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Starts out great but can't back it up. Starts out so fresh, then starts to tea (like spearmint leaves steeping on your skin), but then it's meh. I'm going to try layering with some M01/02 and see what happens.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/10/2020
I am new and am by no means a fragrance connoisseur. With this said, I find Menthe Fraiche by HEELY to be a very nose-pleasing fragrance for me. I don't like strong fragrances, and this works well for me. To me, I smell a little mint, but mostly I get clean/subtly soapy when I smell my wrist. It would have earned 5 stars, but the white cedar? is somewhat bothering me: I don't care for cedar. I think I will also try Peppermint by Comme des Garcons and/or other mint fragrances. Very well done.
By   - personal trainer from Buffalo on 2/25/2020
The past reviews on the fruitiness of this are very accurate. For all considering a purchase of the bottle or sample, do keep in mind that the scent revolves around a fruity mint gum. I believe this should be consider feminin instead of unisex. With that being said, this is a quality scent that holds it's own.
By   - CEO from Minneapolis on 8/1/2019
The first instant is a spot-on rendition of a muddled mint leaf’s bright herbal sting, but we move quickly along that to a super-sweet minted-tea effect that for one dangerous moment seemed to be heading for mint-bubblegum territory. The ultra-light cedar at the base puts everything back on track and gently recapitulates that first herbal moment. The whole production doesn’t (as mentioned by others) last long, but a scent this clean and gentle isn’t likely to cause drama if you feel the need to re-apply halfway through your day.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/16/2018
Fresh, crisp, starts with punch of cool mint and then dries into a perfect green tea. This is my go-to for warm days. Love!
By   - Writer from Kansas City on 3/10/2017
I love this. So easy to wear, so fresh and clean. Could never be offensive. Bought the sample from the Heeley site, very tempted to buy the full bottle for spring/ summer...
By   - manages stuff from Halifax on 10/10/2015
It smells exactly like freshly torn mint leaves. Some nice longevity. Not a complex scent, but refreshing.
By  on 4/18/2013
Fabulous and refreshing!!! Perfect perfume for Summer!!!
By   - from Saint Louis on 3/22/2013
I smell raspberries and mint.
By  on 2/20/2013
Menthe Fraiche by Heeley! By far the most practical take on mint, this can be a good or bad thing, depending on your taste. I personally like it, however it does seem to lack any real depth. On the positive side it won't offend anyone.
By   - from Chicago on 9/21/2012
Very minty up front with a touch of citrus. Later it changes a little with a sharp bitter note, ambergris, white musk and maybe vanilla. It maintains an astringent sort of note to remind you of the mint that wore off long ago. Mint is a top note, so it does not stick around. I'm not sure what the medicinal note that lingers is from. Maybe virginia cedar or cypress
By   - Therapist from NY on 6/2/2012
I think this is a very unique scent, worthy of consideration by people who really like simple, fresh fragrances and don't mind mint/sweetness. Projection/longevity are lacking, but you can always wear more, or put unscented lotion on your skin right before spraying. But for what it's lacking in those areas, it definitely makes up for in quality of scent. This is unbelievable, and definitely without a doubt my #1 summer daily-wear scent. Awesome.
By  on 4/12/2011
Have to echo many of the previous comments.....just a gorgeous fragrance, but the longevity (or lack thereof) is really frustrating. I have a bottle, simply because the first 15 minutes of this perfume are incredible.....but after 2-3 hours, the icy mint masterpiece fades into oblivion.
By  on 3/28/2011
Really lovely, but on me it seems to disappear in minutes. The mint up top smells exactly like a torn live leaf, not bagged tea or the synthetic mint smells that are in a million products from gum to lotion. After that fades, it's simply light and bright underneath. I could easily make this a daily-wear scent -- great for early mornings and the office -- if only it would last. (Interestingly, I have Eau Radieuse on my other wrist and I'm getting an idea that these two might layer well.)
By   - Librarian from Bay Area on 11/8/2010
Really loved this scent as to actually purchase a full bottle. Had a sample for well over a year, and it finally grew on me. Its comforting scent of mint isn't too obnoxious, nor synthetic.
By   - Bon Vivant from CA on 10/20/2009
This is deserving of consideration--- a true mint/citrus fragrance...excellent for hot spring/summer days and nights. Very European in execution... more to this than may be apparent at first--not exceptionally long lasting (2hrs plus), but a truly unique fragrance.
By  on 5/31/2009
I'm not sure what to make of this. When the mint subsides, it's just a light, clean fragrance - not at all sweet. Not bad, just not especially evocative. (Also, it seemed like people around me were sniffing a lot when I wore it - like they were trying to figure out what they were smelling - it was a little unnerving.)
By   - non-profit org. from Atlanta, GA on 12/8/2007
Really enjoyed the combination of mint with herbal scents. A nature-lover could adore this one. Found it quite pleasing, especially the naturalness and the simplicity of the fragrance. It's not at all fancy or "perfumy" and that's why I like it.
By   - the Beach on 8/3/2007
This smells like a cheap wal-mart bodyspray. Pass!!!
By   - from chicago on 7/19/2007
Yuck! This smells cheap to me, I'm sorry. The description sounded great and I love mint and green tea as well as vanilla. Unfortunately, none of those notes were present here. More like a Walgreens rip-off perfume. Spice and smoke and window cleaner! An unfortunate waste of money.
By   - from Seattle on 6/24/2007
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