Shaft of Light

Eau de Parfum

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A light, happy, and sparkling fragrance that says "I'm in a GREAT mood!" The citrus notes on the top are the stars of this fragrance. It's great for spring and summer. It's like spring sunshine in a bottle so I understand where the name comes in. It's definitely for the warmer months and it does lean slightly femme, but if you're a guy that likes subtle floral notes combined with citrus, then I'd say give it a try. I did end up purchasing a full bottle and I've really enjoyed wearing it. I don't think it's a mass appealing fragrance, so I don't recommend blind buying. Get a tester and try it out.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 5/8/2021
It's nice---like Yawahada in a good mood! LOL Seriously though, it smells similar to Yawahada but has additional citrus and floral notes that make it seem bright and light---ideal for a summer daytime fragrance (think Clinique's Happy). I don't dislike it, but it isn't compelling enough for me to purchase a full-sized bottle.
By   - Market Research Consultant from WASHINGTON on 8/1/2019
I tried Shaft of Light as a sample recently, and have to say I am really impressed. I have been searching for my “scent” for a while. (Of course the one I get complimented on the most [RL Romance, of all things] is too “basic” for me lol). This scent is clean, summery, and reminds me of the orange blossoms in my backyard. It’s not terribly feminine, I think due to the sandalwood and patchouli notes. Not sure if it’s “mine”, but I definitely plan on purchasing a full size soon.
By   - Human  from Florida on 4/25/2019
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