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Reading through the reviews, looks like the bergamot disappears quickly on some and settles nicely on others. I'm unfortunately in the former camp—this faded to almost nothing after half an hour. I'll use up the sample and won't miss it. After I tried this I found DS & Durga's I Don't Know What, which was just the lasting light bergamot I wanted from this.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/17/2020
A terrific scent. Unisex. Quite possibly the best citrus, second only to Xerjoff's Nio. Sadly, doesn't last nearly as long as I would have liked. Spend the extra bucks and go for Nio instead.
By   - Photographer from Canada on 6/10/2017
I decided I wanted a bergamot based scent and sampled many on this site. This one was my favorite and has become my main scent. Initially very sharp and bright bergamot and lime that fades fairly quickly. The subtle warmer notes then come through and get cozy with the bergamot. It stays close to the skin at this point but becomes a very warm intimate thing. I generally reapply a few times a day if I have the chance but it is still noticeable at the end of the day if I don't. I often find myself smelling myself throughout the day for comfort because I like it that much. I have been complimented on it a lot, both after freshly applying it and hours later.
By   - Student from St. Louis on 9/27/2016
Wanted to like this scent, tried it for three days. After a lovely opening, turns sour on me and stays that way until it wafts away. Still looking.
By   - artist from florence on 6/1/2016
A lovely citrus/floral scent and the overall smell is amazing. The only criticism that comes to mind with Bergamote 22 is that it is quite fleeting. Ironically, it does not withstand really hot temperatures (which is when it was presumably supposed to be at its best) and disappears in just a few hours, so reapplication may be needed throughout the day.
By   - Financial Analyst from South Brunswick, NJ on 7/26/2015
I love this scent, just with it had better projection and longevity
By   - from Ottawa on 7/16/2015
An OUTSTANDING fragrance! Lingers all day, never overwhelming. Got many compliments. Layers really well with Joe Malone 'Oud Bergamote' eau the toilette. Pricey, but well worth it.
By   - from Tucson, AZ on 8/4/2014
Speechless...a perfect scent for summer...I love bergamot & grapefruit scent
By   - Gemologist from San Diego,ca on 8/28/2013
Makes a strong statement. Great bergamote at its core - but with a very sharp green edge to it. It somehow manages to be both juicy and dry at the same time. Perfect. It might not be as sophisticated as Acqua di Parma nor as classic as CdG Cittrico, but it has its own verve. This will be my signature scent this summer. Alas, longevity is short - as with all citrus-dominant fragrances. But, I love the initial citrus burst - so I just reapply throughout the day.
By   - from NYC on 4/3/2013
I love bergamot. It is one of my favorite essential oils to work with. I also know since it's a fruit, it fades fast, but not as fast as the top note fades in Bergamote 22. The top lasted no more than 5 minutes on my skin and quickly reverted to sandalwood and a masculine sandalwood at that! I really wanted more earl grey tea out of this bottle and it didn't deliver.
By   - from Toronto on 8/8/2012
This opens with LIME LIME LIME like it's trying to take my head off. It calms down into something which is trying to be gently woodsy but still has a lot of citrus, like it was embarrassed about coming on so strong but it's still convinced that lime is the way to go. This is a gimlet in a perfume. If you want a citrus or a lime perfume without the harshness, try CDG's Series 8 Lime.
By  on 6/4/2012
A feel good perfume. I got a sample of this today and i can`t stop smelling my arm, lovely.
By  on 8/26/2011
Much too much cedar for me and very little bergamot at first. Dries down nicely but takes hours to get to a point where I actually like it.
By   - from Connecticut on 6/18/2011
A gorgeous juicy citrus fragrance that lasts all day. The effect is sparkly and fresh - perfect for summer.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 3/31/2011
As bergamot is a note in an astonishing number of colognes and perfumes on the market, it is commonly mixed with many other notes that skew or color it. Furthermore, I find that bergamot and citrus often comes on in the open top, then just quickly fades away revealing the mid and base. I was searching for a truer citrus fragrance to add to my wardrobe; one that was pure citrus as a base for once. Bergamote 22 is one of the very best and also most likely the least known to be such a masterpiece of citrus presentation. This core note lasts well into 12 hours on me. I like how its grounded by a touch of cedar wood. The price is very high for the singularity of it, but well worth it.
By   - from San Francisco on 3/4/2010
This lasts fantstically! Really fresh, fizzy and summery. For some reason it reminds me a little of Molecule 01
By   - from Adelaide Australia on 1/29/2010
I really like bergamot, and I really, really like Le Labo, so I had high hopes for this frag. Alas, the bergamot in here is barely perceptible. The perfume is very well crafted, but it's also completely common. It's predominantly a citrusy green frag with aquatic and cuminy undertones. It's just not special or worth the price.
By   - Teacher from Northern California on 6/21/2009
This was one of my few disagreements with Luca Turin, I find this to be a great cologne, lemon and citrus on the top notes, wood spicy drydown, great sillage, and lasting power.
By   - Colorist from New York on 5/1/2009
I just love this summery cologne, it's gorgeous! I know some find it too "common" for the price and brand, but in fact I think it's very difficult to find green, citrusy and "natural" scents this good! I hate the aggressive, synthetic-smelling, slightly "musty" aspects of grapefruit, the freshly-squeezed-lemon opening of most citrus fragrances including the famous Eau d'Hardien rarely last more than two minutes before they turn to stale washing-up liquid, The Different Company's Bergamote is quite lovely but very, very soapy/powdery, Frederic Malle's Cologne Bigarade is nice but so warm and spicy it's Christmasy rather than summery... Bergamote 22 is just perfect: lovely, fresh bergamote on a leafy green/woody/cedary base reminding me of my other favourite, Miller et Bertaux' Green green green and green. It's more transparent, light and citrusy than the M&B scent, has a little less of that grassy/woody sweetness, which makes it even better as a refreshing cologne for hot days. It is quite fleeting though, I admit...
By  on 4/17/2009
this is my favorite, all-season, everyday scent. classically bergamot with a lovely, spicy, musky complexity, le labo themselves label it as a male scent but i can attest that it is wonderful on females as well (me). it dries down pretty much the same as it goes on so if you love the first spray (as i do), you will be happy for the rest of the day as well. hope you enjoy it as much as i do!
By   - engineer from oakland, CA on 4/1/2009
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