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Patchouli 24 Perfume Oil
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I've been wearing this for around two hours now, and it's smells exactly the same now as it did when I put it on, with maybe the vanilla warming up just a tiny bit. It's very strong on me, and smells so diiiiiiiiirty! When I was a teenager in Maine, I dated a young man who was learning to build wooden boats. At night I would sneak out of my parents house and walk through the woods to his yurt that he lived in while attending the ship building school. He would always smell of wood shavings, pine tar and hard work. The night air would smell of pine trees and fallen leaves. He smelled so clean and dirty at the same time (his only shower was rainwater collected in a milk jug that he could stand under to rinse the liquid soap off with) I wont be wearing this oil as my daily perfume. It smells so much like my past lover from so long ago, that I'll be keeping this sample to sniff and remember all those summer nights in Maine.
By  on 12/24/2012
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