Summer Picks!

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Coqui Coqui
Coco Coco
Creamy, salty, lightly green coconut floral- a tropical delight!
Monyette Paris
Monyette Paris
Gardenia, lily, and vanilla combine for a fresh yet balmy tropical bouquet with irresistible seductive power.
Il Profumo
Vanille Bourbon
Elegant, subtle, creamy vanilla with sophisticated floral accents.
D.S. and Durga
A warm, woody, green and modern fig scent- fun and easy to wear.
$175 - $260
Perris Monte Carlo
Arancia di Sicilia
Gorgeously sweet gourmand citrus with an invigorating hint of coffee and spice.
Deliciously sweet, refreshingly bright citrus with a clean, smooth musk base.
$190 - $270
Menthe Fraiche
The most mouthwateringly fresh Moroccan mint tea- a true summertime secret weapon.
Vilhelm Parfumerie
Basilico & Fellini
Green, creamy fig and bright, herbaceous basil- fresh and fun.
$150 - $245
Sarah Horowitz Parfums
Perfect Coconut Milk
Top notes of coconut accented by almond, a sheer floral middle note of orange blossom and gardenia, and a luscious base note accord of tonka bean, vanilla and Egyptian musk. Heaven!
Shaft of Light
Warm, gentle citrus and clean, musky florals- casual and lovely.
Gin Fizz
Sparkling, effervescent citrus and florals make this ode to the classic 1950s cocktail every bit as refreshingly intoxicating.
$130 - $170
Rogue Perfumery
Flos Mortis
A narcotic tuberose leather with the sensual intensity to thrill all tuberose fanatics.
Eau d'Italie
Graine de Joie
A mouthwatering blast of red berries with a subtle sweetness- refreshingly delightful.
Sweet, marshmallow orange blossom with airy, musky vanilla- lovely!
Imaginary Authors
Every Storm A Serenade
Salty sea air, green eucalyptus, and earthy, creamy vetiver- rustic, invigorating, and utterly unique.
$38 - $95
Mediterraneo Eau de Parfum
The perfect blend of luscious citrus and cooling green tea- a summer classic.
$80 - $120
Juicy, sticky, fruity blackcurrant against green woods- a cult classic for a reason.
$190 - $270
Sunshine Woman
Mouthwatering fruity-floral with syrupy blackcurrant and sexy blond tobacco- a more sophisticated summer scent.
Les Indemodables
Chypre Azural
A classical chypre with rich orange, lush rose, and smooth, warm ambergris.
BDK Parfums
Bouquet de Hongrie
Fun, vivacious fruity floral with a youthful and refreshing vibe.
The House Of Oud
The Time
Soft and gorgeous oolong tea with gentle tones of leather and fruit- refreshing and lovely.
$35 - $240
Initio Parfums
Musk Therapy
Wonderfully fruity (but not too sweet) musk, tangy, smooth, and clean.
Escentric Molecules
Molecule 01 + Iris
The velvety woods of Molecule 01 with a rich, creamy iris pallida. Gorgeous enough for iris lovers of all kinds but with M01's stylish modernism.
Cire Trudon
Bitter, spicy, and aromatic citrus that dries to a light, ambered leather.
A Lab on Fire
Spicy, salty, herbaceous, and green with a woody aromatic base,
Acqua Viva
The most perfectly bright, unbelievably long-lasting lemon scent in the world.
$93 - $275
Ex Nihilo
Lust In Paradise
A sparkling and sexy blend of spice, peony, lychee, and warm musk- a sophisticated but youthful floral dream.
$225 - $325
Cologne de Figuier
Zesty, woodsy, and green galbanum give a jolt of energy to this bright, fresh cologne-style fig scent.
Black Caviar
A luxurious aquatic with rich aromatic herbs, salty caviar, earthy vetiver, and sweet lavender- bold and compelling.
Carthusia Uomo
Fresh and leathery with a hint of spice, this is an aquatic masculine scent ideal for the classic gentleman.
$80 - $120
Wonder Of You
Soft, youthful and extremely pretty blend of fresh fruit and musky florals.
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