In the City of Sin

Eau de Parfum

by By Kilian

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The Scoop

IN THE CITY OF SIN, a perfume as the opening face of the collection. IN THE CITY OF SIN, a place of extreme temptation where every street corner offers the possibility of impromptu encounters and seductions. IN THE CITY OF SIN embodies the temptation which leads to carnal desire.

IN THE CITY OF SIN is a rich composition of fruits and spices, flowers and woods, in which the essence of

fruit liquefies and melts onto the heady woods. The perfume opens with an explosion of Bergamote from Calabria, pink Peppercorns and Cardamom from Guatamala. The perfume then evolves into a heart of Apricots and caramelized Plums held in check by the Turkish Rose Absolute. A light haze of Indonesian Incense entrances and then lends a profound depth, further sustained by Atlas and Virginia Cedar woods and rich Indonesian Patchouli.

IN THE CITY OF SIN, when the door opens onto a universe without limits: the quest for ecstasy is launched.

In the City of Sin  Notes

Bergamote, pink peppercorn, cardamom, apricot, plum, rose absolute, incense, cedar wood, patchouli, white musk accord

In the City of Sin Sizes Available
50ml $260
50ml - Refill $160
4x .25oz - Travel Spray $160
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about In the City of Sin...
I agree with the reviewers who find this one trending toward the masculine; this one's got an unsmoked cigar and a gold money clip somewhere on its person, and it's always a little bit 4am-ish where it is. Apricot's a great middle note here, with its weird fruity-earthiness, and I liked how it moved into its cedar notes (a rawer movement than you'd expect if you were looking for that incense). Not quite sure why it doesn't add up for me, but it's definitely worth a look from you.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/23/2016
City of sin is a very appropriate name. It reminds me of my dad who was a casino manager in Las Vegas since the 1960s. It smells clean and expensive but kind of tacky... Like what you would expect a casino manager, or tony soprano, or the rich old man at a racetrack might smell like. Honestly, I can't tell if I like it or hate it. i definitely don't love it. It smells different every time I sniff my wrist. I don't feel its feminine at all.
By  on 6/28/2015
Buy This. i've used the last of the sample and this will be a purchase in the very near future. it is a very smooth scent that conveys class. the wearer will most assuredly not encounter too many others wearing this. but of all the plaudits i could heep upon this fragrance, the most appealing for me was that it lasted until the next morning. That is an impressive feat.
By   - medicine from Washington D.C. on 4/1/2015
The City of Sin it seems goes between trashy and haute. This starts out prim and proper-pearls driving in a Rolls Corniche with rose and then it heads into a strip club in a seedy part of the city with the musk/plum. It finds a nice middle with the bergamot and cedar. I love it because I appreciate the duality of the scent.
By   - from the Midwest on 3/12/2015
Chypre, old-fashioned and awkward.
By   - artist from NY on 9/14/2013
Alas! Here I am again editing my story. Didn't realize just how feminine this fragrance was. Should've known by the discription.I don't like it any less, but unless I drown it in male pheromone I cannot wear this one. It would sure make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift though. A great compliment to lingerie and long stems!
By   - from Evansville on 4/2/2013
Just bought another 20 sum-odd samples ( because I'm an addict), and In the City of Sin was the stand out for me. A true aphrodisiac!
By   - from Evansville on 2/14/2013
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