By Kilian

Flower of Immortality

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Flower of Immortality...
Interesting fragrance... smells somewhat medicinal to me.
By   - sales from Atlanta on 2/14/2020
I absolutely love this fragrance. I love peach, but most peach perfumes utterly disappoint me: they just smell too artificial. This one is a gem! Delicate, fresh, succulent. I could go as far as to say that this is the best fresh floral I ever smelled. I'm absolutely in love and was already figuring out how I could buy a full bottle. However, my enthusiasm was short-lived: within 15 min, the scent became too faint to notice without shoving my nose into my wrist. After 1 hour, it was entirely gone. This is the kind of longevity that I had to put up with from Eau par Kenzo, and even for Kenzo, I thought it was weak. But for $250, it's entirely unacceptable. Which is such a pity because the scent is truly amazing!
By   - teacher from Washington, DC on 11/17/2016
I love Kilian fragrances. I have worn Good Girl Gone Bad religiously for over a year...incredibly rare for me. I decided this perfume sounded like one I would like. I purchased a sample and fell in love! It is a gorgeous & femme fragrance. I bought the travel set & must say the scent smells even more beautiful...has more depth & lasts all day, plus the atomizer is gorgeous! I can't recommend enough!
By   - from CT on 12/25/2013
A lovely fresh sweet white clear peach accord , then iris a ll Prada Infusion d'Iris ..not much carrot ( thank goodness ) . Much like Keiko Mecheri's Peau de ... ( name ? ) but sweeter on the peach . No much sillage , subtle quiet scent. If I had to pick I would choose Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey for my peach nectar....
By   - from CA on 4/25/2013
It is a fountain of peach blossom indeed! A very laconic creation, reminds me of the minimalism of Sottile by Yosh. The main accords that I hear are peach, freesia and powder. The latter imbues it with certain nobleness and makes the first one delicious, whereas freesia blends perfectly with the fruit and cools down the entire composition. It's a shame the scent does not last at all despite being an Eau de Parfum! Not longer than an hour...
By   - science from Switzerland on 4/25/2013
love at first sniff. it is both complex and straightforward, blended with such skill as to be seamless. i got a immediate rich booziness on applying which soon softened into a peachy/ iris-y blend that i can't resist. almost as light as Peau de Peche but a million times more engaging. like pouring silk across your wrists.
By   - from memphis on 3/26/2013
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