Carthusia Uomo

Eau de Parfum

by Carthusia

Carthusia Uomo Sizes Available:
50ml $80
100ml Carthusia Uomo $120
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Carthusia Uomo...
I really like the kelp and salt notes in this one. The longer I wore it, the better it smelled. Almost like it was coming out of my skin rather than sitting on it.
By   - Factory worker from Evansville on 10/2/2015
My first thought at the the top notes was, "Are you kidding me?" This smelled so generic, like a dozen other designer scents on the market. Maybe the drydown is a little better, but the scent did not grab me at first sniff. I know the bottom notes are important, but I had no desire to explore further. Definitely a fragrance to sample first. A risky blind buy.
By  on 11/15/2012
Uomo is an amazing value for being of such high quality. Fortunately, I didn''t detect too much of the ''cashmere'' note which I was concerned about being too synthetic. I did detect a bit of a soft green note, that''s not listed, which was very well placed. It''s truly a natural smelling composition. This would work very well for sensitive and adventurous people. It maintains a slightly hushed, overall volume but remains tenacious. The closest comparison I can think of would be Erolfa by Creed although Uomo is more subdued, rustic and Italian. I think it would be best worn Spring through Autumn.
By   - Buyer from Minneapolis on 3/10/2011
The best saltbeachmarine scent I have ever tried!
By  on 3/10/2011
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