Monyette Paris

Eau de Parfum Spray

by Monyette Paris

Monyette Paris Sizes Available:
50ml $70
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Monyette Paris...
Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee #4 - in a really, really good way. So fun, and yummy, and ALL about the scent of warm, suntanned skin coming off a day at the beach. Love this!
By   - Accountant from Hudson on 4/3/2019
I have to update my last review and, yeah, probably purchase a bottle. Though I didn't love the hint of powder that appeared on my skin after awhile, I kept reaching for this sample. I thought I might like DiIlettante better, but we had a smell-off over here and Monyette won! I started layering with Tam Dao and I might have my perfect winter mix. These two together - I cannot get enough.
By   - HR Guru from Denver on 12/30/2018
My kids said this smelled like suntan oil - and I kind of agree, but I love the smell of it for about 15 minutes - if I could hold on to those scents, it would be tops for me. However, after a while and given a chance to sink into my skin, it starts to smell kind of powdery which I don't love. So i'm on the fence with this one. I probably won't purchase but I"ll keep the sample size around a reassess at another time.
By   - HR Guru from Denver on 12/17/2018
This is like sticking your face into a blooming gardenia bush and inhaling deeply. Absolutely gorgeous but you must love sweet white florals. I do and this is magnificent.
By   - Cat Herder from Deep South on 7/7/2018
This one is okay but I still like the smell on me. I would probably purchase this in the future. I like the sweet scent.
By   - RN student from Tujunga on 2/8/2017
I received a sample this past spring and didn't get what the fuss was about - it seemed too sweet, too on-the-nose with the suntan lotion accord, and the projection was frankly ridiculous for the density of the notes (I like a little subtlety). I stashed the sample and went on with my summer. Yesterday, staring down the barrel of another seven-month Oregon rainy season, I pulled out my try-again-later stash in a desperate search for hope in a vial. Now I get Monyette. Everything I hated about in in May makes it perfect for for October. I still tend to gravitate towards woody, spicy, smoky scents this time of year, but when I just can't deal with the prospect of an eighth straight rainy day, I will be reaching for this li'l antidepressant.
By   - Intern from Portland on 10/15/2016
This brings back memories of tanning butter my Mom put on me at the swimming pool and beach during summers. What a wonderful relaxing sunny fragrance. I love it!
By   - Receptionist from Des Moines on 1/3/2016
I love this fragrance. On a recent to Scent Bar I discovered this intoxicating fragrance and I was so happy it was affordable because I will be a continued buyer of this perfect summer fragrance. The gardenia smell also reminds me of a tiare smell that I truly love. Perfect for office and not cloying whatsoever. It lasts on my skin 8+ hours.
By   - from NJ on 4/29/2015
I am sorry to say it - my fragrance samples have just arrived and this is the 1st I try - for me it is a BIG NO. Too sweet, too earthy, I feel rather stink than scent. I have had it 15 min. already and I am close to headache and feel my stomach sick :( Sorry, I did not want to say something disgusting, it is how this scent works with my chemistry. It is really like a kind of cheap laundry softener.
By   - Assistent to archeologists from Kosice, Slovakia on 7/30/2014
Ah monyette Paris ~ it reminds me of an afternoon walk in bali. Makes me happy, love it.
By   - Editor assistant from Jakarta on 5/24/2012
wow! I dont do florals but this one is now my signature! Its quite strong at first but drys down to a beautiful floral creamy musky amazing scent. You will not be dissappointed!
By   - from perth on 9/13/2011
I had to have it, so I bought it. Yum!
By   - from San Francisco on 4/14/2011
Disgusting. Too sweet. And sticky.
By  on 10/5/2010
i hate to agree with the masses, but this is pretty good. i reach for this maybe 3x a week.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
This should not be sold as "perfume". It is even questionable whether it would be allowed to sell as a softener for laundry. Luscious and leaves the impression of cheapness. If you want to smell like cheap .... No, better not finish that sentence. Fortunately, there are testers, and see for yourself.
By   - Artist from NYC on 9/15/2010
Please do not fall on the ad! This is the ugliest perfume that I tried in my life. Luscious, thick smell of the sugar-cream. Literally stinks! And what is the worst - smell lasts and lasts. Suntan lotion smells more sophisticated than this filth. It leaves the impression of cheapness. In my opinion, this perfume is not dropping even for any little girl who experiment with mummy's make-up and mask herself. I have never felt worse stench from this. This deserves a minus star - at least if this option existed!
By   - Artist from NYC on 9/15/2010
i am a guy and i always looking for good smelling perfume/scent all over the world. i am always the designer brand cologne/perfume type of guy. and nowadays i have been experiencing the heart of perfumery. mostly french/european scents. this particular perfume is one of the most,if not, the most beautiful floral scent i have ever known. i didnt buy the sample for myself. i buy is for the sake of anybody who appreciate. on this case, i bought it for my girlfriend. ofcourse i didnt send the sample to her. but to myself instead.i want to judge it myself. and it was beautiful. right after trying it myself, i made my sister try it. n the first word came out of her mouth is "donyam", in my langguage, which means delicious! my impression on this the first time i smell it is "girls day out"! seriously. if u read this review and decided to try it, trust me.. its true..
By   - musician from bintulu-malaysia on 9/4/2010
after reading the reviews for this I ordered a couple of samples, convinced I was going to fall in love with this fragrance. So disappointed to discover I do not get the hype about this scent. It is sweet, soapy, average and smells like a 2 note shampoo I have. Juste Un Reve beats this hands down
By   - jeweller from nelson, new zealand on 2/22/2010
How could this be considered blech and boring?! This is a masterpiece! Old lady? Kai is old lady, this is wonderful, unique and smells jut like Tahiti at night, warm sun, mingled with the more jasmine like tiare. The people that voted blech, obviously have never traveled to paradise and back so have no clue that this fragrance is truly an experience captured in a bottle. Go ahead wash it off, I don't want you smelling as good as me anyway! I have been stopped consistently since I started to wear it and people go nuts, especially men and want to buy it for their loved ones. If I could give it 100 start I would.
By   - Editor from New York on 1/22/2010
of course i meant 0 stars, sorry i was rushing to the sink.
By  on 6/20/2009
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