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This is one of my favorite scents because it is so mixed up. I like this scent because it is hard to pin point just where the odors come from and it last much longer than some of the scents I have that come on strong and then fade away. This an idiosyncratic fragrance so it might be a good idea to purchase of a sample scent before you make a major purchase.
By   - Professor from San Diego on 8/8/2021
I get the 'overly ripe (or is it rotten) fruit' descriptors here. For me, it's like many bold flavors coming together in slightly jarring ways; something delicious and something else equally delicious but not exactly harmonious, coming together at the same time. Like a whiff of almost too many elements at once. But then they take their turns. It starts off almost too much and then unravels into...a scent I really like. Oh! I think I've got it. Fruity scents I associate with being lighter, sweet, at times juvenile. This is the deepest, darkest fruit scent ever. Not a poisoned apple. Maybe something less sinister, but definitely not innocent, definitely intoxicating. I like it.
By   - Koala from Chicago on 3/6/2021
Personally, I think this smells like fruit that is just beginning to go bad. My partner doesn't smell the rotting, but still thinks it is too overpoweringly fruity. Not for me, but perhaps this could be a good fit for someone looking for an authentic, outdoorsy, fruity frag.
By   - Volunteer Coordinator from Iowa on 2/12/2021
I love Pulp, but try before you buy. It's not for everyone as is clear from the other reviews. I love it, it's so vegetal and sour—a green juice jolly rancher punching you in the face with its tomato fist. It's great on a hot day or right before a workout. I feel powerful when I wear it—ready to punch anyone who crosses me in the face with my tomato fist.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/17/2020
Pretty sure this perfume was made by scraping a Jolly Rancher off of the sidewalk and then macerating it in some vodka.
By   - Human from Seattle on 9/1/2020
This was a blind buy for me, based upon early glowing reviews. It was my first venture into Byredo. Boy did I dislike it. It smells like rotten fruit to me. Way too fruity and also uninteresting. I went on to sample and then purchase full bottles of Mojave Ghost, Gypsy Water, Rose of No Mans Land, and Bal D’Afrique. Those are all unique and amazing scents, so I’m glad I stuck with Byredo, it is just unfortunate I am stuck with a full bottle of this awful scent. Lesson more blind buys. This scent seems to be adored by some people but for me, it was thoroughly awful, with no redeeming qualities.
By   - Student from Cazenovia on 10/20/2019
Good grief, I never expected even to like this, let along LOVE it. Loud, juicy fruit. Artificial? Not to me. But fermenting. OK, some whiffs bordering on decay. But I am over the moon about Pulp! Out of my comfort zone, for sure. But I'm so glad I bought the large bottle!
By   - University administrator from Detroit on 9/15/2019
Awful. So bad it made me question the other perfumes I have by Byredo. It's an indistinct, thoroughly unpleasant heavy citrus.
By   - founder  from Providence on 6/3/2018
One of my all time favorites - be careful, it is quite a heady fragrance. Wear it, but don't let it wear you! Not for the shy or faint of heart, Pulp is an attention getter. Juicy, complex, sexy, delicious. I love it.
By   - IT from Washington, DC on 4/27/2018
I am giving this one 4 stars because it is very interesting but it will need some time to grow on me if that ever happens. This would be a good summer scent. Not really sure about longevity or projection, it seems like it sits pretty close to the skin unless you bath in it which I have not done yet.
By   - Account Services from Omaha on 3/10/2018
Pulp is not your shy approach by any regards. This is one earthy fruit-set based simmer on the skin. Reminds of hot sunny days figs burned into the ground dropped off the trees I had missed to gather. Pulp stays put yet moves around in your head and heart like a good ole song. Yes, I like it now will I buy it? That is maybe for Summer to answer, and I will remember the wander in the garden thank you...
By   - Personal Assistant from Banning CA on 11/12/2017
This is just so delightful! I am wearing it right now, having tried it from a sample, and I can't stop smiling! It's fruity and sweet but not powdery and there are no acrid chemical or sharp artificial notes. Beware, it is strong, so this is bright happiness punching you in the face but you're ok with it :) Makes me feel like I am six years old and running through a grove of fruit trees chasing fireflies as the sun goes down and I catch the smell a freshly baked fruit tart as it is coming out of the oven... It's that good.
By   - Therapist from Seattle on 7/22/2017
If you have ever walked into an Anthropologie and smelled the Capri candles burning in copious quantities, that is what this smells like on me, almost to the T. It's bright, happy, rich fruit, largely citrus on me, though the cardamom and cedar poke through still, the richness coming from the fig/black currant note I am sure. I have never found a grapefruit-y citrus scent that wasn't fleeting on my skin, but this one has been on for two hours now and it's still going super strong. Definitely getting a bottle.
By   - Manager from SC on 5/31/2017
I really thought I was going to love this but instead I absolutely hate it. Instead of smelling sweet and fruity like I expected, it smells like rotten bell peppers. My boyfriend agreed that it smelled awful so thank goodness I only got a sample! Yuck!
By   - Nurse from Colorado on 5/25/2017
To call this fragrance "fruity" is like referring to the QEII as a "boat". It is huge, loud, wild, uninhibited, and sexy almost to the point of funkiness. Think of licking Grand Marnier off Javier Barden's lips. And the dry down is very unusual: Not to vanilla, as one might expect, but to cedar. Spare. Elegant. New woodwork in a Scandinavian church. This is a truly great scent.
By   - Novelist under Molly Cochran from Bethlehem, PA on 3/13/2017
I love many of Byredo's scents, but Pulp is my hands-down favorite. I have become so emotionally dependent on how good it makes me feel that I have bought two additional bottles - JUST IN CASE Byredo ever decides to stop production. (There are no rumors that it will - but this indicates just how much I love this scent.) For me, Pulp is truly happiness in a bottle. Of course, try before you buy, since the perfumer was very heavy-handed with the citrus when developing this scent. Byredo no longer makes a Pulp shower gel - what a pity!
By   - Attorney from New York on 9/23/2016
If you are one of those people who will slice up a lemon and eat the whole thing, pop kumquats like candy and get excited over grapefruit, this perfume is probably for you. Every time I sniff it, my salivary glands go crazy and I get happy. This perfume is tartness in a bottle, and I couldn't love it more.
By   - Lady from Orange County on 3/18/2016
Wow! Reminds me of standing in my grandmothers raspberry patch in the middle of a summer day - a touch of dirt, a touch of green, a ton of tart, rich, juicy, ripe fruit. I find Pulp addictive and am rapidly using up my bottle.
By  on 12/4/2014
My first Byredo Parfums concoction. Clearly an explosion of fruitiness, but with a richly clean vibe. Closest comparison would be to Armani Prive Figuier Eden. Certainly not identical as I have never smelled its equal. Use caution if clean crisp ripe fruitiness is not your ideal fragrance. Nothing dark or herbal, I think fruit orchards and green spring dew filled mornings. Enjoy and Be Well.
By  on 6/13/2014
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