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Tonka 25

Eau de Parfum

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Any other fans of the Body Shop's Wood Musk who wept bitterly when it was discontinued in the late 90s? Dry your cheeks, friends -- this stuff is a dead ringer for it. It's a lovely dry, woodsy musk. I confess I detect no orange flower in it (on me, anyway). I'm using a little dab-vial, so it may be different when sprayed, but I'm getting mediocre staying power, and more of a skin scent after an hour or two. Which is fine for a musk -- I can wear it to work and not blast my colleagues.
By   - bureaucrat from Berkeley on 11/14/2018
Let me be the first to say Tonka 25 is divine. A unique, slightly musky. autumnal scent. It is sensual, long lasting,, warm, and, on me, slightly exotic. I'll be saving my pennies for a full bottle.
By   - novelist from St Paul MN on 10/29/2018
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