Carthusia Uomo

Eau de Parfum

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OMG I want to be emmersed in this sent. It's like the barbershop meets boardwalk sea air. Almost like Roja Scandal but louder and a bit brighter. No one is talking about this on Youtube but it is truly a gem
By   - Simonton Windows from Vacaville on 4/24/2020
I generally don't wear masculine scents, so I don't really know how to explain why I like this. People are very right to say it smells airy though. It kind of feels like driving on a really gorgeous coastline next to a well-dressed man who is very suave but not pretentious about it. I get why people say it's a summer smell, but this makes the most sense to me as like an early fall kind of thing, like when it's getting colder and you don't want to admit it.
By   - Human from New York on 10/24/2017
I really like the kelp and salt notes in this one. The longer I wore it, the better it smelled. Almost like it was coming out of my skin rather than sitting on it.
By   - Factory worker from Evansville on 10/2/2015
My first thought at the the top notes was, "Are you kidding me?" This smelled so generic, like a dozen other designer scents on the market. Maybe the drydown is a little better, but the scent did not grab me at first sniff. I know the bottom notes are important, but I had no desire to explore further. Definitely a fragrance to sample first. A risky blind buy.
By  on 11/15/2012
Uomo is an amazing value for being of such high quality. Fortunately, I didn't detect too much of the 'cashmere' note which I was concerned about being too synthetic. I did detect a bit of a soft green note, that's not listed, which was very well placed. It's truly a natural smelling composition. This would work very well for sensitive and adventurous people. It maintains a slightly hushed, overall volume but remains tenacious. The closest comparison I can think of would be Erolfa by Creed although Uomo is more subdued, rustic and Italian. I think it would be best worn Spring through Autumn.
By   - Buyer from Minneapolis on 3/10/2011
The best salt/beach/marine scent I have ever tried!
By  on 3/10/2011
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