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I wanted to like this and so glad that I ordered a sample. Starts out sexy and musky on me; however, transforms into a powdery old lady smell. I'm not ready to smell like my kids' grandmother.
By   - surgeon from Austin on 9/6/2016
Right now I have a shirt in my lap that is scented with this HEAVENLY concoction. And every time I stuff my face into the shirt I involuntarily exclaim huskily..."oh my Gooooood." I have read where others claim that this is a watered-down version of Musc Rav by the same perfumer, but I honestly don't get that. This is refined from start to finish. It has a lemony, creamy, musky, pleasantly feral aspect that the aforementioned lacks for me. The aforementioned is BANG-POW! Labdanum is "smoochy kissy kissy." Now mind you, it DOES have labdanum in it. I know. I have labdanum absolute that is so powerful as to knock me out. What this label has done is mastered the material, and by finding its perfect companions created THE most delicious musk. So damn fresh, and yet quenches my desire for a billowy powder. Soavissima by Profumum is harsh and synthetic by comparison. Sillage and longevity are improved in warmer weather, and I imagine it will be much lighter in the winter months.I will have this in my collection for as long as it is produced. Soon I am going to have to spring for those travel sizes and keep this in my purse. Just love this juice...so damn much. It pulls on my heartstrings just like remembering what it was to look into my husband's eyes. It calls me home.
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 7/31/2015
The story of this on my skin, beginning, middle and end, can be described in one phrase. Baby powder. May it have a more interesting journey on your skin. That said, it's a nice baby powder... but I have the feeling that the price is informing my opinion.
By   - Photographer from San Francisco on 7/26/2015
One of the most subtle of the La Labo fragrances - yet more complex in many ways. Those that write this off as baby powder aren't taking the time to discover everything it has to offer. I love how it moves between smoky, dark and musky to light, amber, even slightly floral. I own many LL fragrances (Santal, Fleur D'Oranger, Niroli, Vetiver) and this has the most longevity. Apply before dinner and it will be with you the next morning. I don't see this becoming my signature scent, but definitely a regular. As others have suggested, Labdanum has a nostalgic element to it - it definitely strikes a certain emotion. Very comforting. BTW, I think Labdanum is very unisex. I tend to veer away from androgynous scents but this is very easy for a man to wear.
By   - from NYC on 4/3/2013
The first hour of this fragrance is swoonworthy; deep, sweet & smoky with the animalic note of castoreum purring away beneath it all. After this, it slowly becomes more powdery & ambery, drying down to a sweet, musky vanilla hours later. l absolutely adore that first hour, but after a promising start, it seems to lose it's power & turn from being incredibly seductive to being simply a nice comfort scent.
By   - from southampton uk on 2/5/2012
Comforting, elegant and sexy, but in a quiet way. I really don`t think it would offend anyone. Perfect for daytime during autumn/ winter. I could easily wear this one at work, but would definitely choose something more "daring" for the evening:)
By   - from Bergen,Norway on 9/15/2011
This is beautiful. It is not about labdanum, but more about powder and amber and underpants. It reminds me of Ambre Russe and Musc Ravageur. It is a highly stylized powder that is built upon far deeper sexier components that the sweet talcom suggests. So, your nose follows the scent deeper into spice civet vanilla and musky skin.
By   - from Vancouver on 8/26/2011
Wowzers. This is equivalent to wearing a very pretty, feminine dress that covers up the leather underwear that you also just happen to be wearing. Whiffs of powdery, mellow vanilla, warm, soft leather and a wink of civet and musk. Amazing.
By   - professional from midwestern college town on 4/21/2011
Slightly disappointed with this Le Labo fragrance. All I get is a hefty dose of baby talc.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 4/2/2011
Sexy as hell. This reminds me a lot of Guerlains Oriental Brulant...with a bright/fresh note...and a bit more powdery. This is a sexy vanilla skin scent. You should wear this with lacy lingerie and nothing else.
By   - Photographer from Massachusetts on 1/23/2010
Completely addictive and oh so wearable. It reminds me of a softer, less harsh version of Musc Ravageur. I have MR perfume oil and edp and did not think I really needed this but my decant kept haunting me and I reached for this fragrance over and over again. The drydown is the best part--like the fragrance of one's skin, but better. I am smitten!!
By  on 10/20/2009
Update to my post below: tried this again, whi can I smell cucumber in the opening! Like fresh cucumber, that slowly goes into a fresh soapy rose. Very clean but really not the sort of scent I'd buy. The biggest disappointment for me here is simply that it doesn't really smell like rose to me at all - I smell cucumber and soapy baby powder. 12 hours later it's still there and finally now I can smell the vanilla base, its very soft and still has tones of baby powder.
By   - admin from melbourne on 5/27/2009
After hearing alot of hype about this I was dying to try it and was expecting it would knock my socks off! Unfortunately for me, this ended up being a pleasant but a bit too boring, soft slightly sweet, powdery musk. I love vanilla but can't really smell it in here, and I don't get much patchouli either. unless the patchouli in here is a special extreeeeemely soft kind, in which case maybe that's the powderiness that I'm getting. All in all definitely not FBW for me. Pleasant but nothing special, and I bet my husband will just say it smells like baby powder.
By   - Admin from Melbourne on 5/7/2009
This is far and away my favorite of the Le Labo line. A combination of sweetness, musk, amber and a hint of leather, this gorgeous fragrance has had me compulsively sniffing my wrist all day! Maurice Roucel may be my new favorite person.
By   - Resident Wino & Scent Slut from USA on 4/24/2009
i agree. sweet and long long lasting. warm and rich.
By   - agent from st pete on 4/12/2009
This is my favorite labdanum - slightly sweet, warm, sexy skin scent. Very well done and long-lasting.
By  on 4/2/2009
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