Lust In Paradise

Eau de Parfum

by Ex Nihilo

Lust In Paradise Sizes Available:
50ml $225
100ml $325
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Lust In Paradise...
This is the best peony and lychee fragrance I’ve ever smelled! Looking at the notes, you might think it’s just like Chloe EDP. It’s in the same family, but Chloe can’t even come close to how refined and high quality it is! Not quite sure if Lust was the right word for this perfume, but Paradise certainly was. I imagine floating in the pink clouds of fresh, light, and beautiful lychee and peony scents that doesn’t dissipate thanks to the cedar, musk, and amber. It’s such a feminine and BEAUTIFUL scent. If you love Delina, you’ll love this.
By   - Pharmacist from PA on 9/18/2019
Absolutely magical! Heavenly masterpiece. Ex Nihilo Lust In Paradise invokes a gorgeous scent that is fresh, floral, little bit of citrus, juicy lychees and very feminine. A feel good smell. Similar in feelings like Philosophy Amazing Grace, Clinique Happy, Chloe Perfume, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle etc. It is long lasting.
By   - Engineer from New York on 8/23/2019
Lovely fragrance, long lasting. Turned soapy at the end of the day, but might be my body chemistry. Received in the spring sample pack but when compared with the rest, Patiala by Thameen is the clear (and intoxicating) winner.
By   - Scientist from Athens on 4/8/2019
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