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Reminds me of that pink lemonade mix that comes in the plastic container where you use the lid to measure the amount. I used to mix it up really strong and freeze it into popsicles in the ice cube tray. It was syrupy sweet and tangy and just too much sugar to eat at one time. If you want to smell like the boardwalk, this is worth a try.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/17/2020
This smells a lot like sunflowers and bug repellent on me. Very summery and floral. I really wanted to leave it on longer to see if the cotton candy note would arise but just couldn’t wait to scrub it off. It does not smell bad, it’s just not my type.
By   - Oil field  from West Texas on 3/15/2020
I love, love, love this scent. It is fresh and sweet and just smells so loverly. It is my new scent. I cannot describe the scent but it is a wonderful scent and worth every penny. I am usually very frugal but bought it for my birthday. I am so pleased. I think anyone who tried this scent will be pleased with it. It is luxurious and beautiful, not flowery or powdery. It is fresh and clean at the same time citrusy and nice.
By   - Advocate from Pearl on 8/21/2019
First of all, let me thank you to Luckyscent for excellent delivery service. I have used this site for years and it has never failed. I have ordered the sample because Luckyscent picked their recommended 5 summer scents, and I have to say, I am not dissappointed. Now - Byredo Sundazed. Excellent for summer. Very sweet floral with a right portion of sourness and tartness. I am normally into spices and woods, but this is extremely pleasant, lingering around. Remotely resembling Kenzo Flower by Kenzo, but with more depth. While Kenzo is more spring-y, this screams summer, adventures, joy, sunlight, colours, life.
By   - Administrative worker from Kosice, Slovakia on 8/7/2019
Sundazed opens with a burst of sharp citrusy lemon and soft neroli. The lemon softens after a few minutes and the floral really takes over. There's a hint of cotton candy, but it's almost just behind the floral notes (neroli and jasmine). It's a very pretty close-to-the-skin scent that lingers on a hot day.
By   - Admin from Toronto on 7/5/2019
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