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Neroli 36

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Neroli 36...
Smells like $150 sunscreen. I just don't get everyone's infatuation. Even luca Turin raved about it in his book. Maybe it's just me. Try it for yourself.
By   - from Baton Rouge on 8/14/2012
Update...after using up a full bottle of this, I will definitely be re-ordering it. I have received more positive comments on this scent than any other perfume I've ever worn...my sister and mother steal it, my friends ask me where I got it, and my boyfriend tells me that I smell nice every time I wear it. The best! Definitely has a stronger marine note at the beginning; the drydown is very delicate and somehow "sunny."
By  on 12/5/2011
With this scent I smells like neroli mixed with tang (the artificial orange juice drink). There is a certain high pitched artificiality about the way this smells that makes me not care for it much. Too bad since I love neroli and orange blossom and what hoping to find something to satisfy my orange blossom craving in Neroli 36.
By   - from Phoenix on 8/9/2011
I love this scent!!!! It reminds me of something royalty would wear in the 1600's. Its so well blended and fresh and natural. Just love it!
By   - from NY on 6/27/2011
I get the marine aspect of this perfume in abundance, but can't pick up the musk note at all. This is pleasant, but I'm not generally a fan of 'oceanic' fragrances (the exception being CB I Hate Pefume's At The Beach 1966 which far more multifacteted).
By   - Pharmacist from London on 3/22/2011
I'm so head over heels in love with this scent, even in the winter it will make you shiver with pleasure, and make you believe you are by a beautiful coastline, basking in the sun.
By   - Colorist from New York on 12/14/2010
Amazing smell, I love it!
By   - technician from windsor, on on 11/23/2010
I received this as a sample and was skeptical, but I loved it! Smells EXACTLY like the beachy, sweet wildflower air of Nantucket in the summer. I had bought Satellite's Ipanema as a breezy summer scent, but I think I might need to order this instead.
By  on 4/23/2009
I will give this another try to be sure, but the calone (marine) note in this is way too strong for me. It is well-done, and I can tell it has a lot going on that I would otherwise like. I am just not a calone fan, and that was the only note that came across in the sillage. I had to put my nose right on my wrist to smell anything else. I much prefer the Fleur d'Oranger in this line.
By   - from SF on 4/7/2009
My favorite summer scent, It start out with a strong marine note, and then evolves into a beautiful citrus, floral. nothing like this one.
By   - Colorist from New York on 4/3/2009
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