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Here's what other people are saying about The Time...
I really like this! However, other than the opening citrus notes, I don't smell anything in the list. Perhaps this is due to my unsophisticated nose. It smells like a soft, generic 'perfumed soap' on me. Nice, but not long-lasting, and nothing special in the scent. Easy to wear, but that's not what I'm looking for. I bought the 7ml spray bottle and do 1 spritz on each inner wrist and it still fades within 20 minutes or so. Sad, because I wanted to test it before buying the full bottle with its stunning design.
By   - Artist from Seattle Eastside on 4/6/2020
Nice tea scent, but its practically non-existent within minutes. The price point is just too high despite the mantel worthy packaging.
By   - secret from Dorchester on 8/17/2019
This is so beautiful it almost brought me to tears. The fruity, smoky top notes dry down into an utterly intoxicating creamy skin scent on me. I will definitely be saving up money for a full bottle.
By   - Web Designer from Charlotte on 1/25/2019
I hate to be the first person to review a fragrance since I'm only a couple of years in to the world of Lucky Scent...but I couldn't resist. I ordered a sample of this based on the fact it's a tea scent (my favorite perfume oil in the whole world is called Teaflower by Carnival Wax). Upon first sniff of The Time I knew I loved it. It works perfectly with my chemistry. If you like Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan, but, like me, can't smell it 5 seconds after applying it, try this. Actually, just buy this. You will love it!
By   - SAHM from Santa Barbara on 7/20/2018
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