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Santal 33 Perfume Oil
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What a unique and unusual scent. When I first applied it this morning, I was surprised at the layer of sweet with the rich sandalwood. The sandalwood is very classic and mellow. The sweet note first reminded me of a Japanese cantaloupe candy. It was a bright, unusual combination. Of course, the sweetness was the violet mixing with the woodiness of the sandalwood. After an hour of so, and violet started to play hide and seek, sometimes being strong, and at other times really letting the other woody notes be the center of the scent. I've had it on all day, and it's lasted well. The sandalwood was steady and strong. I really enjoyed wearing something so unique to me. I feel this would be excellent on a man or a woman looking for something warm and soothing, but with a sweetness that is unlike anything else I've smelled before. A really nice alternative to sweetness from vanilla or a more gourmand vocabulary. I'll definitely try this sample on another day to see how it evolves on my skin again. Very nice.
By  on 12/31/2012
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