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I’m not a fan of most Le Labo, in general (except the Iris!), but this is just a strange, befuddling mix of notes that, to my nose, aren’t blended with any finesse. As others note, there’s a funky animalic creature hiding in there, too, if that’s your thing. Def. a “try before you buy”.
By   - Publicist from Los Angeles on 5/9/2020
This one smells like Amtrak bathrooms. I know this doesn't sound all very appealing, but bear with me. For me, this is the most interesting offering by Le Labo yet. Oud scents can be quite cold and intimidating (i.e. Oud Wood) but this one is warmed up by incredible amounts of musk in it. However, it's not just Oud with bunch of Civet slapped on it. This one does not shy away from the fact that it's synthetic. It's methodological in the way that it renders itself "warm," paradoxically creating this weird indifferent chilling effect with its synthetic rubber notes. Every single elements of this perfume is pushed just over the edge that they become something else entirely. Weirdly Avant Garde piece from the most unexpected places.
By   - Artist from St. Louis on 3/16/2018
A great scent. Not my everyday scent, but I love it. Unique, charming, but not for a barbecue or daycare meeting.
By   - Community Relations from Janesville on 4/8/2017
Different strokes for different folks. I am a girl and I love Oud 27 . Yes the opening is dark ,tarry , boozy whisky and frankly a huge challenge but what lies beneath is magical ...deep ,resinous, incensey nunusual ,ambient ,slightly sweet and all woody . Long lasting therefore I am getting a 50 ml bottle for now, If you love Santal ..you may like Oud. Both are atmospheric scents in my opinion. I love Le Labo !
By   - Sniffer from CA on 4/14/2016
Mysterious!!!! Love it.
By   - Photographer from Dallas on 1/5/2016
Alas for me, the dry-down of Oud 27 is perfection, and 5 stars. It's a cloud of woody, incense-y (not a word, I know) nostalgia that takes me right back to my childhood in Japan, kicking my feet and splashing through puddles, while my grandmother burned incense at the Buddhist altar in the temple and prayed. Those days are many years in the past, and getting to visit there in my mind is a rare and precious thing...but why, oh why, do I have to travel through a blend of creosote and skunk to get there? I have something like post-traumatic stress syndrome when I think of Oud 27, as the opening and middle notes are frankly vile, shuddering-ly (not a word, but it's all I can come up with) vile. I gave this a 3, as between 0 stars for the opening and middle notes and 5 stars for the dry-down is some opportunity for brave souls with a different body chemistry to try this. I have the small spray (not the tester), and I've taken to spraying my pillowcase before I leave the house. I just cannot wear this on my person without feeling sick, but the dry-down...I just can't give it up.
By   - Office from Boston on 8/7/2015
I like this scent, but for me, it is not the perfect woody/woodsy scent. It was close for awhile, but as I got deeper into independent perfumers, this has became a blip on the radar. I used up my original sample tube, and I have nice memories around it, as I wore it on a trip to Port Townsend, WA, where my bf commented that he liked it. Oud 27 does have a sort of exotic, "I'm in an Indian palace looking down from a high window at sunset" scent appeal. I can smell the whiff that people are labeling as Band-Aid, which is not quite a correct description. This scent is its own thing, I was never convinced that it was perfect enough to buy a bottle, and after finding a few other scents that fit my personal likes more, I don't know that I shall ever buy a full bottle. Let me put it this way: If Le Labo folded, and I had not purchased a bottle, I would not be totally heartbroken. This is not an irreplaceable scent… though perhaps I would buy another sample tube or two to last me until death do we part. After purchasing and using up my original sample in about four months, I purchased two more sample vials in order to make a thorough decision. Four months later, and a move to San Francisco with a wonderful niche perfumery around the corner where I have discovered other amazing wood-based scents, the Oud 27 testers are both totally full. I pulled this scent out in order to review it, and these are my ruminations. I think that I would buy a bottle if I wanted to feel REALLY REALY RICH! Like: “Screw it, I have so much money I can buy a bottle of fragrance I only like (not love!) half of the time!” Le Labo scents are so darned pricey, and quite honestly, there are other scents for a fraction of the cost that tell the story of the forest better. I will note! The scent of uud is not the story of the forests of the Pacific Northwest, which is are the stories I prefer. Oud 27 is a hint oriental/exotic/Far East-esque. A little indefinable. It’s worth a smell, at least. If you have a Le Labo by you, I would go there and spray first, rather than spend six bucks on a sample. #sorrynotsorry
By   - Photographer from San Francisco on 7/26/2015
i adore this scent, and have been wearing it for 4ish years now. 'recall when i first tried it that i'd finally found it! this is my daily go-to. may it never be discontinued. i find it to be warm and murky, woody and maybe a bit dank. yet it is simultaneously fresh and open. no musk. it is soft without being powdery. there is sort of an oily finish, for lack of better desciptor. it is still my favorite. even though i'm always on the hunt for something else, i keep refilling my oud 27.
By   - from los angeles, ac on 4/7/2015
A heavily powdered recently used diaper. My so kept asking if I had showered or passed gass. Interesting but not at all something I want to smell like.
By   - qa engineer from denver on 11/9/2014
Oh boy. Very intrigued by Le Labo, I ordered a sample of this scent based on the Luckyscent description. Put it on this morning and thought "No. this can't be right." Seeking answers I read the reviews. There it was staring me in the face. Words like "skanky" and "fecal odor". That was it. Those were the words to describe what I was smelling. I need a shower. And a new scent.
By   - Marketing Exec from Battle Creek on 9/26/2014
I do wish we could search Lucky Scent reviews by reviewer, because I'd like to see more of what "fragrancesommelier" has written! Not because of the snark, but because I think we have the same type of reactions to scent. Like this Le Labo, which opens with an overwhelmingly plasticky, medicinal scent that, really, can only be described as Band-Aid. That odor lingers during drydown, after which the rest of the notes are quite muddled - sophisticated, but completely muddled in an inscrutable, slightly sweetish lump. The longevity is terrific, but not to a pleasant end on my skin.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 3/20/2014
i am a lover of earthy, spicy, incense notes; with oud being my favorite. i was surprised at how sugary sweet and strange this smelled. it is as someone commented previously--the scent of grape juice--except stronger, like welch's grape jam. it is a very jarring and odd note rising up sharply and behind it is a flimsy powdery scent. not my kind of oud at all.
By   - photographer from san francisco on 2/22/2014
I get concentrated white grape joice accord in the back of my throat, surrounded by what may be oud. Weird. I guess I am alone on this. A difficult fragrance to explain, and I am not sure I would wear this.
By   - from Tucson, AZ on 5/31/2013
To address the Band aid comments, it's true...initially when you spray Oud 27 it smells sharp, medicinal, like all the juice squeezed out of a band aid and applied to the skin. But that smell morphs into pure Oud, wood, incense, and becomes the most interesting perfume i have ever smelled. I'm a female, I love wearing this, and probably will buy another bottle when I run out of this one.
By   - Law student from San Francisco on 4/27/2012
This is the purest, definitive Aoud to me. This is it. VERY similar to Kilian's "Pure Oudh". People generally say it smells weird, antiseptic, musty, astringent. It is difficult to describe, but it has a Sweet medicinal woodyness. Has this deeply penetrating Animal quality. Quite honestly... it dries to so intoxicatingly sweet, and i must say... somewhat reminiscent of Horse Fur. It lasts a long time, and settles into the skin so well. This is some curious good stuff.
By   - Student from Miami, FL on 4/10/2012
When I first smelled this, I found the sort of sharp fecal opening slightly challenging, to say the least. However, once I tried it on my skin it blossomed into a warm, complex, and extremely addictive beast. My friend likened it to hunting a boar in a dense forest: first you detect its spoor, ripe and pungent amid the underbrush. Secondly, you chase your prize through the dry timber. Finally, you come upon the animal itself, sweating and primal. It is at that moment that you and the beast become one! Can't get enough.
By   - Illustrator from NYC on 12/31/2011
i just came back to this sample after forgetting about it for a long time. i don't usually wear musky or skanky scents, but for some reason, i'm suddenly obsessed with this. it's not too heavy on the skank, but it smells distinctly sexual to me. at the end of the workday, it's still lingering on my skin, totally androgynous and impossible to categorize.
By   - from ithaca, ny on 12/19/2011
This is the kind of scent I would like Le Labo to keep making. It's a very polarizing scent -- you either love it or hate it. I love it. I'm a guy, and I get compliments whenever I wear this. Apply this very sparingly, though. It smells a bit cloying when it is hot -- so I avoid wearing it on hot days.
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 11/26/2011
At first i didn't know what the heck this was! This is really of of the weirdest things I've smelt that comes in a bottle. Somewhat feminine and mysterious but pure animalistic. The one who said it had a note of skank where spot on. This is for the naughty girls who likes to play on the dark side. I really like it for its utter uniqueness and also for it's weirdly sexually mesmerizing qualities.
By   - from Stockholm on 6/19/2011
I've sampled tons of oriental, woody fragrances. This one smells like a big expensive, newly-opened, freshly-distilled BAND-AID. Pass the NEOSPORIN please!
By   - from DC on 4/20/2011
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