By Kilian

Playing with the Devil

Eau de Parfum

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I was very curious to try a Killian perfume however most were out of stock at the time. I ordered a sample of Playing with the Devil and this is not a scent that I enjoyed on me. I feel like this scent would work for a lot of women and be a very pleasant smell. Personally I'm not a fan of peppery perfumes and just as usual felt that it did not complement me well. I am still very curious to try other Killian perfumes but felt this particular scent would be suited for someone more mature in age.
By   - Non-profit Work from Windsor ON on 1/7/2020
Remember Malibu Musk? It was a department store perfume for Tweens in the 90s and this smells exactly like that melon-y mixture to me. Not a fan of green scents, it smells like the body odor of a man who mowed the lawn in a heat wave and then sucked on a jolly rancher. Not for me...
By   - Fashion from New York on 1/23/2014
A very incredible scent. The dry down of this scent lasts forever. It is very pungent lechee on first spray and then it goes to a delightful mix of wonder. It is very much like its title. Bravo!
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 8/20/2013
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