By Kilian

Woman in Gold

Eau de Parfum

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received this as a free sample and honestly, it isn't for me. It is slightly powdery, and floral. Not horrible but just not my cup of tea. I think on the right person it could be beautiful. On my skin I barely smelled any freshness usually found in bergamot and mandarin. The rose and geranium did come out, along with a powdery "velvety" feel.
By   - tourism from puerto rico on 8/21/2018
This has just replaced Love, Don't Be Shy as my favorite By Kilian. This perfume is so beautiful, so soft and smooth but has great longevity and sillage! I think this is perfect for day or night. It does feel 'dressy' because it's so classy but I don't think anyone would complain if you wore this to the office. This is a seamlessly blended perfume. I wouldn't change one thing about it. Five full stars!
By   - Mum from San Diego on 3/31/2018
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