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Nice orange blossom, agree w the other reviewers - it's light, pleasing, fades fairly quickly, not too candy, never smells 'off'.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/17/2020
Shout out to Le Labo for this pleasing orange unisex cologne. I get all the notes when applied on skin, with a fascinating opening, but the dry down isn't one to die for. Agree with some of the comments below on this being more feminine, but anyone can carry this on a hot summer day with ease. Tip: layer with BN9 Hamptons after 30 mins, and it opens up a completely different world; to each his own, Peace.
By   - Business Executive from Cary on 8/16/2019
This scent is so beautiful and so richly floral and delicious, I wish it were truly unisex, but its not. I absolutely love the fragrance, but it is really a woman's scent. It is all glorious floral. I may continue to buy samples just to remember this scent. Beautiful, lady's!
By   - Community Relations from Janesville on 4/8/2017
Le Labo's Fleur D'Oranger 27 is elegant. I have stood in the middle of an orange grove in bloom (what a sensory experience - incredible!), and this isn't like it - the rich, intoxicating sweetness of the real flower is not there. I can only describe this fragrance as being most like a lover whose passion is restrained, under the surface, yet you can feel it there, always. This fragrance has delicacy and good taste - you won't be overwhelming anybody with a perfumed punch. Naturally, you must adore orange blossom. This one grows on you.
By   - Office from Boston on 9/17/2014
This is very nice, smells like faint orange blossoms. It's a truly unisex fragrance, I just wish it was a little stronger. Still, I kept sniffing my wrists all day. Most perfumes give me a headache, this is a light scent that won't do that and will not "offend" anyone. Great to wear in summer, to work, etc.
By  on 6/22/2012
Finally, the perfect orange blossom! I´ve been looking for a fragrance like this for a long time, my new favorite!
By   - Student from Sweden on 8/26/2011
This is initially medicine all the way on me, but thankfully dries down to something more subtle. I find this to be a faintly spicy orange flower perfume, which makes me feel more Christmassy than summery. Glad I tried the sample first, I don't think I'll be investing in a full bottle but it's a pleasant enough scent.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 3/24/2011
I absolutely adore orange blossom, so I was super excited to try this. Sadly, it was not for me. It was so beautiful in the bottle but once it hit my skin it was a disaster. I don't blame the perfume, it's probably just my ever persnickety skin chemistry... still, I didn't like this scent. It first smelled extremely medicinal, then the dry down faded into an orange Lifesaver/Tootsie Pop kind of smell. I had to scrub it off after awhile because it was making me queasy. The final verdict came when my husband turned to me and said "Are you eating candy?" Not for me, sadly.
By   - Hostess from Boston, MA on 12/15/2010
a faint citrus that blossom into a light green floral.
By   - from st.louis on 5/6/2010
this does not smell like orange blossoms. if you have ever stood in the middle of an orange orchard in bloom in the evening you will know that the sweet delicate smell is nothing like this perfume. i am dying for the scent of real orange blossoms...
By   - wine sales from san francisco on 1/18/2010
I like Czech & Speake's Neroli. It is wonderfully fresh and yet has a subtle masculine warmth. Unfortunately, it has a very short lasting quality which renders the expense ($160!) out of reach. I took a leap and bought Fleur D'Oranger 27 based on the quality described and reviews with the hope that I might obtain the freshness of Orange Flower with some of the warmth I found with Czech & Speake. Unfortunately, as much as I want to like this for me, I don't. I don't see the unisex aspect of the fragrance at all. For me, it has a raw, earthy softness that does not open into "fresh". While not overly "flowery" the earthy-sweetness aspect is off-putting for me and I cannot find a place for it in my daily life (play or work, any season). If possible, one should sample before purchasing...
By   - Pharma from Philadelphia on 8/6/2009
I need this fragrance. It is simply divine. It is so close to the "it" fragrance for me. I feel compelled to share my happy accident: I have a tiny bit of Aveda's Joshua Tree left and this is the closest I've been able to come to something like it. It is not the same, but contains some of the same notes. I went as far as a sniff test with all the members of the family and all concur that the two are similar. I'm so happy I've found it since Aveda sadly discontinued Joshua Tree a few years ago. And yes, that was my "it" fragrance. Thank you Le Labo.
By   - teacher from San Antonio on 5/6/2009
By   - NURSE from SUGARLAND on 4/24/2009
I ordered the smaller bottle and I think this is a very, very, nice fragrance. Probably the nicest and "purist" Orange Flower fragrance I have come upon. I like fresh, clean scents for Spring and Summer (Gendarme and Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien are my usual). It is definitely floral which would be ok for a guy who can manage that but I am not that bold. I balanced it with Essentric Molecule 1 to add a little warmth but then, really, it was more like Czech & Speake Neroli - which I also really like. I would definitely recommend this for a woman this season and even for a young guy who doesn't plan to wear this to the office - must be out for the day or evening. I have a sample of Le Labo Neroli 36 which surprised me as a more unisex fragrance and is probably closer to what I could comfortably wear out of the office especially during the Summer. I also like the sample of Bergamote 22 which LuckyScent kindly also included in my order. Great stuff! Le Labo is a great find. I will give this to my sister or a friend and hope someone I know wears this around me!
By   - Pharma Regulatory from Philadelphia on 4/17/2009
Don't be put off trying this due to the amber/musk/vetiver. They're simply there to help create a realism. This is no scented breeze or perfumed water, it's a real flower. Among the best.
By  on 4/15/2009
This is the nicest Fleur D'Oranger i have tried so far. This may sound crazy, but some of the Fleur D'Oranger scents turn somewhat fecal smelling on me. I do own a bottle of L'Artisan Fleur D'Oranger 2007 and really do like that one too, but this one is definitely giving it a run for its money.
By  on 4/11/2009
I am always on the lookout for orange blossom perfumes and this is a really nice one. Fresh, flowery and perfect for spring. The flowers are right on, and it lasted longer than others I have tried. Not soapy, not dirty, no gourmand undertones, some greenness. All in all, very wearable.
By   - from SF on 4/6/2009
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