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I really enjoy this one! DS & Durga is truly a solid line. Reminds me a LOT of Pulp by Byredo, similar figgy punchy vegetal notes. I daubed it on, 7 hours later it's a nice subtle remnant of what it was and I can still pick out a few distinct notes (bergamot but not chemical—beautiful). I am definitely thinking about a full bottle even though this won't be an everyday fragrance.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/23/2020
I sampled this one and it's definitely very similar to Philosykos, but the coconut keeps it from being *exactly* like Philosykos. It's interesting and slightly on the masculine side of unisex. Worth sampling if you want something a bit different from your tried and true figgy-green scents. Plus, who doesn't love a good Pixies reference
By   - Editor from Washington DC on 12/16/2019
I bought this blind for the Pixies reference and WOW. Came for the fig, staying for the green. And that metallic tinge from other reviews - it brings another dimension into the scent. I totally did not expect it to smell like this, what a very pleasant surprise. I’ve been looking for a green scent and it looks like I’ve found it. I agree Debaser is NOT Philosykos. It’s much better.
By   - Artist from Singapore on 9/23/2019
Because of the coconutty aspect, and the fig, one can't help but compare to Philosykos. I've never liked the Diptyque and find all their fragrances hugely over-rated, but Debaser is absolutely marvelous! Much more naturalistic, better quality ingredients, a bit more woody, more steamy, less overtly tropical (the type of coconut makes all the difference). Dabbing from the vial lasted absolutely forever on my skin, more than 12 hours, no problem, and I could smell it the entire time. 5 stars for this beauty!
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 8/22/2019
Yes it is a fig-based perfume but it is not Philosyskus. The fragrance features fig leaf and coconut notes in it. But what sets this one apart is the beautiful addition of tonka bean, iris, bergamot, moss and white woods which work winningly to give it a very fresh feel. Do not believe the naysayers, try it for yourself. Beautiful blending, unisex, with moderate sillage /projection and longevity. I get a liberating feeling the moment it lands on my skin. It is also a very safe scent to wear at work. The powdery dry down is heaven. Enjoy!
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 3/27/2019
I sprayed this on my wrist when I was window shopping last fall, and I couldn't stop smelling myself until it faded. It got to the point where I'd repeatedly go out of my way to go to this store and put it on, so I spent money I didn't feel like I had to buy myself a bottle. Almost a year later, I have absolutely no regrets. It's fresh, green, summery, and just a little sweet without being at all cloying. It is definitely a warm weather smell, but the spicy elements make it work all year. I've gotten so used to putting it on when I go out that smelling it makes me instantly feel better, like a reminder that no matter how sad I feel on any given day, I can always put myself back together.
By   - Person from New York on 9/30/2017
It is absolutely lovely, but unfortunately doesn't seem to have any staying power on my skin.
By   - manager from London on 3/10/2017
Figleaf and coconut? Sure! This is indeed unisex in that soft clean fashion of 90s scents, with a nifty aldehydic-metallic note (familiar to those of us with fig trees handy) neatly carving that cloying edge off the coconut. Iris is here in its reserved and steady aspect, and the tonka and moss provide nice filigree on the drydown. (Not sure where the pear stem is or if I'd recognize it without a guide, but hey.) Summer or the promise thereof. Very nice.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/22/2016
I get the name behind this one - the fig keeps hovering between the primal sweetness of being and the crisp white fluid that drips from a broken fig leaf - that latter greenness is like a distortion pedal getting kicked on. It's a little too metallic for me, but the composition is interesting.
By   - lady from brooklyn on 2/8/2016
This takes me straight back to the early 90s. It's clean, androgynous, light, and optimistic. Putting my nose to my wrist, I can almost feel the fuzzy skin of a ripening fig tickle my lips. It is similar to Philosykos but has substantially more presence and staying power. Love it.
By   - professor from dallas on 1/5/2016
Love this fresh scent, the combination of bergamot and fig make an enjoyable summer daily scent. Will be picking up a bottle now that there are no brokerage fees and free shipping to Canada, thank you lucky scent!
By   - from Ottawa on 7/16/2015
So, I'm sitting in the salon. My hair marinating in chemicals. The attendant giving me a hand massage says,"every once in awhile I get a whiff of something awesome." I offered my wrist and she says, "that's it!" This is that perfume. I agree, it is awesome. Everything in this line is awesome. So far Debaser and Coriander are my favorites. My DH has been wearing and enjoying this fragrance line as well. Give them a try. I don't think you will be disappointed. Well done!
By   - engineer from Park City on 3/6/2015
I confess, I bought a bottle of this stuff, scent unsmelled, out of silly Pixies/Bunuel fangirldom. However, it proved to be a pretty good decision. It's VERY figgy at the outset. Every once in a while, I get a whiff that reminds me of that old '80s Paco Rabonne scent some dudes I used to know wore when I was in college--not my fave, but it's generally only momentary. I get lots of compliments on it, so it must be working with my body chemistry. I usually favor darker, heavier scents in the winter, but something about this mix takes the edge off the crispness of the fig. All in all, my favorite DS & Durga so far (though I still miss my 5-Step Waltz).
By   - from DC on 2/20/2015
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