wear it, so I'm circling back to buy a bottle.
By   - from Boston on 6/10/2015
The burning, yes. Patchouli? I can't find it anywhere. On me, this is a pungent wood smoke that lasts for hours - earthy, choking-hot and dangerous. First time I tried it, I was appalled and confused. Second time I could not get enough. Third time, I questioned whether or not I was woman enough to wear this in public. And the next morning - it lasts that long - that burning has morphed into a creamy vanilla-on-toast in-the-sheets. However. My husband CAN NOT with Patchouli 24; he had to leave the room when I put this on. So, obviously, I'll wear it for me, when he's not home.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 4/19/2014
Abhorrent, memorably so. A scent that should be surrounded by orange cones and police tape. I wish I had read the reviews that warned of the burned pork smell. Hard to believe, but it's true-- burned spare ribs. Bad enough on it's own, but made truly nauseating by the cloyingly sweet vanilla. Cold burned pork and melted vanilla ice cream-- I say it's more 'wtf' than 'rebellious.' I've had many different reactions to perfumes, but nothing else has ever made me angry. Some perfumes are content to just smell bad, but this is creatively vile.
By  on 3/1/2014
The open on this is vulgar. It's like burned sausages and tar. I can see how that could be addictive though - because it is so very odd. I am going to try it again without expecting anything patchouli. It won't wash off either. When it finally dries down it's all powder - and it's wonderful - even after trying to wash it off. I could have a love/hate relationship with this.
By   - designer from washington dc on 12/23/2012
Reminds me a lot of creeds royal English leather. I like the Way it opens and that's a good thing cuz its very linear with a lil vanilla in the dry down. This is my first patchouli scent and it makes me wonder if all these houses are marketing scents as containing leather, and using patch instead...
By   - Retired carpenter from Nyc on 9/7/2012
The absolute perfect patchouli scent. Not overbearing but alluring. It s the kind of scent that will make others stop and turn around when you walk by. Love it.
By   - Make-up artist from Tracy, CA on 10/29/2011
The amazing Tar note is untouched....just wanted to add to my previous review..the heart of the scent still rocks on.....
By   - color from brooklyn on 9/24/2011
Be aware, this scent has changed, the color, and basenotes are more subtle, and lighter, not a bad thing, it makes it more wearable and a little leaner and cleaner after wearing it for a couple of hours, I still love it. I hope they don't tamper with Neroli36, or Oud27....................
By   - color from brooklyn on 9/16/2011
Oddly enough, I don't get any of the smoky undertone of this fragrance, just a huge waft of vanilla. It's pretty much gourmand on me. Pleasant, but I won't be rushing out to buy a bottle.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 3/26/2011
Love. A smoky, earthy scent with an unexpected touch of sweetness. It's mysterious and dark and especially appropriate on a day when you're feeling inscrutable and you want your fragrance to match your mood.
By   - profession from a midwest college town on 3/25/2011
deliriously good. I especially like it for work, when I need to smell good while also instilling mild terror into the hearts of my students. Goes with a brief case and a scowl.
By  on 12/22/2010
This is Patchouli without the ditzy, heady, hippie haze most people associate with it. I was sure when I ordered samples that this would be one of my least favorites of the bunch, but, alas, Luca Turin was right all along (as usual). Yes, Patchouli 24 smells distinctly of old books, and it is the aging vanillic note that softens any rough edges that might be typically associated with the more "natural" patchoulis. The additional smoky haze (did someone light a match?) makes this fragrance that much more distinct, and "antiqued", though not in the traditional "old lady" type of way. Rather, it smells of old things, when old things become sweetened and yellowed, particularly older woods or books. So, hence forth, this is my one and only "off to the library" perfume, because it just makes you feel that scholarly, as if channeling a turn of the (last) century poet as he pores over books (possibly) smoking a little bit of somethin' somethin'.
By   - Legal Assistant from Louisville on 2/25/2010
The first moment I smelled this on my wrist after cracking open the sample at work, my brain didn't even work quickly enough to form a thought. It was shocking. Shockingly strange, complex, evocative and overwhelmingly beautiful. At first all I read is smoke and leather, birch tar, a bit acrid. But out of all this the most exquisite brown sugar emerges and that's what stays with me all day like the traces left by bottles of homemade maple syrup in my grandfather's shed with leather and smoke and heavy wool blankets that have been there all winter. And maybe the lawnmower too. After my first try I didn't think I would ever wear it, no matter how much I enjoyed smelling it. But I just kept thinking about it all the time and reaching for the sample. Finally one day I went to work with a spray of Patchouli Patch on my neck and a dab of Patchouli 24 on my wrists (a little dab goes a long way) and realized this is true love and possibly an addiction. Speaking of patchouli, I don't detect any at all until maybe a little bit in the drydown.
By   - from Montreal on 11/14/2009
I wish every second of my entire life could smell like this. Smokey, soft, sublime.
By  on 11/4/2009
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