By Kilian

Good Girl Gone Bad

Eau de Parfum

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Absolutely loving it! Incredible, unique amazing scent will drive ppl crazy around you! Got so many compliments! Brutally long lasting fragrance! Reach! Royal! Indescribable!
By   - Nurse  from Gurnee on 5/15/2019
I’m a huge fan of Kilian but this was to overbearing. It reminds me of Proenza Arizona, yuck. I’m sure some may love this because honestly in my book Kilian can’t go wrong but this was a huge miss for me.
By   - Investor  from Miami on 2/7/2019
My initial impression of this fragrance was overwhelmingly positive. Though it isn't powdery or soapy, the opening seems very clean and fresh. I can see how some people might not see how the name is representative of the fragrance- it is initially very fruity floral, a sweet and girly scent. But I found that as I wore it, the floral stayed, but deepened, and the fruity notes gave way to more earthy, musky notes. After a few hours, it ended up smelling like flowers and sweet, warm skin - a very intimate scent. Though it isn't something I would buy a bottle of, it is a very beautiful fragrance!
By   - Student from Pittsburgh on 8/10/2018
This tries very hard. I get the fruity Osmanthus and all the other flowers together for a second, then it dries down to a creamy but shy tuberose, and Osmanthus. All of this is spoiled by the way too forward cedar note throughout. I find the Osmanthus overdone also. I wish there were more jasmine. It's wearable but ultimately a disappointment.
By   - Bon vivant from Oxnard on 4/4/2018
I love this fragrance it’s the one that is compatible with my body chemistry. Get lots of compliments. I will probably splurge and buy myself a bottle for Christmas.
By   - Technician  from Dallas on 11/2/2017
This review is long overdue. I bought a sample and then eventually a travel size. This scent is a perfect everyday scent. It is not overpowering nor will you tire of it. The head notes give you a lift and the base leaves a subtle hint of cedar and plum accord. It is not my staple scent but I love to spray it on quickly if I am in a rush and I don't want anything overpowering.
By   - Law from San Diego on 11/11/2016
I heart from my friend he love it, so I got it, but I didn't like it , nothing special, I prefer City of Sin , Sweeter and smoother .
By   - Non from Caledonia on 6/17/2016
I must be a very bad girl. This opens smelling like smokey firewood...then melts into gorgeous florals with still the smoke filling my nostrils. Cruel intentions is still my love and will purchase a full bottle. This would work best on a man.
By   - subrogation. from chenoa on 3/25/2016
I bought this blindly and am proud of my choice! I really like this! It isn't similar to any of my typical tastes in fragrance (I love Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and other similar scents) but it smells so special and unique on my skin. It smells like a sweet, pleasant floral on my skin and isn't too invasive. I feel it's not the sexiest fragrance I've ever smelled, but I am very pleased with it!
By   - Student from Michigan on 3/16/2016
I have worn this fragrance for three years. Previously, I would wear a perfume for a few days and tire of it. Literally every time I wear it I am stopped to ask me what perfume I have on. Men, women, even children respond to it. There is an ethereal quality I just love. It is feminine and sensual yet does not invade my space. I read a review saying she found her fragrance soulmate...a perfect description. It is mysterious yet inviting...nothing cloying about it. It better never get discontinued! 💗
By   - from Brookfield on 8/8/2015
Killian is one of my favorite perfumers....I wasn't a fan of this one. I agree with other reviewer that I don't smell the 'gone bad' part in this one.
By  on 4/3/2015
This makes me want to layer it with De Bachmakov by the Different Company. I've been wearing this in the winter. It's... feminine, a little sweet, slightly fruitful but not sugary or fruity. It has a modern cleanliness quality to it (think urban, not soapy). I don't smell the 'gone bad' part (i.e. it's NOT sultry) but I definitely feel like I'm up to no good with this one, if you know what I mean. It's like the one you'd spritz on at 7AM before going in to work to be fresh, but knowing it turns into the worn in, off-the-shoulder knit sweater (in other words, drool & nuzzle worthy) after hours.
By   - Tech support from Austin, TX on 3/3/2015
Oh this completely lacks complexity for me, and the scent is very common and un-special. Sorry, was the only of the bunch I tried I really couldn't stand.
By  on 12/16/2014
This an extraordinary fragrance! Talk about instant love and addiction... Every sample I have ordered I measure - or try to - against this one. Nothing else compares or even comes near to this. I walk around with my nose attached to my wrist. Can't get enough of this. No point in trying anything else - I have found my soul mate fragrance.
By   - Retired from Peoria on 10/1/2014
where have you been all my life!!!! Love this! Sexy and attention grabbing!!! Sample size is not enough. You will want more!
By   - from Denver on 7/30/2014
after a few days... I've finally found my signature scent. Hours later when I'm warm from working I can catch the whiff of cedar or a passing flit of flower still lingering. Indeed, a delight.
By  on 7/14/2014
Wow... it seems others don't pick up on the 'gone bad' part, but I sure do, and in a good way! Very nice, and I'm looking forward to seeing how long it lasts on my fickle skin. I hope for the best!
By  on 5/5/2014
This is so delightful. It has what I call spinning notes, they seem to rise and fall as the day goes on! I just think it is the most incredible scent. Try it, you will NOT be sorry!
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 4/1/2014
Powdery and sweet with a vague, sour fruit note. Maybe that's the plum? A little bit of tonka in the dry down. Soft but unremarkable. Not full bottle worthy for me.
By   - Artist from Omaha on 2/13/2014
Same as Baby Doll by YSL. Nothing new, nothing special and poor sillage.
By   - artist from NY on 9/14/2013
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