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Here's what other people are saying about Vanille Bourbon...
this makes my mouth water, I actually get hungry when I wear this, the vanilla is so good, like really good. I always like yummy scents and this one is a favorite for sure. I am very thankful for Luckyscents, they seem to really have what I am always looking for. You will not be disappointed with Vanille Bourbon. YUM
By   - Stylist from Las Vegas on 5/15/2018
I Love this scent I wear it everyday. People always tell me I smell good. Its not so candy sweet, very warm scent.
By   - RN from New York on 1/22/2018
This was a delicious vanilla with some complexity. It was not as long lasting as Tihota by Indult, but it had more depth and changed. It has a warm, creamy vanilla base, but added to it a subtle floral essence and richness. It''s not a simple vanilla fragrance it''s much more. I would have given it five stars if I tried had lasted a little bit longer. On me it lasted throughout the day, but I had to reapply before going out that evening.
By   - Food Service from Decatur, AL on 8/4/2017
Smells genuinely delicious but definitely food, not human - like I rubbed custard all over myself. A little too much vanilla and not enough balance for me.
By   - dr from Ohio on 12/30/2015
Practically edible. So soft. I like my perfume to announce my entrance. Sadly this one required nose to skin. A lovely fragrance, just nowhere near strong enough.
By   - Artist from Atlanta on 12/9/2015
I want to update this to 4 stars, it grew on me so much. The sample on my bed side table calls me...
By   - art, life from JC, NJ on 1/31/2015
Like another reviewer, the dry down is much more pleasant than the start for me. The dry down is nice and a sensual, warm vanilla but the top notes are very ambery smelling or something I can''t put my finger on and I don''t like in this scent. Nicely made though. Think I sniffed these in Italy and remember thinking the names were misleading. Will likely sample the line again though.
By   - from JC, NJ on 12/16/2014
I must be anosmic to something substantial in Vanille Bourbon. It does have a hint of vanilla, but I can barely smell it, and it doesn''t seem to last on my skin. Perhaps people around me are collapsing in the wake of vanilla fumes, but I get nothing.
By  on 7/13/2014
Very nice vanilla! creamy,very buttery.I am trying the OSMO version,the other one is a lot weaker. If you are testing all the different,quality vanillas,this is worth sampling.I have Tihota as well,which I am using sparingly..due to the cost,I think I prefer this one:) I guess I can stop waiting for st barths vanilla now!
By   - from Midwest on 2/21/2014
Fabulous vanilla perfume not to powdery
By  on 6/2/2013
Update. The hairspray faded to reveal a nice, smooth, buttercream sort of vanilla. It''s nice, but if I''m going for a soliflore vanilla scent, I think SS. Vaniglia del Madagascar definitely takes the cake. Pun intended.
By   - Architect from Portland, OR on 11/8/2012
I think there''s vanilla in''s buried under Aquanet Hairspray?! Totally bizarre. Waiting for the amazing part that people are talking about. It''s been about an hour. I''ll post again if something changes.
By   - Architect from Portland OR on 10/30/2012
This is an incredibly sexy fragrance. The other reviewers were harsh on the lasting power. If you are someone who has depended on the cheap department store scents that linger like deodorant on your skin, then this fragrance isn''t for you. The vanilla is subtle and not overpowering. The cedar adds a mature aspect to it while the rose rounds it off at the end.
By   - from Hermosa Beach on 10/21/2012
This is a great, sexy vanilla. Vanilla usually smells like a bake shop to me, but this is a much more mature (not old lady!) vanilla. Started off a little like a rum sauce on me, but then mellowed. Alas, not the most long-lasting.
By   - from Long Beach on 4/4/2012
Just wanted to tell anyone debating between the regular fragrance and the absolut osmo that I have finallt tried both and YES, the absolut OSMO version is much longer lasting. The original fragrance disappeared on my skin within a half hour but the osmo absolut lasts for hours and is exactly the same in every way smell wise. Forget the original and just splurge for the OSMO version cause it''s in oil form and it makes all the difference.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/14/2012
Full bottle worthy on first whiff. If this doesn''t bring him to his knees, nothing will...
By   - Bartender from Bay Area, California on 12/8/2011
I have been looking for the perfect vanilla and this is it. I have this in the absolu. It is perfect. Now the absolu you have to let sink into your skin in order to smell it. You will not smell it first thing when you apply. Wait about a half of hour and there it is. This beautiful deep buttery vanilla. It never smells artificial on me. Just pure sweet bourbon orchid vanilla. I love Love Love it. My HG vanilla. Will buy again. Oh.. it also layers well with Musc Bleu.
By   - Cosmetologist from Nevada on 8/24/2011
I am a unapologetic vanilla lover, but I also get headaches and have a hard time finding ones that don''t provoke migraines. This is gorgeous. Smooth warm base with a clear delicate harmony on top. Exactly how I always want florals to smell, but they never do. Dreamy. FB worthy. Yum!!!!
By   - writer from tucson on 6/16/2011
Very good vanilla scent. Yummy sweet but it''s a quality sweet, not cheap. It''s warm and inviting. But yep as many have already mentioned, this stuff doesn''t last very long. It fades rather quickly and then becomes so mild it''s as if there''s nothing there anymore.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/15/2011
i could not detect much odor from the absolu and neither could my roommate. bummed.
By  on 11/9/2010
I love this! Blends into my skin beautifully, and yes it is a delicious edible vanilla scent. But like the other reviewers have noted, it does not last! Staying power of a body spray... A extremely spendy body spray.
By  on 10/9/2009
Two years ago, I bought an enormously expensive bottle fo Tihota from Lucky Scent and now that the last few sprays are left, I found myself looking for a less expensive replacement. Bingo! This has many of the same properties that Tihota had, is a bit sweeter, and although this wears ''close to the skin'' and doesn''t leave much of a "Vanilla worn here!" banner, it is definately a beautiful, creamy vanilla scent. I''ll be back for a bottle of this stuff. So long Tihota!
By  on 7/11/2009
Really thin, light vanilla- very light - unless the Absolu version is different. This is practically non existent on my skin after a few minutes.
By   - from CA on 4/26/2009
It''s pleasant but too mild, and at the start of the dry-down had a clangy-ness that made me think of cheap vanilla sprays. Luckily that faded, but I had to reapply a number of times to feel as if I was wearing any frag at all. Must be the Absolu is the way to really experience it?
By  on 9/25/2008
what a teeny, tiny, timid little vanilla this is. shhh- don''t spook it! it''s tiptoeing around the wainscotting- careful- oh, there. ya scared it away. yep: it''s gone. [was it ever here?]
By   - artist from south san francisco on 9/19/2007
Smells like Vanille Suger Cookie oil what I already have.
By   - from Baltimore on 8/3/2007
Y*U*M*M*Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can''t stop smelling my wrists. Not heavy or sickly sweet, it''s the clean, fresh, sexy vanilla I have been searching for. The perfect aphrodisiac - drives hubby WILD.
By   - from New Jersey on 7/23/2007
When I wear this I love it, but I wouldnt mind if it were a tiny bit less sweet--But, layered with HEELEY Menthe Fraiche makes it PEFECT! It calms it down just enough for me. Either way I love it!
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok on 4/27/2007
totally agree with what someone else said about it smelling like a fresh made waffle cone and another that it is just like Vanille de Madagascar (which is cheaper and in an adorable bottle that looks so vintagey on your dresser!)
By   - medical from Gainesville on 1/3/2007
My husband bought me this perfume for Christmas. I opened it early & I absolutely love this scent. I agree with the other posters that the scent is not cloying. It''s very feminine & sexy.
By   - lawyer from San Francisco on 12/14/2006
Finally, a vanilla scent that isn''t cloying! As another poster noted below, Vanille Bourbon is rich and yet light at the same time -- the fragrance seems to melt right into your skin. The rosewood and amber cut the sweetness and add a bit of elegance.As far as sweetness goes, it''s not sickly candy-sweet, but it''s definitely sweeter than other woodsy vanillas out there (like Prada and Dior Addict). Those are dark fragrances, while this one is soft and light. I can''t get enough of it!
By   - from Arlington, VA on 11/6/2006
Bourbon Vanilla is indeed the champagne of vanillas. It''s the only vanilla so far that I have tried that both my husband and I say smells like fresh vanilla bean. It''s gorgeously sensual and erotic. Clean smelling and fresh. Light but rich. Sweet but not sickeningly so. Everything you want a vanilla to be. Best Testimonial: It drove my hubby wild.
By  on 10/5/2006
Now this could-awould-ashould-a been powerful stuff. An elixir for the soul, even.But there is nil lasting power.Boo hoo hoo.
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
Not a bad smell, but not a good smell for a person. Ever walk into an ice cream parlor that makes homemade waffle cones? That''s exactly what this smells like! Maybe this would be great to soften or sweeten another fragrance, but alone it is too sweet.
By   - RN from NY on 4/14/2006
I like this a lot. For some reason, it reminds me of a not too sweet version of Fruity Pebbles cereal, but in a good way. I think it is different, I haven''t smelled anything very much like it.
By   - photographer from Springfield, MO on 12/5/2005
This is an expensive version of La Maison''s Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar, but I have to admit it''s got a lot more going for it. Don''t be shy. You won''t smell this properly with a couple of dabs. You need a heavy hand with the parfum to really appreciate it, but once it''s on, WOW. Pure vanilla orchid that lasts and lasts till it dries down to a lovely caramelly base of heliotrope, tiare and amber. This is heaven for vanilla fiends. The only problem is it should have come out five years ago, before everyone and their mother started creatingwearing vanillas. Longtime vanilla collectors like me will probably have very similar scents already, so that''s one strike against Vanille Bourbon. But if you''ve just discovered you love vanilla or by some weird twist of fate haven''t found a good one yet, I highly recommend Vanille Bourbon.
By   - journalist from Manila on 12/4/2005
Arrrrrgh! I didn''t want to love this. Why did you have to include a sample? This is rich and light and sweet and totally addictive. I love vanillas, but they never last. Trust me on this--the Absolu version lasted just like they say, till the next morning! My new love. *hugs bottle*
By   - from San Diego on 12/1/2005
It initally smelled like a hot rum toddy on my skin but mellowed out to a warm nutty vanilla. Unfortunately it had no lasting power on my skin.
By   - Nurse from SF on 11/25/2005
This was great at first, however after thirty minutes it was but a faint memory.
By   - from Tampa, FL on 10/29/2005
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